Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100) Quick Start Guide & User Manual

It is always useful to have access to the user manual and quick start guide for your device, please click either of the two icons below to be taken to the quick start guide or user manual for the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100) QUICK START GUIDE


Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100) User Manual



  1. Ian says

    Thanks, guys; that saved a bit of googling! Good reading material while the battery’s charging up. (comeoncomeoncomeon…)

    • Lynda says

      I’m trying to find Frequently Asked Questions – how do you resend or forward a message? Basic I know, but can’t find any info in the manula and this is my first smart phone….

      • says

        Hi Lynda,

        If you press and hold on the message that you want to resend/forward, you should have a window come up that gives you a list of options, including forward and copy message text.

  2. Mike Paterson says

    You just wouldn’t imagine how appropriate and useful this blog arrived in my Inbox.
    Many thanks….

  3. Kirsten says

    Didn’t find much here. Anyone khows how to download a picture sendt to my sms-inbox? I only got message that says size; 131 kB and that it is available til tomorrow at 20:20 o’clock… I dont know how to download..

    • Cindy says

      I am having the same issue. I can not open or download the forwards/funnies I am receiving by sms text. Did you ever find out how to do it?

      • Chris Ward says

        Hi Cindy,

        It is probably something to do with the MMS settings for your handset. Sometimes these need to be entered under the Access Point Names settings under the Mobile Networks settings. The access point names are different for each service provider.

  4. Vincymate says

    Now how do we print the manual to an A4 sheet like on the full screen. So far we can only produce a magnifying glass grabbing print in the middle of the A4 sheet.

    • says

      When you go to print the document, there is a setting called ‘Page Scaling’, If you change this from ‘Shrink To Printable Area’ to ‘Fit To Printable Area’ you will have a larger print.

  5. Arnt Evensen says

    I need to know if its possible to set password /pin code on the message inbox? Not only for opening the phone for use. It should be more privacy possibilities for a advanced phone like this. Hope someone have a clue :)

    Best regards

    • says

      Not aware of a way of doing this…if a user can get past the lock screen then that is pretty impressive if you use a pin code….there may be an app for it but not aware of one

  6. Tom Bryan says

    I’m trying to open the User Manual but keep getting the message
    “this file is damaged ” ?

    • says

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for pointing that out, it looks like there was a problem with the file. We have now amended the file and successfully tested it. Please try to open it again and let us know if you have any problems.

  7. steve blackman says

    Help! My Galaxy II has 73 ownload in the upper left corner and I can’t cancel them, Everytime I try something one more is added…
    Tried flight mode… no background data. Tried internet,menu,but the cancel dwl doen not light up and can’t cancel… Help !

  8. jim says

    My observation with my unit, just bought a week ago, the battery easily drain out. Have you guys, any solution to this problem. Thanks.

      • jim says

        Thanks for the quick reply. I turned ON in just 1 hour. It drained up to 50% of it’s energy power. All the features were turn on. I observed also that when it is ON and hung on my bared chest the unit get’s hot easily. Please, help me. thanks.

        • says

          Having all features turned on will drain the battery quickly, but it should not be as soon as one hour. If it is also overheating it sounds like there may be a problem with the handset so it may need to be returned to Samsung.

  9. Mick says


    I’m really struggling to get the right set up on my galaxy to send and receive e mails. Can anyone help please? My job relies on access to e mails (i’m a site joiner) and its a real worry now as i’ve just got home and looged on via pc and i’ve missed 3 e mails today. I always refresh every hour or so but it either says ‘not connected to server’ or just keeps refreshing with no action. I DO work in some out of the way places, but my old i phone never had this trouble. Can anyone tell me the correct settings I should have it on? When I bought it at Carphone Warehouse, he set it up for me. Have i touched something I shouldn’t? Many thanks

    • says

      Can you confirm if you are using a google/gmail account or another email service provider? Since initial set up have you removed or replaced the sim card at any time?

