Doro Liberto 820 now available

Doro_Liberto_820 (3)

The Liberto 820, the new flagship from Doro is now available at Clove Technology and already we’ve seen a great deal of interest in the smartphone made for everyone.

It comes packed full of all those Doro features their customers have come to expect and love, hard of sight, wear hearing aids or struggle with movement in fingers, the Doro will be suitable for a broad range of users.

We have the assistance button, ICE (In Case of Emergency) feature that gives first responders vital information on medication and medical conditions that will help them get the right treatment but also get in touch with loved ones.

With the Doro Manager App your friends and family can download and install a specific app and change specific settings such as volumes for ringtones and other essential workings of the Doro Liberto 820 including adding numbers to the phone book and the Assistance feature. You’ll find the My Doro Manager app on the Google Play Store, a market place full of entertainment and helpful apps just like the My Doro Manager App.

With Android the Doro Liberto 820 comes running the worlds favourite mobile OS plus you’ll have access to apps such as BBC News and Weather and the many millions of apps that help you keep up with friends and family and pass the time with a game of Solitaire.

You can pick it up in Black or White, both colours come in at £199.99 inc VAT with a choice of shipping methods, Royal Mail Special Delivery or Interlink Express.

We also have our in-depth review taking you through some of the best features the Doro Liberto 820 has to offer, you’ll find that by visiting our blog here and if you would like to order one please visit our website by clicking on the blue button below or calling us on 01202 552936.

Buy the Doro Liberto 820 from Clove Technology 


U|Karbon who are they?


We have recently teamed up with U|Karbon to provide you with skins for a range of smartphones.

Carbon_Skin_15_Percent_OffAs an added bonus you can even get 15% off the cost using ‘Clove15′ in the checkout.

Discounts aside, we thought you might like to know a little bit more about U|Karbon and the products they offer so we put a few questions to Tom and Harry, the founders.

What is U|Karbon and how did it come about?

We started UKarbon as a learning experience. We both wanted to gain and improve our skill set whilst having full responsibility of a company of our own. We felt that if there ever was a time to start a business, our placement year was the one. Both sharing an interest in carbon fibre products and having ordered them from various companies ourselves, we found to get the best quality skins you have to order from the US. We felt that together with our combined skill sets we should reflect the quality of these established brands and build a stronger presence of premium skins over here in the UK. Our vision is to be a leading producer of carbon fibre (and ultimately all skins) in the UK.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 8.0 now available



Samsung have conquered the consumer market with their devices and with the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 8.0 they are taking a big step in to the B2B market.

When you fist look at the Galaxy Tab Active 8.0 you won’t really notice much difference from the currant Galaxy Tab range. You’ve got that distinctive Samsung look and feel, the only real noticeable difference are the physical buttons to the front.

Unlike other tablets in the Samsung range the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 8.0 is IP67 Certified. This means that it will take on dust and water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. Dropping your tablet is always a worry, the bundled bundled protective case helps to endure everything from the minor bumps and bruises of everyday usage to more severe drops, even on solid concrete from 4ft.

Everything else is very familiar, you’ve got access to Google Play and the suite of Google apps such as Gmail, Calender and more to keep you and your Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 8.0 in the know.

To find out more hit the Blue button below including full spec list and an overview of why the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 8.0 is the tablet for your work place.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 8.0 from Clove Technology

Sony SmartBand Talk 60 Second Review

Sony_SmartBand_Talk (6)It is the 2nd generation SmartBand from Sony, now with talk functionality.

How does this new version complete with 1.4″touchscreen e-ink display and IP68 rating stack up.

Find out the highs and lows in 60 seconds by watching the following video.

Pre-Order BlackBerry Classic – Coming January 2015

classic-preorder.png.originalClassic BlackBerry returns in the rather suitably named ‘BlackBerry Classic’.

It has been no secret is was coming, but today we can reveal a little more information about the phone and are now taking pre-orders for it too.

Bringing the iconic BlackBerry form factor back, the Classic has been designed to be a functional handset and appeal to those who loved, or still do love this type of device; one with a physical keyboard, but also has a bit of power and functionality built in.

Further information and confirmed specifications are due approximately 17th December, but key features of the Classic are:

  • Traditional BlackBerry design
  • 4 row backlight QWERTY keyboard
  • 3.46″ touchscreen display
  • Stereo speakers
  • WiFi
  • GPS
  • SlimPort
  • 8 megapixel camera
  • 16GB internal storage
  • MicroSD memory card slot
  • Excellent battery life

Not due SIM free and unlocked until early January 2015, the Classic will be one of the must-have devices of next year and gives BlackBerry fans something to look forward to.

Another benefit to the Classic is that it is going to be available at a simply superb price.

Pre-order it SIM free from Clove today for £339 including VAT, (£282.50 excluding VAT).


Save £5 when you buy 2 two-way UK power sockets with USB ports

2 Way UK Power Socket With 2 USB Ports

The product is simple: a mains wall socket with 2 USB ports for charging portable devices including smartphones, iPods, game controllers and anything else with USB charging.

This is an ideal fixture for down by your bed or maybe in the kitchen to keep your tablet powered while looking through a recipe.

Perhaps at work where you have desktop computers, monitors and all the rest plugged in from an extension, you might want to fit one of these to save finding a spot to plug in a mains charger.

This Connekt Gear mains plate usually retails for £19.99 with all fixtures and documentation included – now if you order 2, a £5 discount will automatically be applied in the checkout, bringing the total cost down to £34.98.

A simple offer for a reliable and affordable product, a perfect gadget gift for the upcoming festive season.

