Thinkware F100 Now Available from £119

Dash Cams are one of the fastest growing categories in consumer technology right now. The Thinkware F100 is a very affordable new option from a respected brand. Some use them to lower their insurance premiums. Others like peace of mind that they will have evidence in the event of an accident. And of course there […]

Thinkware F800 Air wins CES Innovation Award; due June

We’ve focused a lot on Dash Cams over the past couple of years. And with good reason; they are fast becoming a must have accessory. A number of brands are vying for the top spot in this already crowded sector. Among them, Thinkware have started to stand out as offering high quality features at very fair […]

Thinkware F770 Dash Cam – Product Focus

For those of us who consider ourselves techies, the phrases ‘mid-range’ and ‘entry-level’ don’t really do it for us. When we want to purchase new technology, we find ourselves in the premium segment. When it comes to dash cams, the Thinkware F770 certainly fits that bill. Fully loaded with features and the option for a dual camera […]

Thinkware X350 Dash Cam – Product Focus

Recently I’ve had lots of people ask me about dash cameras. I get questions such as, do I need one? What one do I buy? and so on. The answers vary depending on the individual of course as is the case with all technology. But one thing that remains constant is which brands you should […]

Thinkware X550 Dash Cam – Product Focus

When it comes to dash cams you need something reliable that isn’t going to let you down. For this you often stick with the big name brands as they usually have a proven track record. Thinkware fall under this category, they are like a dependable old friend. However they aren’t the only ones, with other […]

Thinkware X330 Dash Cam – Product Focus

Lower insurance, peace of mind, video evidence and footage of your favourite drive. These are just some of the reasons why you may be considering a dash cam. If this does sound like you then choosing one can be a minefield , with many brands putting their mark on the industry. It has become just […]

The best high end dash cameras

With all technology you have the high end products, the mid tier range and low end or budget sector. Dash cameras are no different and that means a great range of choice for all consumers with varying levels of budget. At Clove we know how difficult it can be choosing a smartphone, with so many […]

Thinkware – The world’s leading dash cam brand

Thinkware – Who are they? For those of you interested in Dash Cams then Thinkware is a company you’ve more than likely come across. If you haven’t then I’m sure you will start to see more of them over the coming months and into 2017. Starting out in 1997, Thinkware produced innovative Smart Car information technology and […]

Best mid-range dash cameras

This is going to be the are in which most consumers will find themselves looking at when waiting to buy a car camera. At £120 to around £160 there is a lot of choice, a lot! So I’m just going to list a few great mid tier dash camera options for you, otherwise this could […]

Free Thinkware Hardwire Kit with F750 purchase

Car cameras have been an emerging category for some time. Whilst they’re not part of the everyday here at Clove the same way smartphones, tablets & wearables are, we do offer a curated range. The Thinkware F750 is part of that range, getting on our radar following a series of positive reviews from magazines and tech […]

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