A smartphone purchase – an emotional roller coaster


Saying that buying a smartphone is an emotional roller coaster may sound a little dramatic, but at the end of the day it is all about emotions and like a roller coaster there are ups and downs, twists and turns, we may just not really think about it so much.

Lets look at the facts:

You decide you want a fun day out full of thrills and adventure
You make a decision you need a new phone

You hear there is a new ride being built at the local park
You hear that a new phone is to be announced at the next tech conference

You anxiously wait for the new ride to be built
You anxiously wait for the new phone to be announced

You hear the ride is better or worse than you had imagined
You read the specs of the phone are better or worse than you had read previously

The ride is complete and unveiled to the world
The phone is announced

Initial reactions and feedback comes in from thrill seekers
Initial reactions and opinions come in from tech journalists

You decide to go and try it for yourself
You decide it is the phone for you

You wait for the day to come until you can ride it
You wait for the first stock to go on sale

You are apprehensive as to what it will be like – The wait seems to last for ever
You are excited and nervous as to whether you made the right decision -– The wait seems to last for ever

You go to the park, your about to ride the roller coaster
Launch day is here and your order is about to ship

Your up, you’re seated and about to go
Your order has shipped and the phone will be with you tomorrow

The ride begins and you can’t control yourself
The package is here, you just want to open it

You love every minute of the ride despite the scary parts
You love your phone despite the fact it cost you a fortune

The ride has ended but you want to go again.
Your battery has died where you keep trying things

You go again
You charge it up and keep trying and testing

The pattern continues until you loose the excitement, there are better ride and better phones, so you start the whole process again.

At each stage of the process be it the roller coaster you are thinking or feeling something about the whole scenario. You may not communicate it to others but you feel it. Happy, sad, dubious, anxious, excited, you get the picture.

We all come with different thoughts and opinions and phone buying habits but I wouldn’t mind betting if you like the latest phones or have an interest in technology, your thought pattern is something similar.

If you need help dealing with your smartphone buying roller coaster, we at Clove are here to help as we go through the exact same thing.

KAZAM announces first smartphones

KAZAM is a new brand that you will be hearing more about over the coming months.

A new mobile manufacturer focused on bringing quality products with relevant technology at prices that you really can not ignore.

They have today announced 7 new smartphones, under 2 product categories, KAZAM Trooper and KAZAM Thunder. The devices will be launched in local regions over the coming weeks.

With smartphones being used so frequently now, it is inevitable that you will damage your device every now and again. With KAZAM, a unique offering will be a FREE screen replacement, should you crack yours.

Also included will be KAZAM Rescue, that allows KAZAM’s support team to remotely access your device and assist you in times of need.

Be sure to check out Kazam’s website and Clove over the coming weeks for more information.

You can read the full press release below.

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Which smartphone should I buy?

Smartphones are supposed to make our lives easier. With the right smartphone you can manage emails, get directions, shop and interact with friends, keep track of your workouts, listen to music and watch movies.

It can be a challenge when searching for a smartphone that best suits your needs, with an expansive range and many manufacturers battling it out to grab your attention there’s every chance that you could end up getting confused and making the wrong decision.

Taking into account what you need is important, which operating system will be best suited? You’ll also need to think about your price range and what you’re going to be using your smartphone for?

Sony Xperia SP reviewIf you’re looking for a smartphone and don’t want to break the bank, there are plenty of options; lower end smartphones still have the same features as most of the flagship devices available today. You may not have the sharpest screen, quickest processor or best camera but you’ll have the same features for a lot less money.

If you simply need a smartphone to stay connected with friends and family and take the odd snap then you may wish to look at the low to mid-range handsets. You can grab yourself a bargain through the likes of Sony, HTC and Samsung as they all produce top quality low to mid range handsets. You’ll reap all of the benefits that a flagship device has to offer albeit with lesser quality. This isn’t necessarily a negative as many of us don’t really need a 13-megapixel camera to take a decent photo, most mid-level handsets provide 5-megapixel cameras that are more than capable of capturing a high quality image for you to share on your favourite social media networks.

Although most low and mid-range handsets generally cut back on internal storage, many will feature a micro SD card slot giving you the option to expand the memory if you wish. Internal storage would be the biggest difference for me between a low-end and high-end smartphone; obviously you won’t have the full HD display or the fastest processor but is it all really necessary?

The best smartphone for you should be based on what you need, sometimes opting for a high-end flagship device isn’t the answer. Many people pay through the roof for top end smartphones and only use a fraction of the features available.