Order the 2-way UK Power Socket with USB Ports today

Nokia Lumia 830 Review


We are now entering some interesting times with Nokia following Microsoft’s acquisition last year.  This obviously wasn’t a normal purchasing of a company, but clearly Microsoft has obtained the Lumia brand along with some other assets and the license to use the Nokia brand on their phone.    All of this doesn’t appear to stop Nokia from being in the process of releasing a new tablet.

In fact Microsoft is now starting to releasing phones which no longer carry the Nokia branding.  This shows that they don’t wish to carry on with the status quo, and want to distance themselves from it.  We are however going to look at one of the phones which came out of the Nokia/Microsoft alliance the Nokia Lumia 830.  As most of you are aware this phone has been available for a few months now, but this has given us a chance to put together a proper review having used it for some time.

Nokia Lumia 830Design

The first striking thing you notice about the Nokia Lumia 830 is how similar its looks in comparison to the higher spec Lumia 930.  This was of course intentional, as both the Lumia 830 and 930 are premium smartphones in the Nokia range.  In fact at release Nokia said that the Lumia 830 is the world’s “first affordable flagship”.  This statement is kind of true, you do however need to take into account that this phone does have slightly reduced capabilities.  In comparison its specification is very close to the Nokia Lumia 735 and the other products in the Nokia range.  It does however use materials in its construction which are almost identical to the flagship Lumia 930.

Having high quality materials used in its construction means the pricing of the Nokia Lumia 830 is closer to its more powerful sibling and not the lesser ones.  It does however show Nokia’s drive for producing high quality smartphones which take advantage of the best materials available to produce premium products.

We have of course seen with other Nokia flagship products this drive for providing premium quality over recent years.  This has resulted in the use of high quality polycarbonate in construction, and other exotic materials.  For example in the case of the polycarbonate used in a Nokia phone injection of the colour dye is throughout it and not just on the surface.  This means that you have a product which doesn’t show up all the scratches and other minor abrasions seen with other manufacturer’s products.  This has meant that products like the Nokia Lumia 900 and 920 have continued to look good following years of usage, even though they have the occasional scratch on them.

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MiPow Playbulb Color & Candle – available to order

Try MiPow’s new remotely controlled colour LED bulbs and lighting accessories

playbulb_color_blog_1December is just round the corner and for the many of us that haven’t yet got ourselves organised (me included), that means it’s about time to start thinking of gifts for the upcoming season.

This is the time of year when quirky gadgets and interesting ideas that wouldn’t otherwise make it to market start to appear on the shelves of many stores up and down the country.

The original Playbulb from MiPow was a neat idea that was executed very well and is still selling well to date.

With this success, MiPow have developed on the design and introduced a full spectrum of coloured LEDs for a new version of their main light, as well as a smaller ‘candle’ version, perfect for bedside or coffee tables.

With Playbulb, you have a versatile main light and Bluetooth speaker system in one affordable unit. Fitted in a traditional socket with a shade, you can not only direct sound to fill an entire room, but now really get the party started with a proper light show.

Order MiPow PLAYBULB products from Clove Technology


The same shape and size as the original Playbulb, the new colour version uses an RGB mix to be able to recreate a full colour spectrum.

You can choose from a constant colour (or normal white light) or various ambient modes including pulsing (smooth brightness change on one colour), flashing (on/off on one colour), rainbow (jumps from colour to colour) and rainbow fade (pulses from colour to colour).

MiPow have also created a new control app, PLAYBULB X, available from the App Store and Google Play. Just like the first app, this lets you control what’s playing, the volume, alarms, light levels and now colours / fades. With a Bluetooth 4.0 multipoint connection, your phone can connect to and control up to 8 Playbulbs in the local vicinity.

£79.99 inc VAT from Clove Technology.


playbulb_candleSimilar to the new light fixture, the Playbulb Candle has a full RGB colour spectrum that can be controlled remotely.

You don’t get a speaker with the Candle, however you do get a modern alternative to a traditional and timeless lighting method.

Believe it or not, you can actually blow the Playbulb Candle out to turn off, just like a real candle. There’s also a built in lavender chip should you want to have the experience of a scented candle.

Finally, if you flip the Playbulb candle over, it can also act as a holder for a traditional tealight, whilst still putting out ambient coloured light underneath.

Using the 3 AAA batteries, the Playbulb Candle should last for about 2 months of continuous use (average 4 hours per day) and so is completely portable. The Playbulb X app allows you to group Playbulb products together (lights and candles) so they can be synchronised with the same colours and fades.

£19.99 inc VAT from Clove Technology.


LG G Watch R User Guide/Manual

LG G Watch R User Guide

Below you can find the digital version of the LG G Watch R user manual.

The G Watch R is the second Android Wear smartwatch from LG but what makes the R so special is the circular watch face.

Hopefully the user manual will answer any of the outstanding questions that you have about the device, but if there is anything that isn’t covered or if you have any questions prior to purchasing, please feel free to ask in the comments or to contact our sales team.

U|Karbon Carbon Fibre Smartphone Skins

Protect your device & get 15% off

UKarbon_LG_G2_Carbon_Skin_BlackaWhen you have spent your hard earned money on a new smartphone, you often wish to to protect it to stop it being damaged.

However, if you have opted for one of the more stylish looking phones, you often do not wish to hide those nice curves and smooth edges a case often does this.

There is a possible solution, a middle ground, it comes in the form of  a skin.  A skin is usually a thin piece of adhesive material that adds less than a couple of millimetres to the thickness to the phone and virtually no extra weight.

Many of these skins can be found online but the problem is often the quality of the skin, some are better than others in terms of look, feel, adhesive strength and long term life.

Here at Clove, we have a particular fondness for the Carbon Fibre look, so this is why we have teamed up with U|Karbon, a specialist provider of Carbon Fibre looking skins.



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