The Evolution of Sony Xperia Z Smartphones

How Sony have evolved the Xperia Z smartphone over 24 months & 6 handsets

Sony Xperia Z Evolution

The Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones may dominate in terms of numbers and general public interest, however putting up a strong fight is Sony with its line of Xperia Z handsets.

2 years on from the first device and 6 variations of the Z smartphone later, just how has the range developed?

In the following video, accompanied by the written story, we summarise how the Sony flagship range has developed from the original media-grabbing Z through to the current Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact.

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Deff Travel Biz Magnetic Connector Cable


The availability of the magnetic charging connector on many Sony Xperia smartphones, means that with the appropriate dock or cable you can charge your device without needing to open the port covers that reveal the microUSB charging port.

Opening the covers can be a bit fiddly and doing so means that during this time the phone is not IP rated as liquid can ingress into the ports.

Many opt for an official Sony charging dock, but this is a bit bulky, more expensive and not always ideal.

A great alternative is the Deff travel biz magnetic connector cable. At one end is a standard USB connector that will connect to a USB port on a computer, wall socket, mains adapter or battery pack and on the other is a magnetic adapter which connects to the compatible Xperia handset.

When the connector is attached to the magnetic connector on the phone or tablet and the USB end connected to a power supply charge is transferred to the device to power and recharge the battery.

This cable which is 100cm in length is lightweight and easy to transport, great if you are always n the move.

The adapter that connects to your Xperia handset does too have an LED light for symbolising that the phone or tablet is charging or is fully charged. The LED will be blue or a pink/red colour.

A great accessory for your Xperia smartphone or tablet we are sure you will agree.

This is due to be available from early December and will cost £15 including VAT.  For more information or to order one, you can do so by clicking here.

Included below are some more detailed images of the magnetic connector cable for you to enjoy.

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MicroUSB To Magnetic Connector Adapter – Now in stock

magneticadapterWe let you know earlier this month that we would be selling a handy accessory for Sony Xperia smartphones.

A couple of weeks on and these are now in stock.

Available in Black or White for £10+VAT, these little adapters connect to a microUSB cable and then magnetise to your magnetic charging port on your compatible Sony Xperia smartphone.

No need to put your phone in a dock or open the sometimes fiddly port covers.

To find out more and to order one or two for yourself, please click here.


MicroUSB To Magnetic Connector Adapter

magneticadapterYou might have an IP rated Sony Xperia handset and find opening the USB port covers to charge the handset a little fiddly.

On the Z devices there is a magnetic connector which avoids the need to use the microUSB port, however you need an official Sony charging dock to take advantage of this.

There have been a few third party solutions hit the market, but we are now selling what we think is the best. It is the microUSB magnetic connector adapter.

This handy little accessory allows you to convert a conventional microUSB cable or charger to one  suitable for the magnetic charging port.

Available in black or white, the adapter has a microUSB connection at one end and a magnetic charger on the side.

Insert the microUSB cable and attach the magnetic charger to the phone and you are ready to go.

For just £10+VAT you can order yours now and make charging your phone that little bit simpler.

MicroUSB_Magnetic_ConnectorThanks to Xperia blog for pointing this product out to us.


How to use Xperia Transfer Mobile

Migrate your contacts, conversations, media and other content to your new Xperia

xperia-transfer-mobile-logoOne of the most frustrating parts about getting a new phone used to be the conversion process. Getting all of your contact’s numbers & details, as well messages & other media such as music files onto a new handset can be quite the undertaking and daunting to many.

For Android users, the blow has been softened somewhat in the last few years if you regularly back up with Google. Just signing into your account on a new device gives you the option to download any compatible apps you have installed in the past and also ensures your contacts are up to date.

Google doesn’t do everything you might want for you though, plus if you’re making the switch from iPhone to a new Sony Xperia then you could be forgiven for thinking you need to start from scratch.

Xperia Transfer Mobile


Sony have recently made the new Xperia Transfer Mobile app available on Google Play.

This is designed to allow certain devices to connect to a new Xperia and sent across close to everything you could ever want, including SMS messages, full contact cards, ringtones, video & audio files and even browser bookmarks where compatible.

The full list of everything that can be transferred depends on the exact device you are sending from, and the apps you have used on your device (for instance bookmarks from a different browser on your old device won’t transfer into Chrome on your new Xperia).

Supported data includes: Contacts, Calendar, SMS, MMS, Bookmarks, Notes, Photos, Music, Videos and Apps (iPhone only).

When using Xperia Transfer Mobile, the receiving device must be a Sony Xperia handset running Android 4.3+.

The sending device must be either an Android device running 4.0+ (tested with Sony, Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, ZTE and Motorola handsets), or an iPhone with iOS 4.0+. For older Android devices and BlackBerry handsets then you will need to use the existing desktop software suite explained at the end of the article.

Pairing the the devices depends on whether you are sending from an iPhone or an Android. With an iPhone you will need to use a USB host cable; one is included with the new Xperia Z1 Compact and Z2, you can purchase one from Clove at the previous link should you need one. If you wish to transfer and cannot obtain the cable, then use the desktop software suite explained at the end of the article.

Transfer from iPhone

Once paired, you can remove the USB host cable and transfer over a common network via WiFi, although this will be slower (approx. 5.8 Mbit/s compared to 19 Mbit/s).

