• Samsung Galaxy S3 uses a different MHL/HDMI Adapter

    By Clove , June 8, 2012 - Leave a comment

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    Galaxy S3 uses a different MHL cable.

    Update: We have now confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Note II also uses the same MHL/ADMI adaptor as the Samsung Galaxy S3.

    If you already have a device such as a Samsung Galaxy S II or Nexus that has MHL/video out through the microUSB port then be aware, if you own the accessory that allows you to connect it to a HD display, IT WILL NOT WORK with the Galaxy S III.

    The Galaxy S3 has a different pin connection so you need a different adapter, which you can buy here.

    It works in exactly the same way but has the correct pin connections so your S3 display will be shown on a HD monitor or TV.

    If you too have an MHL enabled monitor like the one we demonstrated here, you will too need this accessory as the current microUSB MHL cables do not support the S3, it is hardware related rather than software.

    Update: The SGS3 MHL cable is not backwards compatible either, so will not work with older handsets such as the SGS2, Nexus or Galaxy Note.

    See an unboxing of the adapter and it in action in the following videos:

    You may also like to check out the other Samsung accessories that we range here.


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  • Samsung should have made this clear from the start~~ damn.
    Now my question, I know that older MHL adapters won’t work with the S3, but will the S3’s MHL adapter work with older devices like the S2,Note,Galaxy Nexus etc.

  • Hi i want purchase a cable for S3…. can you paste a link on ebay?
    I want a vable low cost thank u!

  • i would like to know that too, will the samsung proprietary adaptor work with previous devices…
    everyday i am discovering something hateful about the s3…i think this is my first and last samsung product, first no usb mass storage now with the apple like tricks with the connectors.
    if it still works exactly the same way then i guess will have to wait until the chinese make a udongle to add to current adaptors to make it mhl standard again

  • Same old adapter worked with s2, nexus and a range of HTC devices. The standard is a few years old. The standard adapter is available on ebay for 10 bucks. No official reason to change it. That’s Samsung for you. They are on top now but with such disrespect for users they could fall just as fast and there will be plenty of players to step up.

  • Hi. My old micro-USB charger works fine with S3 .
    So why won’t MHL connect ; if it uses micro-usb connection.

    • An MHL enabled microUSB connection uses a different pin arrangement to a normal USB connection. Therefore a microUSB connection will connect to the S3, but an MHL adaptor with the old 5 pin arrangement instead of the new 11 pin arrangement will not.

  • What is the reason for a new 11 pin arragement? Can I use both USB function to connect say a harddrive while still using the HDMI at my HD tv?

    • Not entirely sure of the technical reason behind this. We believe it is to allow greater functionality and capabilities. Connecting to a HD display and a USB harddrive at the same time is not possible.

        • Hi Dmitry,

          We have not tested this. I am not sure in which situation this would be possible; do you have an example?

          • Hello, I have an example, because I too am very curious about this.

            Suppose you want to connect a TV and a USB Keyboard and Mouse at the same time, maybe using a USB hub, and maybe even connect some external drive (mem stick or hard drive) to watch videos you have in those drives and navigate to them using your KB and Mouse without the need to buy an extra Bluetooth set if you already have a USB one.

            Another situation may be to connect just the TV and a USB Joystick/Controller (or 2) to play w/e you like. (maybe Mario kart with your GF… just saying)

            Even if no one would do this because it may seem too complicated or strange, id still like to know if its possible, pweeeteee pweeaasee =).


          • Hi Joseph.

            This will not be possible unfortunately. The MHL adaptor needs to be connected via the microUSB port on the handset in order for the MHL to work.

          • Hi Dmitry,

            I’ve had a look at the Wikipedia entry – it has no source stated for the information that are referring to.

            The video on the link below shows nearly all the connectivity options for the S3.

            One option for you to create the setup that you have described would be to use the AllShare Cast Dongle instead of an MHL cable, although I can’t say how well this would perform in comparison.

          • Hmm going by that the comments seem to have come from an MHL spokesman and there doesn’t seem to be any further proof.

            Going by this you should be able to in theory connect a USB OTG cable to the microUSB port on the MHL adaptor (as the S3 alone can power the adaptor and therefore the microUSB port on the MHL adaptor is left free). However, there don’t seem to be any reports confirming this is possible. If you could use the microUSB port on the MHL adaptor for USB OTG, it my then be a bit of an ask to connect a USB Hub and several for peripherals to that – it will all need to be powered by the S3. If you were able to connect all of them, battery life would not be great because all the power would be running off the S3 with no incoming charge.

            I don’t have the means to test it at the moment but will do if I get a chance in the near future.

  • Does the EPL-3FHUBE connector work with any display (like the S22A350H) or will I need to buy a new HD monitor (likely with HML support in the screen’s chip) ?

    Thanks in advance for your swift reply.

  • Has this been tested with the Samsung Skyrocket yet? I just purchased a universal MHL from ebay…tried it and so far it does not give me audio or video.

  • Do you know at rate the new adapter charges the S3/Note2? The old MHL was capped at 500 mA. Is this one increased, or is it the same?

  • I wonder if this pin change has something to do with what the Galaxy S3 can do with the new Infotainment systems from a few Manufactures and working it’s way to all Infotainment systems. It’s Called MirrorLink and Samsung’s App is named Drive Link, UK only right now. It mirrors phone’s screen and Mirrors All phone controls to the In Car system and all Handsfree…..Mirror Link

    • “It’s Called MirrorLink and Samsung’s App is named Drive Link, UK only right now. It mirrors phone’s screen and Mirrors All phone controls to the In Car system and all Handsfree…..Mirror Link”

      Technically to mirror the screen you just need a video out. HDMI (MHL) will do. For controls USB can be used (USB-HID). So HDMI+USB (actually HDMI could have a USB line) – seems like was described for 11 pin MHL port.

      • The Samsung is Programed/Designed to do all tasks on the Car system with the one Cable, Audio Bluetooth. The screens will not be HD…WVGA ..resolution 800×400. Phone Carriers will be able to send their interface also to phone. All this requires alot of data etc and a simple Micro USB would not even handle half of what it can do. One Cable. Samsung is the only Phone right now that works with radios from Sony, first to manufacture, No other phones work yet, Prob because they don’t have the 11 pin yet…. If it was as Simple as Micro USB 5 pin handling all this then It would just need a App, But not that lucky. LOL…Plus The CanBus etc are involved….

  • Yes it can do Keyboard, mouse, harddrive etc. That cable adapter is a OTG adapter. Samsung has just worded it to say it has to have power, that’s what the phone does…

  • The 11 PIN allows for USB pass through in that WHEN connected to the Samsung dock, which is powered, the additional two USB ports function for OTG devices like keyboards and thumb drives.

    There is no USB OTG “pass through” without the Dock which is externally powered though.

    • Ah rite OK. I do now have a Y Cable to see if I can power the USB port on the MHL adaptor and will give it a try anyway, although it sounds as though it may not work.

      • Actually, I believe that WOULD work as the USB OTG does not need power to operate, only the HDMI does. BUT…you would need an 11 PIN micro USB Y adapter. Not a 5 pin. If there is such thing as an 11 pin Y splitter, then I believe, just like the dock does, as long as the HDMI side is powered, it would surely work.

  • To do this right:
    a) Connect 11 pin MHL to phone
    b) Connect powered USB hub as a *device* to microUSB on MHL adapter, using OTG adapter.
    c) Connect HDMI video to MHL adapter
    d) Connect hard drive(s), mouse, keyboard, etc to powered USB hub

    It should all work simultaneously.

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