HTC_One_Silver_FrontHigh end smartphones have certainly evolved over the last few years, you can browse with ease on a full HD display, take crystal clear photos, navigate through GPS, check emails, listen to your music, watch videos – the list is endless. There are over 1 million applications available across all platforms giving you the option to add further functionality if you wish to. Top end smartphones however come at a price and a costly one at that – a lot of the top end devices can range from anything between £400 – £600.

You’ll require something that is fast, intuitive and at the same time something that looks premium and professional.

When looking for a flagship smartphone you may want to ask yourself whether or not you’re a heavy user? If you require a smartphone for business use or work then it’s likely that you’re in need of a top end smartphone to make use of the higher quality features on offer. Some of these features will include 4G frequencies, faster processor, better camera, MHL connectivity, NFC compatibility amongst some added bespoke features that are exclusive to certain manufacturers.

Many people question the true value of a flagship smartphone and frown at the inflated prices, but when you consider how much we actually rely on them in comparison to the cost – it’s really not that expensive.

Our knowledge knows no bounds here at Clove, we offer extensive information regarding smartphones with our blog and YouTube channel posting video reviews, comparisons, vlogs as well as unboxings. Our aim is to help customers gain a better understanding of what smartphones have to offer and how they compete with rival handsets. You can of course contact us directly if you have any queries regarding any of the content that we produce via email or alternatively you can call our sales team directly for some friendly and professional advice.

Most Smartphones are ‘Good’ – Clove Vlog #62

In this video talk about how most smartphones are good, there are few faults with even the basic phones, but few wow some of us.

How much is your Smartphone worth to you?

Have you ever asked yourself where you would be without your Smartphone?

We all live in this digital world where we find ourselves using our smartphones to connect with everyone and everything, they provide us with our music, photos, videos, games, calendars, TV and so much more – the list is truly endless..

A new consumer has emerged known as the “smartphonatic,” defined as someone who ‘changes shopping, banking and payment behaviour when they’ve switched to a smartphone.’ In short term: you’re addicted to your smartphone!

If you’re panicking at the thought of being without your Smartphone there’s a good chance that you fall into the “smartphonatic” category.

Smartphones have clearly found a way into our hearts, a study on ‘mobile mind-set’  found that just about all smartphone owners (94%) worry about losing their devices, and 73% have felt panicky when they’ve misplaced their phone.

These figures are not surprising when you take into account how much we actually rely on our smartphones on a day-to-day basis, losing your smartphone in this day in age would cause significant stress when you take into account how much personal information we store on them.

Norton hit the streets and asked the public how much they thought their smartphones were worth to them, would you wipe all of your data off of your phone for £500? would you throw your smartphone into a river for £1000? these are just some of the questions asked in the video below:


If you own a laptop or computer it is probably fair to say that you have some form of anti-virus software or internet security software on it to protect you against unwanted threats.

Do you do the same on your smartphone or tablet?

If this post has alerted you to the fact that your smartphone is indeed worth more to you than it actually is in £££; then imagine how much it would be worth to a scammer or thief and what they could do with all of your confidential information..

With Norton Mobile Security you can protect your privacy, secure against online threats, remotely lock your device so no one can access it and even locate your mobile if stolen.

Norton Mobile Security is available at Clove for £25 (1 years subscription)

Smartphone Rumours–Clove Vlog #60

Our 60th vlog.

In this video we discuss rumoured devices and whether you believe what you hear and read.

Clove’s top 10 smartphones of August 2013

10. Apple iPhone 5imageCreeping in at number 10, although generally unpopular in the office, is the iPhone 5. As a result of the popularity of Apple products its hard to ignore them and there’s no denying that the iPhone 5 is a looker. The iPhone 5 looks much the same as the iPhone 4 and 4s, increased in size from 3.5” to 4” its still smaller than most Android devices. Having said that it does have some very impressive features and the OS is very user friendly. The 4” retina display has 326 ppi and a resolution of 1136 x 640, the extra size on the screen allows for one extra row of app icons on the home screen. The iPhone 5 is equipped with a Dual-Core A6 chip which, Apple believe, is powerful enough to run the device, having used an iPhone 5 for a while I did sometimes find it lagging behind on speed. Regardless, the iPhone 5 is a solid, easy to use smartphone.