  • Open the Xperia Mobile Transfer app on your new Xperia
  • Select Next, followed by iPhone
  • When prompted, connect your iPhone to the new Xperia with the USB host cable
  • A pop-up to “Trust This Computer?” should appear on the iPhone screen. Select Trust
  • Following the pairing confirmation, select the content you want to transfer from the list and press Transfer
  • Press Accept on the privacy notice
  • Wait for the transfer screen to finish*
  • (Optional) If you asked for apps / games to transfer, you will now be able to choose from Android equivalents**
  • Press Finish

*The transfer will pause if your iPhone is not connected to power and the screen goes dark. Wake the screen or connect to power to continue transferring

**Many apps from iTunes have a free equivalent in Google Play. Xperia Transfer Mobile will only suggest free Android apps that match your iTunes apps

Transfer from Android

Transferring with Android devices is done using Wi-Fi Direct so can be completed without a common network. Pairing can be done either via NFC or by PIN code generated by the Xperia Transfer Mobile app.

  • Open the Xperia Mobile Transfer app on both your new Xperia and the old device
  • Select Next, followed by Android phone on both handsets
  • Ensure the new Xperia is set to Receiver and the old device to Sender* 
  • On both devices, select the same pairing option (PIN / NFC)
  • Type the PIN generated PIN code on the old device or tap the NFC tags together
  • Press Accept on the “Invitation to connect” pop up
  • Select the content you want to transfer from the list and press Transfer
  • Wait for the transfer screens to finish
  • Press Finish on both devices

*The option for sender/receiver will not be available on non-Sony devices

Xperia Transfer via PC

Sony have also long provided the Xperia Transfer tool through their PC Companion (PC) and Sony Bridge (Mac) software suites. Using the Xperia Transfer tool in these suites is comprehensive and will allow you to migrate much of what you could ever need from an old Android, iPhone or BlackBerry.

Xperia Transfer on a PC is more comprehensive and caters for the following OS versions:

  • Android version 2.1 and later
  • iOS version 4.x and later
  • Blackberry OS 4.x – 7.x (BlackBerry 10.x and later not supported)

Transferring via PC will hand over the same content, however you will need to keep both your new and old devices connected to the PC for the duration of the process.


Discounts on selected Sony Xperia smarphones at Clove Technology

Sony Xperia Z, Z Ultra, Z1, Z1 Compact and SP all receive discounts!

Buy Sony Smartphones from Clove TechnologyDue to the recent announcement of the Sony Xperia Z2 (UK SIM free stock due early to mid-May), we have revised the pricing on a number of popular Sony Xperia handsets. This stretches back to the original Xperia Z, resulting in some rather attractive price drops.

The incredibly popular Z1 & Z1 Compact are notable on the list, along with more niche devices such as the super-sized Z Ultra & gamer friendly Xperia SP.

These are all highly capable smartphones that have received some fantastic reviews and feedback from our customers here at Clove. Please find the latest pricing below:

Sony Xperia Diagnostics app

Built in tools to check if your Xperia device is working correctly

Many of us have been in the position where we think our device might be broken or not working quite as we expect. Many common issues are quite simple to diagnose and replicate if you have the correct tools, however manufacturers rarely include these for you.

The most recent devices from Sony however, have included a diagnostics application within the settings menu that can allow you to check the operation of the most vital aspects of your handset. The diagnostics app can be found in Settings > About phone > Diagnostics and contains a number of useful tests.

This video from Tom at Sony is a quick overview of the diagnostics app and Sony’s reasoning behind including it on their newest devices.

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Mirror the screen of your Sony Xperia to you vehicle’s dash

Improving our in car entertainment systems and navigation options is something many of us at Clove are really interested in.  Not just because we like technology, but primarily because we often feel cheated by car manufacturers as to what we get for our money when in all reality a £200 smartphone can do almost the same.

I personally have already gone to some lengths to remove the clunky navigation in my vehicle and have replaced it with a Google Nexus 7.  You can read about it here.

Sony are perhaps one of the best placed companies to take this sort of install to the next level and make it more mainstream.

Already producing in car audio systems and the phones they have the experience and technology to make it happen.


Sony Car Audio (USA) are now allowing the content of your Xperia phone to by mirrored by the in car system using App Remote on the smartphone.  It allows you to control the navigation, music and video apps using voice commands, as well as enabling you to reply to text message etc.

To achieve this you will need the appropriate in car audio system by Sony and the Xperia phone so it isn’t quite as simple as some may think but things are looking bright for the future.

See it in action in the following video:

Source: Xperia Blog

Sony Xperia Z1 Black V White comparison

Side by side colour comparison of the black & white units

Are you not sure whether to opt for the white or black Sony Xperia Z1?

We have put together this brief video to show you the differences between the two colours, to help you make the decision.

New Sony Xperia to have waterproof headphone jack

We posted earlier today that Sony are teasing us with the new Xperia that is set to be announced on the 4th September.

One small but important thing that seems to be appearing on the new device is a waterproof headphone jack.

If we are interpreting the image correctly there is a 3.5mm headphone jack on the top edge of the phone and it appears there is no cover over it like the current Xperia Z.

The S4 Active from Samsung has had a waterproof headphone jack and the cover over the port on the existing Z has been a frustration for many users including Charlie in our office at Clove who uses the Z.

It is understandable why Sony had previously had a cover over the socket, but it would seem now that a waterproof coating has been applied to the jack to allow it to be exposed. We will find out more and know for sure on the 4th.