Nokia Lumia 920 vs Nokia Lumia 930

It is difficult to believe, but the Nokia Lumia 920 was first made available  all the way back in 2012.  Since then there has been a great deal of change within Nokia itself, with Microsoft now not only being the main operating system provider, but now the owner of Nokia.  This will likely have caused many changes […]

Take great pictures with Nokia Pro Cam

Nokia Pro Cam is the app that is available on the Nokia Lumia 920 & 925 (download required) and the 1020 (preinstalled) that gives you great control over the images you capture through the ISO, shutter speed and focus. Nokia have produced a number of videos to help you get the most from the Pro […]

Nokia Pro Cam for Lumia 920 & 925

The Lumia 1020 has a 41 megapixel camera and an expert camera application that can allow you to get the very best photos from the camera. With greater control over the ISO levels and shutter speed to name just a few options, this app is now available for download on the Nokia Lumia 920 and […]

Nokia Lumia 920 v Lumia 625

Comparison of the Nokia Lumia 920 v Lumia 625 The 625 from Nokia is at the time of writing one of the newest handset from the Finnish firm, but how does it compare to the older and more established Nokia 920? Click the image below to view a specification comparison of the two devices and […]

What’s the difference between the Nokia Lumia 920 and 925?

Nokia Lumia 920 vs Lumia 925 – what’s the difference? Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 range has been substantially fleshed out in recent months with offerings across pretty much every price point. From the entry-level Lumia 520 to the high-end flagship Lumia 920, Nokia are clearly trying to make a Lumia model available for everybody. June […]

Nokia adds ‘LiveSight’ augmented reality feature to HERE Maps

Great for exploring new places Nokia has updated its HERE Maps software to include LiveSight augmented reality. The update is now live and can be installed for compatible devices from the Windows Phone app store. Using LiveSight, Nokia HERE Maps provides an overlay of interest points based on your current location. The 3D interface, which […]

‘Amber’ update to bring Smart Camera and FM Radio to Lumia handsets in July

Lumia Amber update coming in July Alongside its announcement of the Nokia Lumia 925 yesterday, Nokia has stated that its ‘Amber’ update will bring the 925’s Smart Camera feature to existing Lumia handsets. The Amber update will be rolled out to all Windows Phone 8 devices, but not Windows Phone 7.5 or 7.8 handsets. The Amber update […]

Nokia Lumia 920 advert mocks the Samsung-Apple spat

Adverts from smartphone manufacturers are a bit of a free for all when it comes to mocking rivals and creating extremely cheesy content. Some are good, some are bad. This latest Nokia/Windows Phone advert for the Lumia 920 takes a swipe at both Apple and Samsung, including the kind of clichéd comments that we’ve come to […]

Do fancy promo videos and press shots win you over?

The majority of smartphone manufactures are utilising videos and press releases to build hype surround a product launch. Take the Nokia Lumia 800 for example and more recently the 920, two heavily marketed products pre-launch. What with numerous videos, press releases and even performances from international DJ “Deadmau5” in the heart of London. These events […]

Nokia Lumia 920 Yellow Coming Soon

As you may be aware here at Clove we have been selling unlocked Nokia Lumia 920, but to date they have been available in Black, White and Red. We can confirm today that we will soon have Yellow Lumia 920’s too. First stock of these are expected on February 18th. To obtain one, please CLICK […]

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