LG G3 – HDMI SlimPort


At 5.5″ the display on the LG G3 is big enough for you to complete most tasks on the move and even enjoy plenty of media.

However there are times when a bigger screen has a real advantage.  You might want to show off your holiday snaps or share a presentation with others.  So rather than huddling around the G3, connecting it to a larger display such as a TV in your lounge or office boardroom would be much more practical.

There was a time when this was not possible, but the G3 can do this with an without wires.

If the TV has Miracast built in (few currently do) you can share the screen on the G3 to the HD display without wires.  Any action on the G3 screen is then replicated on the larger display.

HSlimPort_VGAcowever another solution is to use a SlimPort adapter.  The adapter connects into the microUSB port on the bottom of the G3 and then into an HDMI cable which is in turn connected to the display.

Unless your battery is running low, you do not need to even connect power to the device like you do with many MHL connections. (MHL is an alternative to SlimPort)

With video playback on the G3, you can even do something else on the handset itself whilst the video is played on the big screen.

Not something you may need everyday but something that is very useful. How impressive would it look when giving a presentation to just connect your phone to the TV, especially to your boss or new client!

Built into the G3 all you need is the SlimPort adapter and TV to be able to achieve this.

If you wish to know more about SlimPort we have a detailed post here that explains it all.


LG G3 – Smart Tips – Smart Bulletin

LG-G3_Smart_NoticeDo you ever feel like you are constantly on the go and never have any time to yourself?

Need to put reminders in the calendar to be prompted when to do something so you do not forget or miss it because you are so busy?

The Smart Bulletin feature on the G3 from LG, could be very helpful to you.  It helps Keep track of your work, health and daily life.

Get a daily, weekly, or monthly update in regards to your health.  Key statistics such as steps taken and calories burned.

Smart tips provide video and short textual guides as to how to get more from your device and make it work better for you.

All of this gets delivered to you on your home screen through smart notice. Pleasant on screen notifications that give you important information when you need it.

See a demonstration of this in the following video.

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LG G Watch Unboxing


Android Wear is the new form of technology that if you have not heard about you will be over the coming days and weeks.

Currently focused around ‘smartwatches’ Android Wear is a fully optimised version of Android designed to bring the notifications that are on your smartphone to the wearable to reduce the number of ‘micro-interactions’ with the phone.

Where now you look at  your phone to see if you received a text or a call and who from, when wearing an Android Wear product this information and more comes to your wearable product, in the case of the G Watch, your wrist.

Save yourself time and effort and decide whether you need to take action or not.

Complete web searches, reply and even track the number of steps you are taking all from your Android Wear product.

As the first to come to market the G Watch from LG is receiving a lot of attention, helped by the price of £159.

We have been quite surprised at just how well it works.

Check out our unboxing below.

We will be briging a full review in a few weeks time once we have thoroughly tested the G Watch and seen what it really has to offer as the scope will only grow as developers produce apps and enhance functionality for it.

LG G3 – Smart Tips – Quad HD Display

LG_G3_Quad_HD_DIsplayWhen we are consuming more rich media on our devices like movies, video clips and photos it is only right that the experience is delivered in the best possible detail.

HD has been on the scene for a long time and now it is moving to 4K, although instances of this are still limited for the majority of us.

The G3 looks to begin taking the HD displays seen on mobiles to a new level with the G3 sporting a Quad HD screen.

At 538 pixels per inch the G3 has approximately 100 more per inch than it’s main rivals meaning clearer images, with more vibrancy and detail.

The resolution of this screen is 2560 x 1440 and is 5.5″ diagonally.

Compare it to printed material and a full HD display that many phones have, would be equivalent to the quality of print found in a magazine, whilst the G3′s display is equivalent to the print finish in a high quality art book.

Experience the vibrancy in the following video.

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LG G3 User Manual/Guide

LG G3 User Manual

Below you can find the digital version of the user manual for the LG G3. Click the PDF icon to open the manual.

If you would like a printed version of the manual, just click here.

The G3 is the flagship phone from LG for the first part of 2014 and competes with the HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2 to name just a few.  Stand out features include a stunning quad HD IPS display and built in wireless charging.  If you are looking to buy or own a G3 we doubt you will be disappointed.

