Honor View 20: FAQs

Honor’s position as a provider of affordable mid-range smartphones is now cemented. With the View 10, Honor delivered the world’s first AI processor in a smart phone and was a device that we loved here at Clove. We were understandably excited for the global launch of the Honor View 20; so here’s everything you need […]

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Honor View 20: Now Available from Clove Technology

Incredible is a word which sums up the Honor View 20 perfectly. It builds on the continued success of this brand and is the first to market with a reduced size (O-shaped) notch. For a seamless look, which offers a more immersive experience, maximising the display. The design of this phone is stunning with the […]

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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3: Now Available from Clove Technology

Innovation, is a word not commonly associated with modern smartphones.  But, Xiaomi should change this perception with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3.  Since it uses a unique magnetic slider mechanism in its design.  This significantly changes what is possible with the look and feel of the phone. Impressively 93.4% of front of the phone is […]

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Nokia 8.1: Now Available At Clove Technology

Nokia is a brand that many of us think us when we remember our first mobile phone.  Over the years there have been many changes in the company, but there is still something about the name that brings back fond memories. With its elegant seamless design and high-quality Zeiss camera optics.  Can the Nokia 8.1 […]

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FAQs: Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018)

Samsung have added to their existing line up of mid-range phones quite spectacularly with the Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018). Now, if you haven’t heard then the A9 comes fitted with a host of features that one might normally expect to be reserved for a more expensive handset. Here’s everything you need to know.   #1: […]

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Samsung Galaxy A9: Now Available At Clove

Launched at the tail end of last year, the Samsung Galaxy A9 is an impressive mid-range handset. As shown in the promo images, the main focus is on the quad-camera array. Touted as the world’s first quad-camera smartphone (other phones have 4 total lenses, although this was the first to market with 4 in a single […]

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5G: What Does It Mean For UK Smartphones?

Surrounding this year’s CES technology trade show has been a buzz of excitement around the prospect of 5G connectivity being rolled out in 2019. The mobile network technology is being trialled and tested by manufacturers and network providers worldwide, but what exactly is 5G and what does this mean for UK smartphone users? #1: What […]

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Order LG V40: £749 Shipping January 14th

LG’s V-series have been successful with industry critics for the past few years. Every model features top of the range audio quality, alongside an enviable core specification and design. LG know what works and with this year’s V40 model, the important features remain. That means the quad-DAC (Digital/Analog Converter) for audio conversion has been kept, […]

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Huawei Mate 20 X: Free M Pen & Folio Flip Case

The Huawei Mate 20 X is a phone like no other in the UK market. With an absolutely massive 7.2″ screen, this is a handset for people who are serious about entertainment and work. Mate 20X includes the Leica triple-lens camera seen on other Mate 20 range phones, plus an innovative liquid cooling system and AI-enhanced […]

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Honor 10 Lite: Now In Stock

Honor’s position as a provider of affordable mid-range smartphones is now cemented. The Honor 9 Lite was one of last year’s most sought-after handsets and the 10 Lite looks set to repeat that success. Honor 10 Lite | £199 | SIM Free Continuing to produce stylish and powerful smartphones, the 10 Lite provides an excellent specification for […]

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