Mandatory webOS system update

We have received an email from HP which you should take note of if you are still using a webOs device.

A certificate used on webOS devices expires on July 23, 2013. For the system to be able to use cloud services such as Backup/Restore and App Catalog the certificate needs to be updated.

Beginning June 6th an automatic update to the Application Catalog has replaced the certificate. That means that if your device is running webOS “2.1” or greater you can have the certificate installed automatically by activating your device and accepting the update.

If your device is running a webOS version older than “2.1”, or you want to manually install, go to the HP App Catalog on your device and select the app called “App Catalog Update”, download and install it on your system.

To install the new certificate, download and install this application.

After July 23rd, 2013, it will be necessary to take special steps to install this update. Details will be available on the HP support site (

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

HP TouchPad News

There have been a few interesting articles surrounding the much-talked about HP TouchPad over the last few days so I thought I would cover them all in one go.

1.HP To Make More TouchPads But Not For UK

Firstly, HP’s Mark Budgell has confirmed that HP will do another production run of the HP TouchPad (despite announcing last week that it would cease production of webOS hardware). The situation as to when and at what price these will be available at remains clear as mud, as Budgell states in this article:

We don’t know exactly when these units will be available or how many we’ll get, and we can’t promise we’ll have enough for everyone. We do know that it will be at least a few weeks before you can purchase.

However, news site Mobot states that it has spoken to HP’s PR agency and can confirm that Budgell’s post is US-specific and that the additional stock of the TouchPad will not make it to the UK.

2. HP Will Release An Update for the TouchPad

HP has confirmed to CNET news that it will be releasing an Over The Air update for the TouchPad. The news follows the recent trend set by HP of being as vague as possible, but is set to ‘improve functionality’. An HP spokesman told CNET:

HP is fully committed to the ongoing support and service of customers who purchased webOS devices…We plan to continue to investigate the best ways to leverage WebOS software and grow the applications,

3. TouchPad Ad Revenues Now At Same Level As Android

Advertising agency JumpTap has released some interesting data showing that ad revenues generated from HP TouchPad apps have drawn level with Android after a 10 day increase. This is pretty impressive considering the situation the TouchPad was in a few weeks ago. It might not look so impressive if iOS (iPad) data was included and as AndroidCommunity points out, these figures could change somewhat once an Android port is available for the TouchPad. Still, for the time being it’s nice for webOS developers to get something back from the time and effort that they would have put in to developing apps.


Android Coming to the HP TouchPad?


We’ve already had many inquiries as to whether there will be a ‘fire sale’ of the TouchPad in the UK, as is the case in the US. It’s been reported today that the TouchPad is on sale for $100-150 State side – an absolute steal even with the recent webOS announcements. As of yet we have not had word on UK pricing, but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything.

Some more encouraging news today is that a team of developers has already announced its intention to port Android to the TouchPad. Team TouchDroid will initially port Gingerbread to the webOS tablet, with the intention of making Honeycomb and possibly even Ice Cream sandwich available later.

I’ve read mixed reports today regarding the future of webOS – Pocket-Lint quotes HP as saying the operating system is not yet dead:

“HP has made these tough decisions to ensure that our efforts with webOS remain tightly focused. Far from burying webOS, our goal is to ensure the platform’s evolution as a robust operating system for an increasingly mobile and connected world … we intend to enhance the platform as we explore the options for webOS in today’s marketplace.”

However, Ubergizmo reports that HP will NOT license webOS ‘making it stone dead, and for good’.

At the moment it seems that the future of webOS is still up in the air, although with HTC reaffirming its dedication to Android, it seems the Taiwanese company has ruled out the possibility of it developing (or buying) its own platform.

Still, even if another manufacturer doesn’t buy up webOS, the TouchPad at £100 is a great deal! 

HP to stop making webOS hardware, but does that mean the end of webOS?

We were as shocked as anyone when HP last night announced that it would no longer be making hardware for its webOS platform. Not only does it seem a strange move, but a strange time to announce the decision – creating a mood of uncertainty over the future of a mobile operating system hardly makes for good sales.

However, the thing to remember here is that HP has not said that it is killing webOS off altogether, but that it will stop making hardware for it. What this means is that while we won’t be seeing anymore webOS devices from HP, that doesn’t stop other manufacturers from licensing the software for devices, or perhaps buying it outright.

Given the developments earlier this week with the Google/Motorola Mobility takeover, HP’s decision on webOS could come as good news for the likes of Samsung and HTC. While Google has assured manufacturers that its takeover of Android won’t mean that the OS is closed off, no doubt it has left some of them feeling a little edgy.