  10. says

    Hello Jon,

    I’m using my hotmail account as provider, because I have my own company literature all tied in with it (website, logo, etc,etc). I’ve not replaced the sim card at any time to my knowledge.
    By the way, thanks for speedy reply.

    • says


      Do you have a data contract? Is there any reason why you wouldn’t have the email constantly syncing or is battery life the issue?

  11. David Brown says

    My wife has a Galaxy S II and many of her photos taken with flash indoors have the eyes be silver like light comming from peoples eyes? Has anyone else had problems with this. Are there any work arounds. I beleive the LED flash is not tuned properly or is to bright. I hope Samsung comes out with a firmware update to fix the problem.



      • johnatclove says

        Well if Samsung have acknowledged it as a problem then it may be the case that a fix is coming. We haven’t heard about this but it might be worth checking out XDA-Developers…if anyone has made a fix it will be them!

        By playing with the flash, I did mean changing the flash from on to off or to fill flash or any other settings (don’t have a galaxy S II to check all options on flash).

  12. David Brown says

    Its like red eye but the eyes are silver and red eye programs don’t work. We bought the phone directly from Samsung here in Thailand and they have acknowledged the problem and hope there will be a firmware upgrade. It has to do with the LED flash. It is either too powerful or the duration of the light is not correct or both. I was hoping someone had a work around as my wife can use the camera only without the flash indoors.

    Not sure what you are talking about flash settings. I haven’t seen anyway to adjust the flash settings it is either on or off or auto?



  13. Mike Paterson says

    Go to ‘White Balance’ and change it from Auto.
    The Auto WB causes issues, especially with the ‘Pink Spot’ as well.

    Re your Flash ~ You are correct, you can not alter the flash properties.


  14. says

    i need help because when i receive the txt message in the phone they appear like the received ones on the top and mines at the end and i have to go up to read them and then go down to write my answer… how do i fix that?

    • says

      Sorry Kiaah I don’t understand the error that you are having, are you using the messaging app that comes with the Samsung Galaxy S 2 or an app from the Android market?

  15. Maz says

    Hi does anyone know how to add sounds from my own memory card to the list ot ringtones so that I can choose my own sounds to be the default? Or are we limited to whatever came with the phone? Thanks!

  16. Maz says

    Thanks, Wardy. I actually found the solution in the meantime. :-) There is something in the settings that I came across. I appreciate your suggestion though.

  17. Vikas Manhas says

    I’m glad to have the user manual of samsung galaxy s ii as I didn’t get it in my box in hard copy.. It’ll be very useful to me. Hope to receive such useful things in future also.
    Thanks and regards.

  18. carlos says

    Hi I accidently cosed my little andriod tutorial thingy that comes up once you start the phone. How do i find it in my phone or would i have to reset the whole thing?

    • says

      Hi Carlos,

      There may be an option to launch it again from settings. Otherwise, the only details that are entered in the walkthrough are Wi-Fi settings, email account and social networking services. These can all be accessed from the settings menus.

  19. sarah says

    hi…how can i get my FB to provide notifications that come in real time and let me know what it is ext? Thanks :)

  20. shyamal says

    how to play .flv file (flash player files) on my samsung galaxy-II.
    I faile to do so . i was under impression that it has adobe flash player 10.2 installed in it, it woud play .flv files

  21. darren says

    could somebody help me deactivate the delivery report on my text messaging. It’s driving me mad……….

    • says

      Hi Darren,

      If you hit the menu key when in the messaging application, you should have a settings option that comes up. Go into settings and there should then be a box that you can untick to turn off delivery reports.

  22. Eileen says

    My Galaxy s has stopped taking photos and videos and now comes up with camera failed. Can anyone help

  23. Iztok says

    My galaxys’ headset and speaker stoped working. I can not hear the other person speaking. Did I turn of something by accident? Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

  24. keza says

    hey when my phone is put on auto rotation once i have rotated in the landscape mode it doesn’t come back to the portrait mode when i hold the phone in the portrait mode, i have to go back to the main screen to go back to the portrait mode, any suggestions please….

