Sony SmartBand SWR10 unboxing

Sony smartband

The Sony SmartBand is Sony’s most recent addition to their wearable technology range.

It is a slightly more intelligent fitness band.  Tracking your steps and calories burned, the SWR10 SmartBand goes one stage further recording the weather, what photos you took and what interaction you had with your phone in any given day.

Pairing with your Android 4.4 handset via Bluetooth the band and the phone communicate to transfer the data between the two.

Access the ‘Lifelog’ app on your phone and you can see all the activities in a very clear and easy to use way thanks to fun and interactive graphics.

Sony’s promotional video does an excellent job of explaining how it works.

You can see just how powerful it is.

At the time of writing and recording the SmartBands are sat waiting to be shipped on the official launch date of the 1st May, but we wanted to have a play with them so we unboxed one. You can see in the video below what you get in the box and our initial opinions.

Be sure to check back in a week of so when we will have a full review of the SmartBand and give our honest feedback on it.

Sony Xperia E1 Book Case By Roxfit


Protecting your new smartphone can be quite important for some people.

If you have made the decision that you want a case for your Sony Xperia E1, then the choice becomes as to which case to choose.

You could do a lot worse than selecting a Roxfit branded case.

Made under license by Roxfit for Sony devices, the case come branded with ‘Made for Xperia’.

There are a variety of styles but the one we unbox in the video below is the book case, which is available in Black or White.

Covering the back and sides of the device with a plastic shell the front is protected with a soft touch cover that protects the screen and that can be folded back when in use.

There are cut outs for the main ports and controls.

See the case in use below and find more information on the Black case here and the White one here.

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet – Hello, pleased to meet you

Over the past few weeks we’ve been providing in depth coverage of the latest Sony flagship handset; the Xperia Z2.

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet

Now we’ll be taking a look at the new tablet from Sony, the rather similarly named Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet. There isn’t that much competition in the high-end Android tablet market so Sony could be forgiven for just putting any half decent attempt out there and being done with it.

That wouldn’t be their style though and by sharing a name with the freshly released flagship phone, this new tablet has a lot to live up to.

With the Z2 Tablet, Sony have provided the market with what could possibly be the best all round 10-inch Android tablet you can buy right now. This may be seen as a very bold statement, however it’s one that I intend to back up and convey to you.

Over the course of our story we will take a look at both the outside and probe deep inside to find out why this is another example of Sony brilliance and a worthy successor to last year’s underrated and often overlooked original Z Tablet.

Sony Xperia Z2 60 second review

Z2_Hands_On_ImageaWe appreciate that time can be valuable so listening to our full review of the Z2 (found here) at 9 minutes long might be a bit too much time to give up.

So, with this in mind we have put together a 60 second review of the Xperia Z2 smartphone.  View the video below to see and hear the positive and negatives to this phone.

Clove’s top 10 smartphones of April 2014

April is always a big month with the previously announced devices arriving in shops and on the virtual shelves.

At the time of writing we are days away from the first stock arriving of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Sony Xperia Z2.

The HTC One M8 has just arrived in time to make it into this months list.  However, where will it stand in a months time?

Please do remember that this list is our top 10 based on our preferences, feelings, sales and customer feedback.  Others may have a very different opinion on what makes their top 10.

1Cat B15 front0. CAT B15

CAT might be a name you are familiar with if you have been past a building site.  If you work in the trade you are likely more familiar with it.

Focused primarily on heavy machinery, the brand have a range of accessories to cater for the needs of those in the building industry and the B15 is one such example.

This phone is capable of being dropped, knocked and submerged in water and still able to perform.

Larger than many phones, it will not be desirable to all but it is better suited than many.

the specs are not too bad really all told and the phone comes in both single and dual SIM options.  So you can have your personal and work phone on at the same time.


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Sony Xperia Z2 4G Tablet Review

Z2_TabletTablet computers are fast becoming the norm. You may already own one, or if you don’t, you will have seen many using them.

