Windows 10 Mobile deserves more credit

Microsoft are always going to have fans and enemies for a variety of reasons. No company can really please everyone. Whilst Windows 10 Mobile does not work for me personally, it surprises me how much negativity exists regarding the platform. The regular criticism being a lack of apps. This is a valid criticism, yet countless users […]

Smartphone Accessibility for the Blind – How are we doing?

This article comes compliments of Steve Nutt at Computer Room Services. Introduction – What Is Accessibility Anyway? Accessibility, in this context, is where a smart phone has inbuilt capabilities to either speak, display its information in Braille, or both. Braille can only happen if you have what is known as a refreshable Braille display. The […]

Bargain! Kazam 340W Windows Phone

Do you just need a simple phone to get you going? Maybe you want to bring a loved one into the modern age or just give an inexpensive yet capable phone to someone younger in the family. If one of these sounds familiar then you should take a look at the amazingly affordable Kazam 340W Windows Phone. At just £75 […]

Nokia Lumia 1520 shipping tomorrow – takes Nano SIM card

First 1520 orders shipping Friday 6th Nokia’s newest device, the Lumia 1520, is set to arrive with us at Clove tomorrow in black. The 6 inch monster handset is the first Windows Phone, Lumia or otherwise, to break the 5 inch screen barrier and enter phablet territory. It’s not all about the big screen though, […]

Nokia Lumia 1520 now available for order

Order your Nokia Lumia 1520 now! We are pleased to say that we have today priced begun taking orders for the Nokia Lumia 1520. Priced at £458.33 excluding VAT (£549.99 including VAT). The first stock is due on the 6th December.  These units will be Black in colour. White units are due to follow a […]

Nokia Lumia 925 – Now In Stock

It is the successor to the very popular Nokia Lumia 920, the 925 has been improved with a new slimmer 8.5mm profile, but still in the famous unibody design. We are pleased to confirm it is available for purchase from Clove now. The camera is where the original 920 struck home and Nokia have tweaked […]

Gmail for Windows Phone

Unofficial app brings Gmail to Windows Phone There’s now an unofficial app that brings the Gmail interface to your Windows Phone handset. It’s reportedly based off the same code base as the official Gmail iOS app, so the experience shouldn’t be all that different to what an official version of Gmail for Windows Phone would […]

Nokia Lumia 720 unboxing

An unboxing of the Nokia Lumia 720 Windows Phone 8 smartphone.

HTC 8X special offer–now £230

We have a very special offer on the HTC 8X in Blue & Black colours. This is a very limited offer and is available only whilst stock lasts. You can now buy the HTC 8X Windows Phone for £230 + VAT. It was previously £309 + VAT, meaning a saving of £95. For less than […]

Nokia Lumia 505, 510, 610, 710, 800, 800C & 900 Windows Phone 7.8 updates

Nokia have announced the Windows Phone 7.8 update for the following devices: Lumia 505, 510, 610, 710, 800, 800C & 900. The update will allow you to make your Live Tiles the perfect size and colour, and fit more across your screen. So you get more live updates at a glance, and everything’s just the […]

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