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We may have seen Windows Phone 8 launch this week, but as the UK has such a huge BlackBerry user base (9 million subscribers) we thought we would start blogging about what we already know about the new OS RIM will be launching at some point in Q1 2013. So over the next few months you should see regular articles here about BlackBerry 10 and as the release date gets nearer RIM should hopefully show us a bit more than has already been seen.

The media have had a field day with RIM over the last year or so, not just because the Canadian company is failing to make the sort or revenue it has done previously, but also due to the set back of BlackBerry 10 going live. Initially RIM promised the new QNX based OS would be available in Q4 2012 but unfortunately that was followed up with an announcement my CEO Thorsten Heins confirming that it would in fact be Q1 2013 instead. This was clearly a blow for BlackBerry fans around the world and with the fast paced mobile industry and the likes of Android and iOS doing so well the big question being asked was ‘is it too late for RIM?’

imageWhen the delay was announced Thorsten Heins was honest with the media and didn’t give any kind of excuses. Since he took over as the main man at the company he obviously can see that from past experience that releasing a product that is not 100% ready could do them more harm than good. And he has stuck to his guns over the past months. RIM’s enthusiasm for new new OS is huge. BlackBerry 10 is not just an upgrade of BlackBerry 7, but instead a totally new mobile computing experience.

So keep your eyes peeled for our next edition where we look a little closer into what we have seen already of BlackBerry 10 and if you are lucky we may also have some nice video footage of our own.

BlackBerry Jam Americas shows off BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 has been openly talked about for some months now by RIM and openly criticised for the delay of the OS through to 2013.

We have seen a few demo’s of some of the features of the new OS to get us interested.

What is apparent is that RIM is working extremely hard to make BB10 a real step up and a contender to the likes of Android and Windows Phone.

BlackBerry Jam Americas is the new name for BlackBerry Developer Conference and it is currently underway in California.

As part of this conference there have been a number of videos released to highlight the features and explain the concept.

You can see all of them HERE but below are a couple that we like.

Free Telmap Navigator – Sat Nav and GPS Navigation for BlackBerry


Telmap Navigator – Sat Nav and GPS navigation by Telmap Ltd.FREE BLACKBERRY SAT NAV SOFTWARE

We posted earlier about BlackBerry having financial troubles and their new version of the OS being delayed.

However not all is doom and gloom.  For current BlackBerry users, RIM have now removed their subscription charges for Telmap Navigaton. 

Use the software to turn your BlackBerry into a sat nav, with vocal guidance and postcode search.

Explore, Interact and Navigate with Telmap Navigator App
Key features:

  • Turns your BlackBerry into a sat nav.
  • Real turn-by-turn navigation with announcement of street names and clear vocal instruction.
  • Car or foot navigation options.
  • Search for addresses with UK Ordnance Survey post code search
  • Explore full local search with access to a variety of local content – restaurants, pubs, hotels and more from trusted providers such as TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet & Barclays Cycle
  • Share with your friends where you are through BBM, Twitter, Facebook and SMS.

If you are a BlackBerry owner Download the Free Telmap Navigator now!

BlackBerry OS 10 Delayed

The newest version of RIMs software, version 10 (read more here) was set to debut later this year, but this has been officially delayed until Q1 2013.


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BlackBerry Curve 9320–Available to order

We have the newly announced BlackBerry Curve 9320 available to order.


Key features of the 9320 include:

  • Compact, slim and lightweight
  • BlackBerry OS 7.1
  • Mobile hotspot
  • 2.44 inch display
  • 3.2 megapixel camera
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Backlight front facing QWERTY keyboard
  • Dedicated BBM button

First stock is expected at the end of May, priced at £145+VAT.

Nokia protecting intellectual property

More news of one telecoms company suing another…see the press release from Nokia below taking on HTC, Viewsonic & RIM.

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Should RIM open up its platform?

Rumour has it that Jim Balsillie wanted to allow networks to use the BlackBerry platform on non-BlackBerry devices in North America and Europe before he quit the company. It sounds like a bold move and one that goes against the ethos of RIM that the network is what makes it unique. There are many valid arguments against RIM wanting to open up its network-

It is more secure than most and thus attracts government and other large organisations.

It is the major selling point of RIM products for most customers.

