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    The official Nexus 4 user guide

    Click the icon below to view the LG Nexus 4 user manual.


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        • FYI, I managed to get one on 31 December, ordered from Google Play on 5 December. It is a great phone, and a great experience. It does not have some of the fancy stuff of other big manufacturers, but for the price I cannot imagine beating it. The camera works well, the panorama is great. The voice searches are astounding. Shame there is nothing more than 16GB and no expansion possibilities. Google cannot seem to understand how not everyone has fast internet access wherever they are. They should try streaming music here in the North East of England. But, it is after all a developer phone and not meant to be mainstream. They bought Motorola for that.
          Just sad I couldn’t give Clove the business.

      • is the carphone warehouse price the rrp for other retailers or are they just taking advantage of the situation?

  • Just got the Nexus 4 phone a few weeks ago, and the only thing I don’t like is the text screen…its very white and hard to read, does anyone know if you can change the colors? Any help on this would be great, have searched the internet and can’t seem to find anything on this.

    • Are you referring to the Messaging application? I have downloaded “GO SMS PRO” free from Google Play for my Nexus 4, it’s a great free app that has a lot of customisation options

      • I far prefer Handcent SMS. Very smooth. Lots of customisation. It also gives me emoji which I can use when sending things to my iPhone using friends, and I can read the ones they send me.

        • Hi Jim, Handcent is also very good and has some great options for changing text and balloon size. Does it include free chat over Wi-Fi / Data? Go SMS Pro has this for other users of the service

          • I’ve no idea if Handcent SMS does free chat. i don’t want or need that so I have never looked.

  • When I download a app it goes also on my main screen. I can’nt remove it.even when the remove comes red and I press the app it comes back. Everything I download . how I remove it

    • When you hold the app icon down so you can drag it and then move it to the remove area at the top of the screen the the app should disappear from the home screen. If it does not then this does sound like an issue. Which is app is it?
      You may find that uninstalling the app from the settings>apps list and then reinstalling it will make it exhibit the correct behaviour.
      If this is happening for all apps then a complete power down and reboot of the phone may clear out any bugs occurring in the software

  • All 15 app. Some are double . what you mean the power down or reboot. Does it mean to reset to factuary and how. All my email will be deleted. I bought this phone yesterday

    • First off I mean simply trying to shut down, when you hold the power button down you are provided with the option of restart or power off. If you select a complete power off and wait a minute or so before powering back on to see if the problem persists. When you select ‘restart’, the device does not completely shut down and so the problem may continue.
      If you find the issue continues then you may want to complete a factory reset. This can be found under Settings > Backup&Reset.
      From here you have the option to back up your personal settings and passwords to your Google account before completing the factory reset. The accounts will be deleted from your phone but the emails will remain intact on server they are hosted on and will reappear on your phone when you link the account again

  • I’ve had my Nexus 4 for a couple of months. Holding down an app icon, and moving it to the top of the screen and dropping it on the “X Remove” has for me always removed it from the home screen. Even the pre-installed apps like messaging.

    Power down and restart damages nothing, loses nothing. Hold in the power button for a few seconds and you get a menu, the top option being “Power Off”. Touch that and your phone shuts down. Wait a few seconds, then hold the power button in until the phone shakes briefly. It will now re-start, with the Google X colours oscillating for a while, then it will boot to the home screen. I have done it several times when the phone has misbehaved (usually a bad app).

    Remember, you have a total of 5 home screens, and you can move icons to one of the others by holding them down and dragging them off the side and dropping them onto another emptier screen. That way you can keep similar things together.

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