How to install a micro SIM card in Sony Xperia S


The Sony Xperia S uses the new smaller micro SIM cards.

To install/insert the SIM card and get full use of the smartphone, you need to insert the SIM like so:

1. Remove the back cover using your thumbs, press down on the back cover and slide it upwards.

2. Insert the SIM card into its slot (see bottom image) with the gold-coloured contacts facing downwards.

3.To replace the back cover, place the back cover over the back of the phone and fit it into the slots.  Slide the cover downwards (the opposite to removing it) until you hear a sound and feel the cover lock into place.


  1. Ian says

    Wow, another manufacturer brought out a microSIM phone? I thought Apple were going to be alone with this standard…

    • Chris Ward says

      Yep looks like this is starting to become the trend now, I think it enables a bit more room for manufacturers to play with the design and create thinner handsets. Handsets so far that have it (besides the iPhones) are The Lumia 800, RAZR, Xperia S, the One X will as well.

      • Ian says

        Interesting, I must have missed the proliferation down to my all-Samsung setup now, who seem to be the last big manufacturer using old-SIM…

        • Chris Ward says

          Yea Samsung still is, although I would expect its 2012 devices to follow the same route.

  2. Michael says

    Thank you for all you insightful and un-biased reveiws on the new Xperia S. You have assited me greatly in deciding whether to buy this phone.