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    Zens Built-In Wireless Charger RenderDoes your smartphone have wireless charging built into it?

    Do you use it?

    If you do, you probably have a wireless charging pad on a desk at home or work. Maybe there’s one by your bedside.

    What if you like a clean and minimal look though? Plus if you need more work-surface space, a wireless charger might take up valuable room.

    So what if you could build this into furniture?

    Perhaps you are a boutique hotel owner. Would you like to offer wireless charging to your customers?

    With the ZENS built-in wireless charger you can.

    It’s been made for use at home, offices, kitchens, hotels, restaurants… The built-in wireless charger works wherever you have a place with a wooden surface really!

    This is an all-in-one kit. Included is a drill-bit to make a hole in the surface you want to mount the charging plate. You then sit the wireless charger in the hole. Afterwards securely fasten it from the underside with the included screws and metal plate.

    Zens Built-In Wireless Charger DIY Clove UK

    The advantages are obvious: the built-in mobile phone charger eliminates fussing with wires and plugs. You simply place your phone upon the charging point, upon which it is recharged without the use of an adapter. Simple and efficient.

    The kit even includes the drill bit/disc cutter for the perfect fit.

    The ZENS Built-in Charger offers the lowest thermal performance possible and includes one of the most efficient Qi chargers available today. In addition, it is made to withstand water, coffee or other liquids spills, making it a practical solution for the environment in which you intend to use it.

    So, do away with cables and clutter, go for the clean look.*


    *Clove takes no responsibility for the installation of this product. We advise you seek the permission of others if required before drilling and fitting this wireless charger pad into any much-loved furniture!


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