• We will not be selling the LG V20 – Not launching in the UK or Europe

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    Back in early September we posted about how the LG V20 would not be coming to the UK.

    We have since been working to source a UK compatible version of the LG V20. One thing that is very important to us is ensuring support for our customers over the lifespan of the phone.

    Today marks an update and conclusion in this process.

    Our original intentions were to import the LG V20 from Europe. We did with this last year with the V10, with supply networks for regular stock and support for service issues.

    Sadly, LG have now confirmed to us that they are not launching the V20 anywhere in Europe. Even with high interest and demand, especially following the Samsung Galaxy Note7 recall, they are not planning to reconsider this decision.

    Could Clove import from outside Europe?

    The LG V20 has been launched in other regions of the world, notably Korea and the USA. We can potentially source from these areas, however are not prepared to do so at this time.

    This decision has been made primarily due to being unable to provide efficient after-sales service on these items. Keeping a regular supply, maintaining quality control and ensuring network compatibility are also issues.

    As smartphone users ourselves we see the appeal of the V20. We have also clearly stated to LG just how many customers have expressed interest in the handset. It is easily one of our most requested. Ever. Even after providing this information, and pledging a commitment to a volume of handsets, LG remain firm that they do not wish to launch the V20 in Europe at this time.

    As such you may wish to consider your options.  There are a great range of handsets available SIM free from www.clove.co.uk.


    This article was written by a member of the Clove Team. Clove is a specialist provider of mobile technology products, including smartphones, tablets, wearables, connected home products, memory cards and associated accessories.


  • that’s a shame because I really like the V20. one of the few high end phones remaining with a removable battery.

      • Here at Clove we’d just like to remind any of our regular readers that these models will not have an official warranty and LG UK would not provide any support.
        You will have statutory rights as with any eBay purchase, so if the device has any faults throughout its lifespan, you will have to deal with the seller / eBay for a resolution.

  • I am a Note 4 user and have been looking forward to updating my Note. However, Samsung decided to not sell the Note 5 in Europe, mad decision. However, it didn’t have an SD card slot, so I wouldn’t have wanted it anyway. Samsung then created the infamous Note 7 putting the SD card slot back, so I was waiting to buy that. We all know how that went!
    So I then started to do some research for another phone and saw the LG V20. It ticked all the boxes. Then there was news that it wasn’t coming to the UK…and I then found out that Clove were going to sell European V20 with UK support…great news. I have been checking back everyday waiting for them to come into stock.
    So we then get this news not coming to Europe, let alone the UK.
    What the hell are LG playing at?? Samsung have had a major disaster with the Note 7, why are they not moping up the customer base with their V20?? They certainly got my attention and I was prepared to buy one. (having been a Note 2, 3 and 4 user, that is saying something).
    Very disappointed with LG, even after being given the information just from Clove about the interest in their phone…….

    • You literally echo me exactly! I’ve been with Samsung for about a decade, including the Note 2 and 4 and was ready to jump on the good ship LG with the V20. SO disappointed.

    • Seriously it’s like LG are purposely making decisions that take the company further and further into the red?!?!?! The LG G5 doesn’t sell well so they decide not to sell in Europe even after the Note 7 debacle?

      How many people are going to want a phablet style phone to replace the Note 7, it’s a no brainer! What else are people going to buy now?

      It almost sounds like an April fools joke…

    • Exactly the same here. Using a Note 4 which is past its best. Note 5 never appealed so the LG V10 looked good but.. no UK release. Then the Note 7 came along and that was short lived. Now the LG V20 arrives and it looks almost perfect with 5.7″ screen, removable battery, micro SD and great DAC (but no S Pen so not quite perfect) and yet again LG score an own goal by not releasing it in the UK. Not to capitalise on Samsung’s woes is a huge mistake.

  • Really disappointed and a bizarre decision from LG who have a great device, lots of wiling customers willing to give them money for it, and yet not willing to sell it! It’s a shame that there’s almost no choice for a decent high-end Android phone with a removable battery in the UK.

    • Thank you to Clove for trying to make it available in the UK. It’s a shame it’s not been possible. I suspect I’ll look at the Pixel XL now.

  • Im gutted about this. I need a new phone, and I need a removable battery! There aren’t any high end phones with a removable battery in the Uk, apart from the g5 which I don’t like. I’m now considering buying a note 4. It may be old, but at least I could swap out the battery when it dies.
    These are the email addresses of the ceo of LG and the head of LG UK, if you want to send an email. I dont know if they’ll even be seen but its the last resort.

  • I, too, am disappointed and surprised at LG’s decision not to release in Europe / UK – after the unfortunate situation w/ the Note 7 and not that excited by the Pixel XL (especially for the price Google are charging for it!) I would have been more than willing to pay for this handset; my search continues…

  • Wonder if someone needs sacked for such a preposterous madening decision. This could have been the phablet king this year.

  • Arrghhhhhhhhhh no! I so wanted this phone, I am fed up with my Note 4 and wanted to move away from Samsung completely. The LG ticked so many boxes for me that none of the other options do. Unless… Clove can get hold of the V10 still?

