• Samsung Galaxy S3 Black will have 64GB storage, coming early October

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    There was rather exciting news earlier this week that the Samsung Galaxy S3 would soon be available in black. We now have some more exciting details to add to this – it will launch with 64GB internal storage and is due to be available in early October. At the moment we are still waiting for pricing to be confirmed, but will open up pre-orders as soon as we have an indication of what the price will be. In the meantime, you can register your interest on our Samsung Galaxy S3 product page and we will let you know as soon as there are any further developments.

    The news of the large internal storage is particularly interesting as it will make the S3 black the first SIM-free Android smartphone to launch in the UK with 64GB internal storage. With its microSD slot compatible up to 64GB, that gives it a whopping total of 128GB, which puts it well ahead of its closest competitors. Keep an eye on the Clove website and blog for pre-order availability soon.


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  • …and BTW interesting stuff over on XDA where some (mostly functional) S3 jelly bean “leaks” have made their way out, a bit ropey and probably only leaked so XDA can beta test them, but looks like Samsung are pulling their socks up a bit on the updates…

      • The leaks are saying 31st August, which would be excellent.

        I’ve considered using one of the JB ROMs, they only have a few fairly minor issues now as far as I can tell, but didn’t want to lose the extra bits Samsung added. Not TouchWiz, I’ve already switched to Apex, but things like the camera app, Smart Stay and S-Beam.

  • From what’s written here it’s not clear whether the black version will only launch in the 64GB flavour.

    From other sites it seems likely it’ll be available in the 16GB flavour too, with the 32GB probably still being a Vodafone exclusive.

    I’d have preferred black to the blue, especially since my case is black, but it’s not a big deal.

    • You know, as spangly-looking and next gen feeling as the blue variant is, I miss the more textured black feel of eg. the S2 and the Note, they just feel a little more rugged, so I’m hoping the S3 black will be more back to that sort of build, at least on the back panel.

      • I do think it looks a lot slicker in black as well. Will get some photos up showing the back panel as soon as we have them.

      • I’ve put a black CaseMate Barely There case on mine. The S3 still feels light and thin but has the rugged and grippy feel I think you’re missing.

        Only thing I don’t like is that the ends aren’t completely covered, which leaves two points of vulnerability.

        • I did use a Barely There case a while back, but it failed to protect exactly where you point out, in a device-killing way when it met some pavement, so I’m a bit wary of them now and use gel cases when out and about.

    • We are still waiting for confirmation that it will also launch in 16GB and 32GB and what the availability will be SIM-free. Should have some more info to share soon.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for asking. The specs (other than the internal storage and colour) are the same as the other SGS3 models, so it will have 1GB RAM.

  • Does the filesystem of this phone support large files? ie: can I copy a +4GB sized file onto the internal memory storage?

    Reason I ask is, my Galaxy S has a 32GB MicroSD card in it and I can’t copy large files onto it due to a limitation in the filesystem!

      • Wiser heads than me can probably answer better, but the file system used on the internal storage on the S3 is ext4, as used in Linux, which supports file sizes up to 16 tebibytes (TiB), which is about 16000Gb. MicroSD cards are generally formatted in FAT32, which has the 4Gb limit you mention. In theory, you can format MicroSD cards to other file systems, but there is some discussion on xda which suggests that it doesn’t work reliably, and the safest option seems to be to keep to FAT32, even for cards >32Gb on which FAT32 doesn’t officially work, but in practice it does.

        So short answer, yes. 🙂

        • Yes as it comes the microSD card should support files over 4GB. Also formatting the card in the S3 will support them too.

          I use NTFS. The S3 doesn’t support it but there’s an app called NtfsSd that fixes that. Seems to work fine, although I’m only using NTFS because my Transformer Prime reboots constantly if I put an ext4 microSD in it, and I want to use the card in both devices. It’s another option though.

  • Do you know if it will be released with the sandwich or with the bean flavor of android?
    (if it’s the latest one at least we shouldn’t have to wait for an update long time!)


    • No clarification either way yet Pedro, but we’ll get it posted as soon as we know.

  • Hi

    Is there any further news when this will be available. Samsung announced it in May and I still cannot buy it.

    • Hi Beth,

      No more news at the moment. We are still chasing for a date and will get more info up as soon as we have it.

  • It will never appear, just like the 64GB note 2….. Samsung tell lies….and sell just the rubbish 16gb

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