How to use Miracast and Chromecast

There are now more ways than ever to get the contents of your phone across to a big screen display. We covered the topic in depth last year and since then there haven’t been many changes or new additions to the technologies. There has though been a shift in which options people are using and what is being […]

Whatever happened to MHL?

MHL is dead. Long live (super)MHL? A few years ago, MHL was being touted as the new standard in mobile video output. With some clever wire signalling wizardry, it allows you to transmit audio and video independent of the connectors between devices. For most of us that meant being able to output from a microUSB port […]

Nokia HD-10 Miracast Adapter due end of September

I didn’t see this one coming – Nokia are looking to provide stock of one of the best looking Miracast adapters to date by the end of the month. The HD-10 Miracast Screen Sharing Adapter connects to your HDTV with an HDMI cable, then waits for a connection from your Miracast enabled phone. Miracast is included […]

MHL, Slimport, Miracast and Chromecast. What’s the best way to get from phone to TV?

Wired or wireless? We look at the best ways to get your phone display on your big screen. One of the most frequent questions we hear at Clove is “how can I get my x‘s screen to show on my TV?”. It’s a very widespread issue and one that rarely has a simple answer. This is in part due […]

What is Miracast?

Miracast, Wi-Fi Direct and DLNA explained Miracast is a wireless, peer-to-peer screencasting technology that allows you to output video & audio both to and from a number of devices, although most usually from a mobile device to a compatible screen or receiver. Miracast can be used to effectively mirror content stored on one device to another. For […]

Netgear Push2TV Wireless Miracast Display Adapter PTV3000 Now Available

Netgear’s Miracast wireless display adapter now available from Clove Technology It may have been way back in February 2013 that we first detailed the Netgear Push2TV PTV3000, but it is only just now that we have confirmed availability in the UK. The reasons for the lengthy delay are not 100% clear, however can attributed in part […]

Official Sony accessories now in stock

Sony BM10 Bluetooth music receiver and car kit now available. When Sony announced the Sony Xperia Z1, they did too release details of a number of accessories that were to be compatible with the Z1 amongst others. Some of these accessories have today arrived into stock with us here at Clove. You can now get […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Miracast Demo with Netgear PTV3000 Push2TV Adaptor

The NetGear PTV3000 Push2TV adaptor is a Miracast dongle that will work with any Miracast-enabled handset, which by now is quite a few different phones. In the video below, Youtube user veryannoyingname shows the PTV3000 being used seamlessly with the Samsung Galaxy S4. We are expecting stock of the PTV3000 to arrive at Clove within […]

Netgear PTV3000 Push2TV miracast wireless display adapter

Miracast is the latest technology to embrace the mobile market that allows you to share the content from your Miracast enabled smartphone or tablet to a HD display without wires. Few televisions have this technology built in and it is probably fair to say you do not change your HD display as regularly as your […]

New HTC smartphone to have Miracast

It is fair to say that we can often assume what features a new phone will have, but it is always good to have some evidence rather than just rumour before a device is announced. As we browsed the WiFi Alliance’s website ( as we added the Netgear PTV3000 to our website we came across […]

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