      • Thanks Josh, anything you can recommend? My priorities are a min screen size of 5.5″, good quality camera (must be at least as sharp as the note 4, which judging by the results on GSM Arena rules out Sony devices) and be capable of supporting 24bit music? Desperate to drop the Note 4

        • Hi Andrew, I’m surprised you’ve ruled out Sony. I’d take another look at those camera results from a few other sources; gsmarena may not have been pleased but DxOMark certainly were.
          The Xperia X Performance (and by extension the new XZ – same camera & software) has one of their highest ever rated mobile cameras: https://www.dxomark.com/Mobiles
          There is a difference in tone between the images that Samsung, Apple and Sony cameras all create. They all use their own image processing software after all. However the detail & clarity on a Sony is as good as any other top end device.

          • I bought my wife the Z5 Premium from you some while ago, and comparing the same subjects, there is a massive difference in the sharpness and detail. With the Note 4 winning hands down.

            We’ve blown a few photos up using print services too, and the Note photos are sharp even at 30″x20″ enlargement, The Sony however leaves detail very “muddied” for want of a better phrase
            I also find that the Z5 Premium screen seems a little small in comparison, made worse by the fact of the on screen buttons.

          • Sony’s after-sales support for out of warranty phones is terrible. I’d never buy another Sony.

  • Gutted!

    As an avid music listener that sometimes carries both my Fiio X3 and my mobile phone around, this was the first time that they could be combined into one unit with a quality recognised Dac (or four), that also was quoted as being able to drive a pair of reference headphones.
    Such a shame…..♪♪♪♪

  • I have had the G3, G4, V10 and I currently own the G5 – I was very much looking forward to getting the V20, even if it was imported, as I was safe in the knowledge that Clove are reputable and would honour and warranty. I wholeheartedly agree with Clove’s decision, and I completely understand why they’re not prepared to go through with it. I’m extremely disappointed in LG for not pushing the V20 to more countries, and quite frankly i’m baffled by it. They have lost a valuable customer in me and i’m sure they’ll lose no sleep over that. At the moment, there is nothing on offer from any other phone manufacturer that takes my fancy! One of the reasons I choose LG high-end devices is the camera, manual mode is exquisite! I don’t know of any other phones that can allow a 30 second exposure by default? If anyone has any thoughts on that, I would like to hear them.

  • Okey… I understand your decision and dont blame you for this.
    Shame on LG on their stupid, shortsighted policy. I really dont understand LG at all.

    I guess, I will stick with my Note2+Zerolemon 9300mAh for another year… there is simply no other phone which can replace it.

    Possible candidates:
    LG G4 – cool phone, but doomed by bootloop isue = NO GO
    LG V10 – cool phone, but super poor speaker performance + possible bootloop issues = NO GO
    Samsung Note 3 – cool phone, but bad speaker quality (compared to Note2) = NO GO
    Samsung Note 4 – cool phone, but bad speaker quality (compared to Note2) = NO GO

    There is no other candidates unfortunately. My *must have* Nr.1 requirement is removable battery, which sadly new phones don’t have anymore.

    LG V20 was only my hope for 2016.

  • How about V20 sold on ebay imported from South Korea? I noticed from description that they support UK network frequenncy

    • Hi Adam, there’s nothing stopping individuals from getting these. They should work on UK networks as you say.

      We however won’t buy these in volume to resell. The reason is we can’t provide a warranty. As a retailer we have legal obligations to our customers to provide support in the event of faults.

      If any of these imports were to go wrong, we wouldn’t be able to get them fixed affordably. This means we would then be forced to either refund our customers or provide free replacements from stock. With the low margins on these products, it would only take a few dodgy handsets over the course of 2 years (standard warranty) to make the whole endeavour pointless.

    • I’m very tempted by this. If you get one, will you let us know how it goes? If you buy from a reputable seller then I don’t see it being too problematic.

  • This is sad news. I had the Note 7 and was happy with it. Returned it and now I was hoping there would be some gleam of hope that Clove would be selling it. LG are weirdos in my opinion. Europe is a massive market and they should realise that with the whole Note 7 issue, people are going to look for alternatives. The V20 is an alternative! Now the pathetic thing is that it is inevitable that LG will be reporting on not reaching profit targets from their mobile division, last quarter of 2016. It doesn’t take a genius….
    LG if you are reading this, you are stupid.

  • So we in the UK and Europe are not good enough to be customers for their flagship V20?
    I find that offensive and baffling from a company that is still trying to make a dominant name for itself in this sector.

    Do LG really think the EU and UK markets are going to love them this this kind of behaviour?

  • LG have just lost a sale of a OLED TV. A 55 ” version due to their decision, not to allow the V20 into UK.

  • Please let me know the name of the reseller too if you purchase from south Korea. ..many thanks

  • This is the ONLY phone I like at the moment. Are the ones being sold on ebay genuine products? I dont care ir there is no warranty.. as long as its a a genuine product! Has anyone purchased from ebay?