Laptops & netbooks are almost a thing of the past and in the tablet space the benchmark is set by Apple with their iPad. Any other manufacturer have their work cut out to compete. Not only is it design, it is the hardware specifications that have to match too.

Sony have been coming back strong over the last couple of years. We have seen how their Xperia Z series are holding their own and the Z2 smartphone has really impressed us.

The Z2 Tablet could be referred to as companion to any one of the Xperia Z line of devices.

The Z2 tablet is the 2nd generation of tablet behind the original Z tablet released last year.

Is it worth the upgrade or could it be a replacement to your laptop or netbook?

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Xperia Z2 – In a nutshell

SCR10-Style-Cover-Stand-blackThe mobile market is very competitive, there are some big names all fighting to have their devices in your hand and it could all come down to one simple feature that sets it apart from the rest. What Sony have done with the Xperia Z2 is bring great features that make it uniquely Sony but keep it close to the Android way of doing things.

For the first timer to the seasoned user you’ll find a device that has been crafted to a very high standard measuring in at 146.8 x 73.3 x 8.2 mm.

Many a people debate what makes a good smartphone, Apple have always been at the top with their design and build, Sony can proudly say that they sit up with the best of them when it comes to a device that not only has great features, runs very well but also feels and looks like a premium device.

With a aluminium frame and glass front and rear panels, just by looking at it you know it’s a Sony device.


Xperia Z2 – SAR levels

Sony-Z2-and-SBH80-HeadsetFor some the Specific Absorption Rate or SAR is quite an important smartphone specification, however when we talk about specs it is one that often gets overlooked. For those not in the know, SAR is all about the amount of RF energy that the body absorbs.

You’ll find that each country or region have their own values that they consider safe, although it would be far easier if this was the same the world over. In the UK the limit is 2.0 W/kg which has also been adopted across the EU. In the States it is slightly different, the limit has been set at 1.6 W/kg.

The inclusion of SAR came about from concerns that the radio waves emitted from a mobile device (and other emitting technology such as MRI scanners) could be detrimental to one’s health. Although not the most sought after specification, it is one that some are more interested than others.

The Sony Xperia Z2 has been given a SAR rate of 0.375W/kg so this falls below the limits for all major regions globally. You can read the full SAR details via the support document from Sony below.




Sony Xperia E1 Review

Sony_Xperia_E1cBudget need not be boring or basic

The high street stores, billboards and technology websites are often dominated by the flagship smartphones, for obvious reasons. There is however a real demand for the lower to mid tier phones that offer similar functionality, but often without quite the same high end specs and associated price tag.

Low to mid tier phones are often looked down upon, but there are many people who require such a device. A phone that can perform in most situations; a phone that looks ok but does not cost the earth and in fact is an all round good performer at a sensible price.

The Sony Xperia E1 is such a handset. It can do a lot of what a high end phone can do, but there are compromises. These compromises are only such if you compare them to the high end phone, but many features are positives if this is an upgrade or first time smartphone for you.

So what does the E1 have to offer and how does it perform. Read on to find out.

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Xperia Z2 – We need more power captain

Sony_Xperia_Z2_Screenshot (27)As our devices expand their functionality and our usage increases one major concern that many have when purchasing their next device is how the battery will perform. There are lots of ways that we can save power and the Xperia Z2 will lend a hand in keeping you connected for longer.

Stamina Mode on the Xperia Z2  can be activated via the Power Management setting and will do a number of things when you flick the switch. One option being that when the screen is off, data will be disabled but you’ll still get calls and texts coming through,

The Z2 comes with a 3,200mAh battery, slightly more powerful than the Z1 but with the bigger screen it needs it. There are many ways to keep on top of battery power but there is nothing worse than getting half way through your day and seeing that your device is low on power. The great thing with the Z2 is you can work together to optimise the way your battery works, it’s all about getting to know each other.  How do you run your battery? Find out more about the Xperia Z2 from our review.