    • Chris Ward says

      Hi Keza,

      Perhaps there is a problem with the accelerometer in the device. Does it happen with all apps or only certain ones?

  25. wayne says

    In the bottom left hand corner of my screen there is a message saying SAFE MODE how do i get rid of this?

  26. Chris Ward says

    Hi Russel,

    Yes this should be possible. Try creating the sounds using an application called RingDroid. This is the workaround that I have used in the past to enable customs sounds/ringtones.

  27. Andrew says


    I am trying to transfer music files over from my PC to my Samsung Galaxy S II micro SD card but the files are not showing up once the SD is inserted into my phone. Additionally, when i attempt to directly plug the phone into the PC via USB cable my PC will not recognize/acknowledge the storage device.

  28. Len says

    I have several hundred sent mail and trash in 2 email accounts. Does anyone know of a way to delete email trash and sent emails all at once, instead of one at a time.

  29. Len says

    When making calls, I can the ring time, but as soon as someone answers, I get very annoying vibration buzz. Can this be turned off somewhere?

  30. Vano says

    does anyone know how to make it so, your phone is abel to send more than three pages of texts. .because once it goes past three pages it turns into a pxt. pls help?

    • Chris Ward says

      There is usually a limit on the size of a message that can be text. If it is too long and becomes a larger file size, it will not be sent as a text.

  31. Amr Hassanien says

    Hi Guys,
    Does any one know how to login to the Internet thru the galaxy s2 without having a WIFI or Data Packet ?
    Merely if I’ve an internet connection on my PC then how to obtain also the connections on my galaxy using the USB cable ?
    Kindly reply ASAP
    Best Regards

    Cairo , Egypt.

  32. wendy says

    How do i set a downloaded ring tone as a ringer or text message notifcation? I found the ringers that come with the phone but cant see how to use my downloads

  33. vman says

    my son has recently done to many dam pattern attemps on my phone so he could play games the only problem is i dont know my google account and i cant get into my phone could some please tell me how.what a waist of bloody money if i cant get back in.

  34. luz says

    how can i have a copy of USERS MANUAL ,can u please send me,when i bought it the its not included in the box.i want thru small CD.

    • luz says

      i accidentally erased all my pictures in my SAMSUNG GALAXY SII how can i retrieve it back. please help .

  35. Chase says

    for some reason i cant send multimedia messages on my messaging app and itll say for a about a week it”ll say sending but it will never send

  36. akhan says

    i have downloaded certain apps frm android market ……n now i want to knw where does the backup really gets saved…….other apps which are already available on my galaxy s + have back up in ‘my files’ option……but i cudnt find the backup of the downloaded files……….plz help…..

  37. says

    I’m developing an app that accesses the GPS and orientation sensors and sends data using GPRS. While in good 3G coverage it works fine, but on return from areas with no coverage, the GPRS fails to kick in. I’m using asynchronous http and monitoring the transmission success.
    On return to good coverage I can manually cycle the the GPS (off/on) which revives the GPRS. The icon “3G” changes to “H+” and packets are sent and received, but this is intended for unattended operation, so manual intervention is unavailable.
    The User manual doesn’t describe the 3G or H+ symbol, noting simply that the icons may differ depending on the service provider.
    My question is: Where can I get the specs that explain this behavior that might provide me with a way of stopping the GPRS radio from locking up like this?

    • Chris Ward says


      Sounds like an interesting app that you’re developing. You might be able to find some answers over at XDA developers, they’re usually pretty good for that kind of thing.

  38. Kimba says

    How do you download photos/pictures from the web directly onto your phone? People have advised to hold the image for several seconds and wait for an additional menu to pop-up before saving the image. The only problem with that is that no menu actually pops up to let us save the image.