  • I have been a Samsung Note 4 user for two years and was looking forward to the Samsung Note 7. And as we all know the story behind the Note 7. Thankfully before I went to Hong Kong I had heard about the LG V20 and so whilst I was HK I had a play with the V20 and wondered if I should buy it or not. Well I am happy to report that I am writing this comment using the LG V20. It’s a fantastic phone and I am happy I did make the purchase.

    • Hello Jarvis, thanks for the information.
      Are you now using the V20 in the UK? The Hong Kong models should be fully compatible here.
      I’m glad you’re enjoying the phone, it’s a real shame we weren’t able to get hold of it officially

  • I have just recieved my V20 from ebay. Imported from taiwan but shipped from london. And i can confirm that it works on vodafone.

  • Just bought a pair of high end B&O headphones for my daily commute to work and needed a phone to drive them well. I then learn that the LG v20 has a built in Audio Dac, and I ready to pay for it, and bam LG wont sell me the device because I am in Europe. Reconsider this LG

  • The world of mobile phone is getting tougher and tougher as:
    – I am not buying Chinese phones due to security issues (Adups for example),
    – I am not buying a phone with a MediaTek processor (still Adups),
    – Not buying Samsung because they don’t seem to last,
    – Not buying Sony because they don’t distribute security updates for their phones and are slow to roll out new versions of Android, they don’t have any standout feature (camera average to bad and sound average), are overpriced (my Z3 Compact is on an April 2016 in Feb 2017!),
    – HTC 10 is an option but so full of glue that it is hard to fix and probably expensive when the warranty expires and no replaceable battery.
    – LG G5 is also unexciting
    – LG V20 looked perfect for me as it offers great sound and can drive my higher impedance head phones, has a great camera with manual controls (and shoots RAW!) and has a removable battery!

    Hence, if I cannot get any of the features I want in a phone, I am probably going to buy a budget phone and carry around a high end music player and my camera. Or maybe buy a DTEK50 (60?) and be guaranteed to get the security patches for the life of the phone … which is tempting. But even then, a Blackberry without a Blackberry keyboard 🙁

    • You pose an interesting conundrum North! We also get quite a lot of customers concerned over the security on Chinese brand phones or ‘budget’ Androids.

      You mention BlackBerry – they seem to be having a resurgence of late. The physical keyboard might not be available on the DTEK 50 & 60 (although their software keyboard is very good), but have you seen the new Mercury prototype?

      This is due to be unveiled at the end of the month. We have a registration page available and it will hopefully go on sale in early March.

      Not sure on price yet but this might be the kind of thing you’re looking for? It will keep the monthly security updates. You’ll miss out on the removable battery but aside from LG, no-one else is really offering these any more

      • Yes I have heard of the Mercury. I kind of need a phone now but I guess I could borrow one for a few weeks. I guess I would wait for specs and full review.
        I was quite excited about the V20 when I heard about it. The exciting thing is that, thanks to a removable battery, I could keep it for many years as a music player even after having retired it as a phone. The LG G6 is rumored to have similar or better sound but will be sealed and waterproof (according to rumors).

        PS: yes I would get a Chinese phone built for the Chinese market and apparently the Adups malware escaped from China! Then Mediatek did a BIOS update that prevented the Android update from blocking Adups. Great move from Mediatek!

    • Although Sony’s repair/servicing is woefully unhelpful, they are actually quite helpful in making it easy to unlock the bootloader, which extends the life of your phone, as you can then install a custom OS.
      Sony have provided quite a bit of support for many of their top end phones, longer than many Samsung devices.

  • I want the lg v20 for the UK but I’d like to know where to get it from that has warranty as im unsure who I’d send it back to if there was a problem.

    • Hello Jason – this is effectively the reason we decided not to stock the V20. We wouldn’t have been able to offer any free warranty or after-care service as the stock would have originated from Asia.

      There are many sellers with V20 stock, you will need to ask them about their service policy. If any problems occur, you may need to pay to have the phone sent back to the origin country for service.

      • Well it seems that LG is not interested in the “geeky” and picky buyers as their European G6 will have neither the wireless charging nor the fancy DAC (and no removable battery). Hence, by selling an inferior product at a price no lower but potentially higher than in the rest of the world, LG will rely on impulsive buyers and sales force working for Carphone Warehouse, EE, Vodafone and the likes.
        So basically Europe/the UK has no expert media consumption and content creation offering. Not the end of the world if the product didn’t exist as we could use cameras and tablets/laptops to do the same but, since we know that the product exists, it is a shame that we can’t have access to it.
        I have exchanged emails with LG and their reply was that they wanted to continue focusing on the extremely successful G line (G5 at the time sic!) and that is why they didn’t bring the V20. That being said, G5+Hifi plus has become less expensive than the V20 but it is still lacking a few features. You have to love big corporates, when they start failing, they light to stick to failure for a long time despite common sense and ignoring consumer demands.

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