Our Top 10 Smartphones

The world of smartphones is constantly changing and there are lots of top 10 lists out there, so here we have our current top 10 smartphones of the moment. Check back because we will keep this post updated as new devices are released

So without further or do our top 10 smartphones are:

1. HTC One

The HTC One brings a new experience to Android users with a dramatically improved HTC Sense user interface, great design and cutting edge hardware, with a 1.7GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM the HTC One will handle most things that you can ask of it, and with a 2300mAh battery you should too get a full day’s usage.

Interact with all this great content through a stunning 4.7 inch HD capacitive display, which has a 1920 x 1080 resolution for an incredible 468 PPI (points per inch). It has various new features such as ‘Blinkfeed’ which streams live updates from a variety of feeds, be it social or news direct to your Home screen, ‘HTC Zoe’ Made up of 4 components, Zoe Photos, Highlights, Editor and Share.

More features including HTC Boom sound, Sense TV.

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Competition 7–Motorola RAZR winner #clove20

For competition 7 of our #clove20 giveaway, we’ve asked what you would be willing to do to win a Motorola RAZR. We’ve had some great ideas sent in, including:

  • Eating two, very well portioned roast dinners
  • Creating a Clove video advert
  • Being nice to the mother in-law for a whole month
  • Destroy an old handset with a hammer/fire/by burying it in the back yard
  • Become a Justin Bieber advocate
  • Go for a swim in the sea on boxing day
  • Switch from Android to iOS for a month
  • Switch from Windows Phone to Android
  • Dress up as a Clove hand mascot and spread the word
  • Hand out Clove flyers to the neighbours
  • Hike to Clove HQ from Scotland
  • Shave a Movember tash off
  • Carry out some real world spamming using NFC and geocaching
  • Lick the husbands feet

However, the biggest commitment out of all of these (and realistically completing it) is without doubt getting a tattoo of the Clove logo. We had a couple of people enter this idea, but we’re going to award the prize to @iLewisOfTheDead as he was the first to enter it, who will be given the chance to win the RAZR and will also receive an Android figurine.

As runners-up we’ve selected the following, who will receive an Android figurine and will be given the chance for the main prize should the winner not go through with it:

  • Hand deliver a box of donuts to the Clove office
  • Draw the Clove logo on A4 paper and eat it
  • Cover Maroon 5’s “This love” with Motorola RAZR lyrics
  • Create a ‘Clovemobile’ using car vinyl and drive it until the end of the year

Competition 7: What would you do to win a Motorola RAZR? #clove20

We’ve had some great fun with the Clove competition so far and with a few different formats for entry.

We had a great response when we asked you to contribute to the last few competitions creatively, so today we would like to take it a step further and put the outcome even further into your hands.

Today we’ve got a Motorola RAZR to giveaway. We want you to tell us what you would be willing to do to win it.

Comment on this post or tell us on social media. We’ll pick what we believe to be the best idea in 24 hours time and ask the ‘winner’ to carry out that task. If you are selected, you must submit proof of completion, so if you say you’ll run around Waterloo Station screaming “clove 20′”, you’ll need to go through with it (and get somebody to film you as proof) to win. 

Your ideas must of course comply with the laws of the land and the usual guidelines apply, so nothing too outrageous or explicit please!

Be sure to tell us if you’re particularly fond of an idea that somebody else submits – we’ll be sharing them on social so that everyone can see what else they’re up against.

The competition is open for entry until 1PM (GMT) on 27/11/12.  Get creative!

Motorola RAZR i Hardware Comparison

Size comparison of the RAZR i against other smartphones.

See what the Motorola;a RAZR i looks like in terms of size against other smartphones on the market.

Motorola RAZR i User Manual/User Guide

Need help with your Motorola RAZR i?

Click the icon below to take a look at the English user manual for the Motorola RAZR i.

If you click the icon below you will be able to view the quick start guide for the RAZR i.

Motorola RAZR i Sample Images

A series of sample images taken on the Motorola RAZR i.

Click each one to enlarge.


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Motorola RAZR i Unboxing

Motorola’s Intel Smartphone gets unboxed

Take a look at the following video to see what the Motorola RAZR i looks like and what you get in the box.

Motorola RAZR i available to order

Edge-to-Edge Display and Intel Inside – Enter the Motorola RAZR i

Motorola have today announced the Motorola RAZR i for the UK & European market and we have it available to order NOW!

The RAZR i is an evolution of the RAZR family, continuing with a 4.3” touchscreen Super AMOLED display.  The difference with the i is that there is virtually no border to the screen; it runs from edge to edge.

Razr i is also the first smartphone to reach speeds of 2GHz from its Intel Atom processor.

The screen is designed to handle the multimedia rich content we interact with on a daily basis and some of this multimedia comes from the camera on our very own smartphones.  The i has an 8 megapixel cameraMotorola RAZR i Black Front that can load within 1 second and record in full 1080p.

Android 4.0 is of course present, but don’t worry it will be upgradable to Jelly Bean (Android 4.1).

The Android interface makes it easy to customise the phone as well as add countless apps and media from Google Play Store.

Turn by turn navigation, email, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, you can do it all on the RAZR i.

Tougher than most smartphones the RAZR has Corning Gorilla Glass, a diamond cut aircraft grade aluminium frame, a DuPoint Kevlar strong back cover and a nano technology coating helping to protect the phone from spills and splashes of water or other substances.

The RAZR i is priced at £285+VAT (£342 inclusive of VAT) and will be available from the first week of October.

For full information on the RAZR i or to order one, CLICK HERE.


If you want to read the full press release, you can do so below:

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A dimensional comparison of the iPhone 4 S, iPhone 5, S III, Note II, RAZR & G Nexus screens

This handy image, created by Reddit user scarr3g, should give you a bit of assistance if you are buying a new handset and are deliberating which screen size to go for. The measurements used are true dimensions (no rounding up) and go by pixels/pixels per inch. See this image (NSFW) for an in-situ demonstration with some of the handsets.

Battery, battery, battery

The release of the Motorola RAZR MAXX caught my eye for one reason, and one reason only. The 3300mAh battery which can offer 17.6 hours talk time and up to 380 hours standby time. That is impressive for any phone, but for one that still comes in under 9mm deep is shocking.

I have used the normal RAZR and was surprised at how much battery life Motorola managed to squeeze out of a phone that is impossibly slim so expect this one to knock my socks off. The problem is that for most people, the battery specifications are the last thing they look at and this is why manufacturers are happy to produce phones that require a daily charge. This makes sense because size has been proven to be more important than battery for most users, but when you really think about it, that thinking is the wrong way round.

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