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    The big news this morning is the flickr is now offering everyone 1 terabyte of FREE photo storage.

    With a whopping 1 terabyte you can store an incredible 873,813 4 megapixel photos or 218,453 16 megapixel images. You can not deny that this is impressive.

    So with so much storage how to make best use of it?

    No doubt you use your Android phone for taking pictures. You may store the photos on the phone memory or an SD card, but do you back them up?

    If you do not back them up, or do so at irregular intervals then why not take advantage of auto uploading.

    Auto-uploading can backup your pictures to the cloud within minutes of taking picture or video on your phone. Meaning should you loose the phone, delete the image off your phone, there is always a copy online to access at any time.

    Such auto-upload services can work over WiFi only or over a mobile data connection too, the choice is yours.

    You may have heard that Dropbox offers such a feature, it works well (I use it all the time) but there is limited free storage. This means occasionally you need to go in and delete content.

    Naturally flickr now seems the ideal option with so much storage. You will  probably only have to go in and delete or edit photos every year or less!

    Flickr offer an Android app but that allows upload but you have to initiate the upload which is frustrating. It works well but you would have to keep doing uploads every so often.

    The solution? A £1.99 app from Google Play Store called FlickrFolio.


    I have got to be honest I have been using it for only a imageshort period of time at the time of writing, but have tested it thoroughly in that time and all is working well.

    You can set whether it uploads over WIFi or data connection or whether it uploads when the phone is charging or not.

    It automatically uploads images as private so the whole world doesn’t see pictures unless you specifically ask it to.

    You can too force it to upload older images you may have on your phone too as well as video.

    We have all lost photos or data at some point and realise only after the event how important it was.  With this service there is no excuse and for just £1.99 this is a fantastic price.

    I strongly encourage you to try this app and backup your valuable photos and videos now.


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