All settled in – Clove Vlog #70

Sorry it has been a while, but we are now settled into new offices, so we aim to bring you more.  MWC is around the corner.

Smartphones At Concerts – Clove Vlog #69

The sea of smartphones found at concerts is quite unbelievable.

Do we sometimes get carried away in the moment and forget what we are actually there for?

Perhaps we can wait to get a better quality video and buy the DVD?!

20,000 Subscribers, THANK YOU! Clove Vlog #67

youtubeWe just want to say a massive THANK YOU to all of you who have subscribed, we have surpassed 20,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Bringing unboxings, hands on, reviews, vlogs and more, our YouTube channel has grown from strength to strength and it would not be possible without all of our loyal followers.

If you have not subscribed, then what are you waiting for? 20,000 others think it is worth it.  SUBSCRIBE HERE

How often do you upgrade? – Clove Vlog #66

HTC Desire 500 cropped

In our 66th vlog, I ask how often do you upgrade your phone.

With contracts lasting generally 24 months now, how often do you upgrade now.  Is it less regularly than before or do you tend to keep the contract but change the phone?

Smartphones & Tablets In Meetings – Clove Vlog #65

NotebookIn our 65th vlog, I ask whether you use your smartphone, tablet or laptop as a way of taking notes in a meeting?

Even working within the smartphone industry, I am afraid to say that I and the vast majority of those I meet still use good old fashioned pen and paper.

That is not to say things are not improving, but as yet even the Galaxy Note series does not seem to outdo the simple paper based solution for quick note taking.

Much of this comes down to speed and ease of use; the electronic solutions just don’t have it yet.

Am I wrong though and are many people are using them in ways that I am not?

Image Source: Freedigitalphotos

The solution is simple when you know how – Clove Vlog #64

In our 64th vlog, I discuss the fact that the solutions to problems are often simple, when you know the solution.

Unless someone shows us or we see something being done, we may not actually know that it is possible to do something in the first place.

Free Public Mains Chargers – Clove Vlog #63

In our 63rd vlog, I discuss the idea of having mains chargers for phones in public.

We could all do with the occasional top up of our battery, so why not have mains chargers more readily available in public places, especially as many phones use microUSB connections.

Most Smartphones are ‘Good’ – Clove Vlog #62

In this video talk about how most smartphones are good, there are few faults with even the basic phones, but few wow some of us.

Sony Xperia Z1 – Clove Vlog #61

In this video I discuss the newly announced Sony Xperia Z1.

Smartphone Rumours–Clove Vlog #60

Our 60th vlog.

In this video we discuss rumoured devices and whether you believe what you hear and read.