Mandatory webOS system update

We have received an email from HP which you should take note of if you are still using a webOs device. A certificate used on webOS devices expires on July 23, 2013. For the system to be able to use cloud services such as Backup/Restore and App Catalog the certificate needs to be updated. Beginning […]

HP TouchPad News

There have been a few interesting articles surrounding the much-talked about HP TouchPad over the last few days so I thought I would cover them all in one go. 1.HP To Make More TouchPads But Not For UK Firstly, HP’s Mark Budgell has confirmed that HP will do another production run of the HP TouchPad […]

Android Coming to the HP TouchPad?

We’ve already had many inquiries as to whether there will be a ‘fire sale’ of the TouchPad in the UK, as is the case in the US. It’s been reported today that the TouchPad is on sale for $100-150 State side – an absolute steal even with the recent webOS announcements. As of yet we […]

HP to stop making webOS hardware, but does that mean the end of webOS?

We were as shocked as anyone when HP last night announced that it would no longer be making hardware for its webOS platform. Not only does it seem a strange move, but a strange time to announce the decision – creating a mood of uncertainty over the future of a mobile operating system hardly makes […]

HP Pre 3 Stock Arriving Tomorrow

This one has been a while coming, but we can now confirm that we will have the HP Pre 3 in stock as of tomorrow. There will not be a price increase as had been previously reported, so you can pick one up for £300 (£360 inc. VAT). We’ve been looking forward to getting our […]

HP TouchPad Unboxing & comparison

The guys over at pre-central have got their hands on a webOS HP TouchPad and have completed an unbox and quick comparison with the BlackBerry PlayBook and iPad. SOURCE: precentral

HP TouchPad Now Available to Pre-Order at Clove

We now have both the 16GB and 32GB versions of the HP Touchpad available to pre-order on the Clove website. The UK release is scheduled for July 15th, around the same time as the HP Pre 3 is due to launch. We’re looking forward to seeing HP’s webOS platform in action on a tablet and […]

Video: HP TouchPad Notifications

It looks like HP have built a slick notification for webOS, will be interested to test this one when the TouchPad comes in.

HP Pre 3 now available to pre-order at Clove

We now have the HP Pre 3 available to pre-order on the Clove website. The forthcoming webOS handset is due for release at the beginning of July. Following on from the HP Palm Pre 2, the Pre 3 maintains the slide-out QWRETY form factor of its predecessor, but features a significantly more powerful feature set […]

HP Open to cutting deals with the likes of HTC on webOS

Today, Mobile Magazine, the trade publication from landed on my desk and I have come across an interesting article. So, we all know that HP bought out Palm in a £730m and took over their webOS platform. They announced the Palm Pre Veer, Pre 3 and TouchPad but it seems HP are so keen […]

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