9. imageBlackBerry Z10 – The BlackBerry Z10 is a solid smartphone, I find it better than the QWERTY Q10 because of its flexibility, it also does not have a keyboard taking up half the space on the of the device. When BB10 was first launched the app support was pretty weak, although it has now grown, it is still not comparable with iOS or Android. The display lacks that of a premium device at 1280 x 768 px and the camera at only 8mp falls short of the likes of the Sony Xperia Z and even the Xperia SP. On the plus side it does support a 64MB micro SD card, has a quick 1.5GHz Dual-Core processor and a removable battery. Ideal for those business types who will be mainly attracted to the Blackberry Z10. Although the screen is smaller than most Android and Windows Phone’s it is still larger than the latest iPhone.

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Do you ever throw your old tech away?

Televisions, PC’s & laptops, games consoles, phones and all the other gadgets we have in the house providing a convenience or a distraction; most of them were probably purchased at a time when they were either top of the range, or at least the best compromise we could afford for price and functionality. Most of us will have an extravagance or two that might be new, you remember buying some time ago and is still being used, or maybe is just gathering dust under the stairs.

So at what point do the gadgets we buy become completely obsolete to us? And what do we do with them when that happens? We all have different viewpoints – some will upgrade regularly, never being behind the curve for too long whilst others will continue to battle with outdated technology for years as long as it continues to work and manages to fulfill our needs and expectations. So at the end of our electrical companion’s life what happens to them?

old computers

If you’re the type to run a machine into the ground over many years then it really might not be worth the effort to you of upgrading / repairing it or even looking for some cash if it retains any value. Smartphone recycling websites such as mazuma, envirofone and cashmyfone can still offer a handful of coins for even broken old phones due to their scrap value but I doubt many people see the value in completing the forms and waiting for a cheque for less than a fiver to come through the post. The schemes can work for those upgrading regularly though, new devices depreciate rapidly but if your upgrade cycle is especially fast then the process can work like a regular part exchange service. Other companies such as Amazon, Sony Samsung and Kodak also offer buy-back schemes for certain devices, although the resell value of devices will vary rapidly.

Personally my last few smartphones have ended up in the hands of my mum and my girlfriend although at the time I probably could have, and would have if the sight of seeing them with a dumbphone didn’t annoy me, have picked up some good pocket money online. Needless to say when they both run their course with them they’ll probably end up in the bin.

Sega-Master-System-SetOther items might have a nostalgia value depending on your sensibilities – games consoles are big for this. Between my housemate’s collection and mine, one corner of our lounge currently looks like a half-finished museum to gaming since the early 80′s with a working Atari, Commodore and NES among the oldest computers / consoles jarringly connected to a modern Samsung LED panel. Even if they do eventually die, it’s unlikely these will ever end up in the bin (I still regret throwing an old Sega Master System away a few years ago when I reckon I could have fixed it with a soldering iron and some patience).

Having recently moved house, I’ve also turned up more including an original iPod Touch and a few old Nokia & Samsung dumbphones and chargers, which have promptly found themselves in a toolbox rather than the skip. I’m not a hoarder by any means but something in my psyche must have seen some value in keeping what are now effectively relics in the modern industry.

psion series 5The question lingers for all technology but I would argue it is most important for phones and smartphones in particular. With the average lifespan of a flagship handset being arguably less than a year, there is a lot of powerful and expensive technology potentially being discarded or left unused. Networks try to lock us into contracts for as long as possible, usually until a device has little to no value left but there is always the option of breaking out or at least buying a new device SIM free until the contract period is up. The ‘wasteful’ consumer society is often decried but is it right to assume that this is generally the case or are many of us actually trying to retain as much value from our purchases as possible?

We’d like to know what happens to your old tech when and if you decide it’s time to move on, so hit us up in the comments below

Our Top 10 Smartphones

The world of smartphones is constantly changing and there are lots of top 10 lists out there, so here we have our current top 10 smartphones of the moment. Check back because we will keep this post updated as new devices are released

So without further or do our top 10 smartphones are:

1. HTC One

The HTC One brings a new experience to Android users with a dramatically improved HTC Sense user interface, great design and cutting edge hardware, with a 1.7GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM the HTC One will handle most things that you can ask of it, and with a 2300mAh battery you should too get a full day’s usage.

Interact with all this great content through a stunning 4.7 inch HD capacitive display, which has a 1920 x 1080 resolution for an incredible 468 PPI (points per inch). It has various new features such as ‘Blinkfeed’ which streams live updates from a variety of feeds, be it social or news direct to your Home screen, ‘HTC Zoe’ Made up of 4 components, Zoe Photos, Highlights, Editor and Share.

More features including HTC Boom sound, Sense TV.

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Clove Vlog #54 – Smartphones – It’s a buyers market


In the 54th vlog from Clove we discuss how at present it is a buyers market and there is plenty of choice.