BBM and other services reliant on the platform are arguably better than most of the competition.

All of the above make sense and it is likely that the seniors within the company will never want to give up the golden egg that is the BlackBerry platform. However, all of the above has not stopped the company losing customers and money over the past year. From a personal point of view, I would love to use BBM on my smartphone and to benefit from the super-quick data transfers a more efficient system would bring me. I would have more choice when deciding what to buy and potentially the best of both worlds- a smartphone that I choose with the benefits of the BlackBerry platform in specific areas.

Just maybe RIM needs to break all of the rules of mobile telecoms and open up to succeed. By doing this, it could benefit from the growing popularity of Android and iOS and become a major player again.

Android most used smartphone OS in UK, takes market share from Symbian

Figures provided to the Guardian by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech have revealed that Android has now overtaken Apple to become the UK most-used smartphone OS. It now has a whopping 36.9% market share, up from 20% the previous year. Interestingly, the markets shares of Apple and BlackBerry have only decreased minimally, which shows that despite all its negative press, RIM is still very popular in the UK. Unsurprisingly it is the market share of Symbian that has plunged, dropping from 26.7% to 13.1%. from which we could infer that people ditching Symbian tend to turn to Android.  The market share of Windows Phone has also grown, reaching 2% for the first time. This has mainly been driven by sales of the Nokia Lumia 800.

UK smartphone installed base Jan 2012

My thoughts on switching from a HTC Desire to a BlackBerry Bold 9900..

April 2010 was when HTC really got real recognition; heads started to turn and people began talking, the “HTC Desire” was due for release running on Android 2.1 with a 3.7 inch AMOLED screen and a 1GHz processor. I think it’s safe to say that the Desire was the most popular Smartphone of it’s time, I was really looking forward to getting my hands on one!

The HTC Desire was my first Android device and i must admit i was impressed from the off, i took straight to the Android OS with ease, general day to day use became natural for me. This was my first time i really used “Applications” the Android Marketplace was impressive; I’d download apps like Facebook and Twitter and i was so impressed with how well it kept me connected with friends and family. Accessing my emails was important for me, I had my emails pushed through to my Desire and they were well presented and easily accessible. i couldn’t find a fault i was so impressed            

Once the honeymoon period wore off which did take some time; i started to notice a few glitches within the device, the demand for wanting more and more apps grated on the performance of the device and it soon became sluggish and kept prompting me to delete content to free up more space so it could perform. With an internal storage capacity of 512MB it was always going to struggle.

Towards the end of my time with the Desire i became increasingly frustrated with the touchscreen, it became not as responsive and inaccurate; sending messages became frustrating as i would always press the wrong keys. I started to miss the physical feel of a keyboard, having almost no feedback when typing on a touchscreen was not satisfying. I appreciate that there is the ability to turn feedback on – key sounds or vibration but i done everything in my power to keep the battery life prolonged so i never used these functions.

Although i loved Android and knew no different i was always curious about other manufacturers/OS systems whether it be Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Apple but more so RIM (Blackberry) as i had had my hands on previous models like the Bold 9700, the keyboard always felt too small though and to be honest it did annoy me because the feel of a physical keyboard was appealing to me. Once i heard about the Bold 9900 i checked the spec out and noticed that it would possess the biggest physical keyboard RIM had ever produced! i was immediately interested form the off looking at reviews online; every reviewer mentioned the touchscreen capability and how nice the keyboard was. My mind was sort of made up; i felt like a change and this physical keyboard really was the selling point for me.

When we received stock here at Clove i got my hands on one right away and although i must admit the OS on the Bold 9900 is not outstanding i was content, I immediately felt the enjoyment coming back as i was texting and sending instant messages. Sending messages was no longer a chore, the keyboard was great – almost perfect for me. I am now getting used to the OS7 on the Bold 9900 and it works great. The lack of apps is probably its biggest draw back but i myself am not a huge app user; i would tend to have a lot of apps but really they were just there if you get my drift!

So to sum it up I’ve opted for efficiency over flexibility which works great for me! That’s not to say the Bold 9900 isn’t flexible [-)

BlackBerry Torch 9810 Hand on Tour & Demo

We have had our hands on a BlackBerry Torch 9810.  Take a look at it in the video below.