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    The LG V20 has been been talked about for a few weeks now, as it will be the first Android handset to ship with Android 7 on it.  However, only this week did LG officially unveil it for all to see.

    An evolution of the V10, the V20 continues with a similar form factor but brings with it some enhancements to make this a powerful smartphone set to compete with the best available in 2016.

    Some of the key specifications are:

    • Android 7.0 Nougat – the first Android phone to run version 7.0
    • 5.7″ QHD display – super high resolution / 513 ppi
    • 2.2″ always on secondary display for notifications, shortcuts and messages
    • Snapdragon 820 v2 and 4GB – top of the range performance and multitasking
    • 64 GB storage & micro SD support
    • Dual camera system – 16 / 8 MP cameras with laser autofocus and SteadyRecord 2.0
    • B&O certified sound with quad DAC system
    • Removable 3,200 mAh battery

    Many of the new features are demonstrated in the following video.

    So far little has been said about the Global release of the handset, but we can confirm that the V20 will NOT be coming to the UK.

    We and many others were disappointed when the LG V10 did not come to the UK.  It was and still is an impressive handset and we hoped LG would change their minds with the new handset.

    Sadly this is not to be the case. You will not be able to buy a UK spec LG V20.

    However, all is not lost if you are in the UK and want a V20.

    As we did with the V10, we will be bringing stock in from Europe so you do not have to miss out. Yes, that means you can have a V20 and use it here in the UK.

    At this time, we cannot confirm when we will have the stock or at what price, but rest assured, we will advise as soon as we can.

    You can ensure you receive up to the minute information, by registering your interest in the V20 HERE.

    By doing so, as soon as we have a price, date or any information worth sharing, we shall.

    Do also be advised that by importing the stock we will ensure you are not left without a warranty or support.  We will only offer stock that we can confirm is compatible with UK networks, comes with a warranty (handled via Clove). They will be SIM free and will not lock to a network.  We will ensure the menu is in English and there is no network operator logos or software on board.

    We know that you and many others may well be interested in the V20, but we do not want you to have to go without.  So register to be notified today and we will let you know more as soon as possible.

    Register your interest in a SIM Free LG V20



    This article was written by a member of the Clove Team. Clove is a specialist provider of mobile technology products, including smartphones, tablets, wearables, connected home products, memory cards and associated accessories.


  • Hello Clove, I’m french I wanted to know if you deliver in France and do you know whether if the imported LG V20’s working with UK carriers will be compatible with french carriers? Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Squall, yes once we determine a good supplier for these, we will ensure they are fully compatible across all European networks, France included!

  • Be very disappointed if it doesn’t come to the UK but LG have told me today that it’s still not confirmed either way:

    LG UK – Life’s Good
    Hi David, thank you for contacting LG! It’s not been confirmed, whether the V20 will be launched in the UK or not. For all the information on new product you can keep a look out on http://www.lg.com/uk

    Have registered to be notified of updates from you!

    • Hi David, thanks for sharing. Our LG account manager told us there were no plans for a UK release, however they wouldn’t be the first company to change their minds late in the day!

      If there’s enough support for the phone then they may release it. Based on what we’ve heard though and the V10 not being released here last year, we are erring firmly on the side of caution.

  • For what it’s worth, I’m another UK person who will buy this phone if it is released here. Especially with the state the Note 7 is in. For me it was always going to be a decision between one or other of these two phones, maybe neither will be possible/sensible now.

  • Testing the network capabilities for UK support is great, but what about;

    Will it be Dual Sim as you are importing from the EU?
    How will warranty work in the UK? what am I supposed to do if I get a fault a year later?
    Will mobile/android updates be hindered in any way by using the phone in the UK?

    • Hi SG, we imported the V10 last year so we have some experience here.

      It likely won’t be dual SIM, normally these are only released in Asia. If a Dual SIM model is available in Europe, then we’ll get it!
      Warranty would be through us. LG UK would not accept the phones. If you were to experience a problem send the phone to us, and we would organise repair / replacements through our EU supplier.
      Updates would not be affected. Manufacturers ten to push these out based on serial number ranges, regardless of the physical location of the device.

    • Hello Ric, thanks for that and yes we are. As that review states the model they tested was from Korean network UPlus.
      We will ensure any stock we receive is fully compatible across UK & European networks.

