Samsung MHL enabled monitor demo with Samsung Galaxy Note

See an MHL enabled Samsung Galaxy Note connected to one of the first MHL displays.

Mobile High Definition Link or MHL is a relatively new technology that we have talked quite a bit about here on the Clove blog.

The Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note, HTC One X and Galaxy S III have MHL capabilities but there hasn’t been MHL displays to use them with, so special adapters have been required to connect them to HDMI ports on a monitor or TV.

Well Samsung have released a 23” and 27” monitor with an MHL connection.  So we have unboxed it and can say devices such as the Galaxy Note work.  No longer is there a need for an adapter or to be connected to mains power.  We are not quite at the stage of large TV’s with MHL, but it is only a matter of time.

Check out the video below to see it in action.

Please note:  The Samsung Galaxy S III does not work with this monitor using the supplied cable due to a different pin configuration in the microUSB port.

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  1. Luke Toms says:

    Hi there, are you runnning a rooted Galaxy Note in the video? I have a sim free Note running the official Android 4.0.3 OS, and annoyingly, just like the pervious 2.3.6 OS, it has a locked portrait home screen and application menu, which doesn’t offer a great “desk top” experience through the MHL.

    • Chris Ward says:

      Hi Luke,

      The Note hasn’t been rooted and is running Android 4.0.3, sim-free uk stock as well. Even when using a cabled MHL adaptor, I don’t think my homescreen and apps are locked to portrait. At home I use a BizLink adaptor on a Sony Bravia TV and it works fine. In this video, the Note has Zeam launcher running, perhaps try that and see if it enables the rotation of the homescreen.

  2. UKAndroid says:

    And I though we were beginning to see sense in the industry with standardised connections and protocols.

    I assume that the monitor will work with a Galaxy SIII but requires an optional additional lead.

    Does the supplied desk stand allow the angle of the screen to be adjusted?

    What is the approximate costs of the 27″ version?

    • Chris Ward says:

      Yes correct, according to Samsung a lead compatible with the SGS3 is due to be released shortly. It is frustrating that the version of MHL connection has been changed within the space of a year.

      Yes the angle of the monitor can be adjusted.

      Not sure of the cost of 27″ version.

    • Jon Love says:

      About £300 for the 27″


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