Hopefully the user manual will answer any of the outstanding questions that you have about the device, but if there is anything that isn’t covered or if you have any questions prior to purchasing, please feel free to ask in the comments or to contact our sales team.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini user manual

LG G3 Pros & Cons

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the LG G3?


LG_G3_Shine_Gold_Hands_OnDesign - Whilst all new smartphones have a degree of classy, slab-like design to them, the G3 has a metallic look to it that gives it a more premium look and feel. Also the slight arcing on the rear of the phone gives it a different dimension not just when you look at it, but most importantly in the hand.  It might be big but the curvature makes for a more comfortable fit in the hand.

Screen - 538 pixels per inch is quite simply incredible.  The screen is so very bright and colours appear to pop out of the screen. With around 100 pixels per inch more than the other leading flagships at the time of launch, the G3 certainly stands out there on its own for sheer screen power alone.

At a resolution of 1440 x 2560 it really it knocks a lot of the competition for six.  Of course to take full advantage of this, the media has to support such a high resolution and many apps are not yet configured for such. There is also the impact on battery life.  Our testing revealed that for normal use should get you through a working day, but more power hungry users will likely be opting for the battery saving mode or looking for a top-up to keep them going.

What makes the G3 slightly more incredible is that the bezel either side of the screen is only 3.05mm, that is nearly 1.5mm less than the Galaxy S5 from Samsung.

Connectivity - There is no limit herein; literally all bases are covered.  From mobile data connections that include 3G and 4G, to the Miracast and Bluetooth connectivity.  The G3 even has an IR port so you can use the phone as a remote control.  The setup here is silky smooth too.  We had a TV and Sky box connected in just 90 seconds.

There is even Qi wireless charging built in, with no need for any extra accessories other than a wireless charging plate.

If you had to find criticism it would be the use of SlimPort for video out via HDMI cable, which has not been adopted at the same rate as MHL.

Removable battery – Many still prefer the ability to remove the battery and LG have given this feature to users. A fully user-removable battery with a 3,000 mAh capacity. It should last the day for most but charge via microUSB or wirelessly if you have a Qi charging pad.


User interface – A new cleaner, mature and refined interface, LG have put a lot of work into the look of the software and icons to make it more visually appealing and intuitive for users.  The fancy icons have been replaced with a simplified design that is more universally recognisable.  In addition they have been configured to take advantage of the higher resolution display, something that icons from other app providers will unlikely have been done as yet.

Software features – An inordinate amount of features are included in the software on the G3. For an advanced or new Android user there is something for everyone.  From simple features such as being able to schedule the sending of text messages, through to be being able to block calls from certain people using the ‘do not disturb feature’.

Configure the layout of the software buttons, get notifications of unused apps and to call back those you have missed calls from; and of course you can download apps from Google Play Store.

LG are also concious of how much memory all these features take up, so the G3 uses 30% less memory than the G2, and another 30% can be saved by removing some of the pre-installed apps if you do not want them.

Read more about the software in our review here.

Camera – Press and hold the volume down key and you are quick-launched into a the camera app that focuses and captures images quickly, helped by the laser autofocus.

13 megapixel image capture and Ultra HD video recording are built in out of the box with the G3. There is also the ability to record at 120 frames per second for slow motion.

Images were generally crisp with a good balance of colour helped by HDR. 8x digital zoom is a nice addition and the results were surprising considering.

Dual tone LED flash helps considerably in low light photography and innovative selfie capture tools make for a better and more stable image capture.

There is to a 20% increase in optical image stabilisation. After capture image editing tools also assist to produce the final result.


Plastic construction – Plastic is fantastic?! The G3 looks and almost feels metal to the touch. However the phone is plastic in construction and not metal like the HTC One M8. On the face of it this is disappointing as it lacks that premium edge, but it does not feel like cheap plastic in the hand and should the worst happen and damage be sustained, the plastic is more resilient and cheaper to replace than solid metal.

Lack of IP rating – If you often find yourself caught in the rain or going freshwater swimming with it in your pocket then the G3 will be a victim of your activities, as there is no IP rating on this handset unlike the Samsung and Sony equivalents.  Whilst a few splashes will not harm it the lack of IP rating means reduced thickness and no fiddly port covers.

A certified IP rating is a benefit but as it only covers fresh water, the swim in the sea during the summer months will ruin any handset irrespective of this.