    • Hello John, we’re still working on this. The phone only launched in Korea last week!
      The current news seems to be that LG may not officially release anywhere in Europe, although we’re trying to clarify this.
      If this is indeed the case, then we may need to import and convert handsets, however this could cause issues with warranty support.
      Like always we want to make sure the phones we sell are supported. Hopefully we will have some more positive news in a few weeks

      • Presumably this would not only cause issues with warranty support but also how well this phone was updated, both for regular security updates and future Android versions? No updates would make nougat’s seamless updates a bit of a moot point really.

        • Well there should still be updates. They would just be on the schedule for the origin country. The physical location of the phone in the world doesn’t matter, it is the IMEI / serial number and an Internet connection that pushes the update through. As long as the phones are switched on and have an Internet connection, they should get the update from LG’s servers no matter where they physically are.

          The bigger issue is warranty and that is something we have to be very careful with. As a UK retailer, we are legally bound to provide support for the goods we sell within the UK, and also the EU. This could be very difficult if our only ‘official’ route to repair is sending them halfway across the world. Hopefully we can arrange something with one of the distribution companies we are talking too.

  • Don’t know what LG think they’re playing at not letting the UK (and maybe even europe overall!?) have the v20 :'( fingers crossed you can get it for us somehow!

  • Any news on the V20 ? I’m trying to hold out for the V20 but I’m looking to get a new phone pretty sharpish as my note 3 died ;(

    • Hello – the phone has just launched in Korea and is due to launch in the USA by the end of this month.
      There are no fixed plans for an official European launch, however we still hope to bring these in through a trusted supplier, as long as we can get some level of after sales support.

  • Do you think that starting a petition to lg may change their minds, and persuade them to release it in the uk? With the note 7 now cancelled, there’s more reason than ever to bring it to Europe!

    • It is possible John, but generally speaking once a manufacturer has made their decision they stick to it. We are making a request of LG to re-consider.

  • This wait is killing me, like many others have said, I have no idea what lg is playing at. With no note 7 as competition and having one of the 1st phones with nougat, they could potentially clean up. Desperately looking at clove every day for any news as my note edge is on its last legs with speed and severe display issues

  • Will we also be able to buy spare batteries, and the battery charging dock (which I assume LG will release like they did for the V10 last year) through clove? One of the main benefits is the removable battery, so I hope this is the case.

  • I am from Latvia, and badly want LG V20. Some time ago LG announced that they will quit Baltic state markets for their mobile devices. BAD decision, imo.

    Now I am checking your site regularly, as I hope you will be able to get LG v20 in stock and will be able to send it to Latvia via courier post (like DHS, UPS, TNT etc). I dont trust sending by regular post.

    Also I hope you will be able to import and sell LG V 20 Spare Battery Kit (BCK-5200) – If I will buy phone I want 2 of such “kits” as default batterry is joke of course (I’m so used to my 9300mAh battery with my Note2, anything less I find ridicilous). I hope Zerolemon will release their battery for V20 sooner or later (in facebook they told that they not sure yet)…

    And of course there is certain uncertainity about this phone becouse I dont know what LG doing but their marketing sux… Not releasing this phone in Europe is big WTF. (And of course I hope they will not do something like with V10 – they released it later in EU but with 32gb ROM, which is totally unnaceptable).

  • LG are now releasing the V20 in Australia as we as the USA so hopefully they will change their mind about Europe. They have a Facebook oaf so follow them and keep asking!

    • I just sent lg mobile a message about it on Facebook. If we keep putting them under pressure for it then they may change their mind.

      • I’d be curious to know whether it’s individual customers, mobile operators (EE/O2 etc.) or retailers (like Clove) who hold the most sway with LG and therefore whether it’s LG we should be bothering or the mobile operators to carry it?

        • As far as i’m aware, it’s simply LG who have decided to not bring it to Europe, rather than a lack of interest from the carriers, but its an interesting point. If enough of us contact the carriers maybe they would request a UK release from LG, which would surely have more meaning than just us. Although, it cant hurt if we send lg as many messages as we can ourselves.

        • We all have some influence. Naturally large networks like EE/O2 have larger clout in some respects. Ultimately the decision lies with LG. Netowrks look at what sells for their customers. Typically they have less demand for the very specialist devices like this.

  • LG say NO to Europe!!!
    If at all possible we must change their minds.
    BUT does it actually mean they have not built in some European required network support?
    Even so, we MUST convince them they have a massive market here.
    Target..5 emails a day 3 phone networks a day

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