• Competition 7: What would you do to win a Motorola RAZR? #clove20

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    We’ve had some great fun with the Clove competition so far and with a few different formats for entry.

    We had a great response when we asked you to contribute to the last few competitions creatively, so today we would like to take it a step further and put the outcome even further into your hands.

    Today we’ve got a Motorola RAZR to giveaway. We want you to tell us what you would be willing to do to win it.

    Comment on this post or tell us on social media. We’ll pick what we believe to be the best idea in 24 hours time and ask the ‘winner’ to carry out that task. If you are selected, you must submit proof of completion, so if you say you’ll run around Waterloo Station screaming “clove 20’”, you’ll need to go through with it (and get somebody to film you as proof) to win. 

    Your ideas must of course comply with the laws of the land and the usual guidelines apply, so nothing too outrageous or explicit please!

    Be sure to tell us if you’re particularly fond of an idea that somebody else submits – we’ll be sharing them on social so that everyone can see what else they’re up against.

    The competition is open for entry until 1PM (GMT) on 27/11/12.  Get creative!


    This article was written by a member of the Clove Team. Clove is a specialist provider of mobile technology products, including smartphones, tablets, wearables, connected home products, memory cards and associated accessories.


  • I’ll do nothing to win,cause I have better phone. But I’ll present RAZR to my sister if I’ll win. =))

  • I would immolate my current smartphone while staring at anthracite sunset having its curls fading into unrealistically crimson lake situated on the edge of pretentious royal ancient forest in which the mutant ants with bright bluish hoofs live and trample this mortal Earth full of careless bears the same age!

  • I’d write/issue a hugely supportive news release for Clove (because I actually believe the site does followers a great pupblic service) and stunt it up, by sailing to the Bass Rock, off the E. Lothian coastline .
    (Google it and you’ll see what that means!) and back of course…

  • I would denounce all other phones and be o the clove website for 24hrs just to win the RAZR.

  • I will be very touched and pleased to clove if i win this phone cause i never won anything yet…

  • I will climb on the highest mountain and will ride down on my board and at this time I will shout in megaphone about clove as cool site and RAZR as cool phone 🙂
    My friends will shoot this on their cameras. On the same day video will be on youtube. On the next day this video will have many millions reviews 🙂

  • I would tell my sister-in-law that I no longer need her hand-me-down iPhone 3G that no longer supports the latest apps, (although very appreciated at the time) as I have just won a fantastic prize from a GREAT site. I would also video my 6 year old son doing his “I’m a winner” dance with a Clove banner!

  • I’d sing a song with my RAZR XT910. Maroon 5 – “This love” for example)) Ofcourse video as a proof.

  • I will make big plan from paper and polyfoam. Then I’ll launch it from the 12th floor with my old phone)
    There is a river near my house – I trust it can fly to other coast) =)

  • I will get Clove vinyls for my car and turn it into the Clovemobile! I’ll keep then on till at least the end of the year 😀 #clove20 #clovelove2012 

  • I would put my current phone (actually, a Motorola too) under a train. Or, better, explode it:)

  • I would return my faulty HTC for a refund and donate the proceeds (£200) to a charity of Clove’s choice 🙂

  • I would present my old phone to a random person on the street. And kiss the new one. happy birthday clove ! 😉

  • I would swap it with you for my CASIO FX-850P complete with original box and manuals and uber-rare 32KB expansion pack.

  • I would.. meh its just a RAZR, I would give it to my mom, she has HTC Legend that randomly reboots. I’d also post I won it on FB and print+wear a “I won a free Galaxy S3 on Clove.co.uk” shirt on weekends and at class. (Coz im using a GS3 myself, yes?)

  • I’d simply use it, and put a hammer to my old (non-smartphone), hoping to crush it with style!

  • I’d jump naked (not a pretty sight) on our trampoline and pray that the neighbours won’t be watching.

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