There had already been the suggestion a couple of months ago of HTC producing webOS devices and with the firm constantly expanding its hardware and software portfolio, it could be a wise move to buy the webOS platform, it’s a great operating system and has a strong following. Samsung must find itself in a similar situation – it does own the Bada OS but this is relatively unknown compared to the likes of Android, Blackberry, iOS and webOS.

So, taking into account the so called ‘Patent War’ that is currently waging, the strength of webOS and the desire of firms such as HTC and Samsung to innovate, it would be surprising to see webOS disappear completely just because HP has canned it – one man’s junk is another man’s treasure after all.

HP Pre 3 Stock Arriving Tomorrow


This one has been a while coming, but we can now confirm that we will have the HP Pre 3 in stock as of tomorrow. There will not be a price increase as had been previously reported, so you can pick one up for £300 (£360 inc. VAT).

We’ve been looking forward to getting our hands on the new webOS handset for a while and are expecting big things from HP’s new smartphone. In particular we’re keen to see the Pre 3’s ‘Touch To Share’ technology in action with the TouchPad. We’ll have some demo videos and review up as soon as possible, for the time being here’s a look at the main features of the Pre 3 and the official teaser video.

Click here to order the Pre 3 from Clove today.

Pre 3 Main Features:

  • 1.4GHz processor
  • webOS
  • Slide-out QWERTY keyboard
  • 3.6″ Touch screen
  • Multitouch gesture support
  • True multitasking
  • Compatible with HP TouchPad

HP TouchPad Unboxing & comparison

The guys over at pre-central have got their hands on a webOS HP TouchPad and have completed an unbox and quick comparison with the BlackBerry PlayBook and iPad.

SOURCE: precentral

HP TouchPad Now Available to Pre-Order at Clove

We now have both the 16GB and 32GB versions of the HP Touchpad available to pre-order on the Clove website. The UK release is scheduled for July 15th, around the same time as the HP Pre 3 is due to launch.

We’re looking forward to seeing HP’s webOS platform in action on a tablet and in particular the ‘touch to share feature’ that works in conjunction with HP smartphones. As soon as we’ve got one in we’ll get some hands-on photos and videos up on the Clove Blog.

The HP TouchPad 16GB is priced at £333.33 (£399.99 inc.VAT) and the HP TouchPad 32GB is priced at £399.99 (£479.99 inc.VAT). The main features of HP’s debut tablet include:

  • WebOS v3.0
  • 1.2 GHz dual-core processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 32GB internal storage
  • 1.2 megapixel front facing camera
  • b/g/n WiFi
  • MicroUSB
  • Touchstone interactivity between other HP devices
  • Wireless printing to HP printers

Video: HP TouchPad Notifications

It looks like HP have built a slick notification for webOS, will be interested to test this one when the TouchPad comes in.

HP Pre 3 now available to pre-order at Clove

We now have the HP Pre 3 available to pre-order on the Clove website. The forthcoming webOS handset is due for release at the beginning of July.

Following on from the HP Palm Pre 2, the Pre 3 maintains the slide-out QWRETY form factor of its predecessor, but features a significantly more powerful feature set and an updated version of the highly rated webOS platform.

Perhaps the main focus of webOS is its ability to multitask, which is ideal for the user of both business and social features. Open apps are regarded as ‘cards’ and these cards can be arranged into ‘stacks’ so as to organise the various applications that you may have running at any one time.

The Pre 3 has also been designed to work alongside the forthcoming HP TouchPad tablet. A great feature called touch to share allows you to transfer certain information between the two devices simply by touching them together.  This is explained briefly in the video below. For full details on the Pre 3 or to place a pre-order, head over to the Clove website.

HP Open to cutting deals with the likes of HTC on webOS

imageToday, Mobile Magazine, the trade publication from landed on my desk and I have come across an interesting article.

So, we all know that HP bought out Palm in a £730m and took over their webOS platform.

They announced the Palm Pre Veer, Pre 3 and TouchPad but it seems HP are so keen to develop webOS that wouldn’t rule out talks with the likes of HTC.

HP CEO Leo Apotheker, speaking at the All Things Digital Conference, said there was no reason to limit what he described ad an outstanding operating system to HP hardware.

When asked if HTC would let rivals such as HTC use the OS to launch a webOS phone, Apotherker said “That is certainly something that we would entertain”.  He added HP plans to make the webOS platform across a range of the manufacturers devices.

He also added ”why wouldn’t we make it available to other people”

HP plans to put webOS on devices such as laptops as well Windows. “It will go on every PC that we’ll ship …in the beginning webOS will sit on top of Windows, but the intention to get it out there on every PC’.

Quite interesting I think you would agree?  Certainly mix some things up a bit.  Would HTC ever drop Android for webOS or take on another platform?

SOURCE: Mobile Magazine 10th June 2011