Watch This! Samsung Bixby: Full Voice Control

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S8 then this should interest you. Even if you don’t, it’s an example of how far along voice control systems are coming. Bixby is available with the Samsung Galaxy S8 range of smartphones, although the system is not complete yet. Its functions now appear to be growing fast, as […]

Samsung DeX Station: Now in Stock £129.99

The Galaxy S8 launched several months ago and with it was the promise of a novel accessory. The Samsung DeX docking station is designed to connect to a monitor and allow for desktop style computing, powered solely by the phone itself. Frustratingly the DeX Station has been hit by delays in the UK and we […]

I want an Android-powered DSLR camera

Smartphone photography has undoubtedly moved on leaps and bounds in recent years. The super-rich image detail captured from some smartphones is incredible. Just look at some of the images that can be captured from an iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8/Plus or Google Pixel/XL. These are a far cry from the small, grainy images of […]

Is there a Western market for Android flip phones?

Unless you live in an Adele video, most Western consumers would be forgiven for considering flip phones a dead form factor. However it remains popular further afield. It might be a fashion thing. Perhaps there’s an affinity for typing graphic languages on physical keys that suits this design. The lower retail cost versus smartphones is […]

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 User Guide / Manual

An upgrade to the very well-received Xcover 3, the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 tunes the popular rugged phone for 2017. There are upgrades across the whole specification. For a complete run-down of the differences, you can check out our comparison post. Key things to look out for include a larger, higher-resolution screen, increased processor speed, […]

Comparison: Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 vs. Xcover 4

The Samsung Galaxy Xcover line answers the needs of those who want both a simple and more robust & durable smartphone. Able to withstand immersion in water and 1.8m drops to concrete, the Galaxy Xcover line suits those with an active, outdoor lifestyle or who work in more challenging environments. Anywhere you might not feel comfortable […]

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 Now In Stock

Samsung’s Xcover range is somewhat of an unexpected success. Generally seen as involved in a (very big) numbers game, Samsung are sometimes for ‘playing it safe’ outside of the top-tier Galaxy S and Note phones. The Xcover brand adds something different to their wide range of devices. Something beyond the dozens of similar phones all […]

Samsung Galaxy S8 User Guide / Manual

Every year manufacturers try to wow us with a new flagship release. In recent years though it has become increasingly difficult to be impressed, as many of the advancements in recent devices are not the big jumps in technology they once were. Samsung has chosen to make an obvious statement with the new Galaxy S8 […]

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 Shipping Next Week

Popular among companies looking to outfit staff, the Xcover range has had a few entries. The new Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 is the most recent version and will be available from next week. If you’re looking for a mid-range handset with a difference, then this could be just your thing. Xcover phones offer a decent specification. […]

Samsung DeX – Why it makes sense for business

Samsung DeX might be something you have heard about, or maybe you have not. If you have, great! If not, you might want to check out our previous post that explains what Samsung DeX is in quite a bit of detail. As a summary, the DeX concept allows you to leave your desktop or laptop computer behind. […]

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