LG_G3_Shine_Gold_Hands_On2Lack of manual camera controls – The advanced photographer will be very disappointed with the camera settings on the G3.  It is so focused on the point and shoot feature there is no manual control over white balance, exposure and many other features as a default option.  Most of us simply do point and shoot in auto-mode. Third party apps can likely give you this but should you have to install another camera app?

Single speaker – It certainly packs a punch and is capable of producing sounds that read well into the 80′s on the decibel meter.  Whilst generally good, the speaker does not have the balance and warmth of the sound that comes from HTC’s M8 or Sony’s Z2 speakers.  It felt a little weak in the mid tones. Connecting a set of headphones and all is ok. An equaliser will help solve this a bit.

For more information and details on the G3 the do check out our full review here. Or buy the G3 SIM Free here.

LG G Watch – first stock in tomorrow July 1st

LG’s new Android Wear powered smartwatch in stock first at Clove from July 1st.

Update 2/7 - The LG G Watch is now being dispatched by Clove.  The Android handset with which you pair the G Watch  will need the Android Wear app and an update to Google Search and Play Services.  These will be available officially from 7th July from the Google Play Store. We therefore advise to hold off switching on or activating your G Watch until this time to ensure  optimum performance and compatibility.

lg-g-watch-black-white-slimWe knew it was coming quickly and incredibly LG have released stock of the new G Watch to Clove earlier than expected. The stock will be for the BLACK model only at this time and is due to arrive in our warehouse during the day tomorrow.

There is one small catch – a required update to the operating system is due this weekend. This means that until the publicised release date of Monday 7th July, the G Watch will not be fully functional.

The watch should still connect and pair with Android 4.3+ smartphones (it will need to be able to do this to receive the update), however almost all of the functionality will be locked out until the update is delivered.

At this time we will not be shipping out to customers as soon as we receive the stock. This is both to honour the official release date and also so we can clarify the update procedure with LG.

As soon as LG give us the go ahead then we will begin shipping orders. This will be in time for delivery on the release date of July 7th.

The LG G Watch is the first smartwatch powered by Android Wear and available from Clove Technology for £159 (£132.50 ex-VAT) plus shipping.


LG G Watch at a glance

  • Android Wear operating system
  • Google Now integration
  • Voice recognition
  • Classic black and white designs
  • 400 mAh battery
  • Wireless charging
  • 1.65″ display
  • 4GB internal storage
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Compatible with Android 4.3+ smartphones

LG G2 V LG G2 Mini Spec Comparison

LG G2 V G2 Mini

The G2 Mini is the squished version of the G2.  Different they are, but just how different?

Click the image below to be taken through to a full detailed spec comparison.

Or watch the animation video below that shows the differences.

LG G3 – Ultra HD (4K) Video Recording

4KUltra HD or 4K is the latest technology term that we have all seen used in the press and in technology stores around the world.

If you can remember when televisions and other AV equipment were all in standard definition and we moved to HD, the move to 4K is equivalent to this.

With many investing in a new TV during the time of the world cup, some may have taken the step to purchase a Ultra HD or 4K set that gives more depth and more clarity to the image.

Of course to maximise the image you need 4K footage and there are still few cameras on the market that offer this, but they are beginning to become more commonplace.

Realistically you need to spend a lot of money to record 4K, or do you?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2 and now the LG G3 all record 4K.

All limited to 5 minutes of recording, due to heat and memory consumption, the following video was recorded at 4K on the new G3.

Whilst many of you (including me) will unlikely have a 4K  to watch it back on, even when compressed and downsized to 1080p, the quality should be much better.

Take a look and let us know what you think.

Oh and in case you didn’t know, the quad HD display found on the G3 itself will also do considerably more justice to the final footage when viewed back on the device than the Samsung or Sony equivalents.

Nokia Lumia 625 v LG G2 Mini Spec Comparison

LG G2 Mini v Nokia Lumia 625

The most striking difference between these two handsets has to be the fact that one is powered by Android whilst the other runs Windows Phone.

Despite this, the two handsets have some similarities and allow you to do a lot of similar things, just in a slightly different way.

If you click on the image below, you will get a full spec comparison of the Nokia Lumia 625 against the LG G2 Mini.

For an animated version of the spec comparison, please watch the video below.