LG G3 – Simplified UI

LG_G3_Simplified_UILG have made a concious effort to make the user interface on the new G3 that little bit more intuitive, cleaner and simpler to get to grips with.

Their goal was to design an interface that was simple and allowed users to concentrate on the contents itself with unnecessary graphics removed.

Looking at the image above you can see how the icons have developed from what they were on the left to what they now are on the G3 on the right.

Using more mature colours, key apps are colour coded so you know exactly which app you are in by the colour.

Time has been spent too on finding the right typeface so that information is clear and crisp on screen.

To better understand the theory behind the changes and the new graphic user interface, the short promotional video from LG below,  explains it all very well.

LG G3 – Floating Arc Design

LG_G3_ArcI will be the first to admit that the glossy slab like design of many smartphones is very appealing, but from a comfort perspective during daily usage, that styling can sometimes compromise comfort.

LG, Samsung and Nokia all add some curvature to the sides of the phone, which make for a slightly more comfortable grip, but maybe does not feel as solid as those squarer styled devices.

With the G3,  LG have tried to reduce the extra weight and bulk because with a 5.5″ display it will be heavier, so if weight can be saved in other places it all makes the difference.

The G3 weighs 149 grams and has what LG refer to as a floating arc design, shown in the above image.

The result is reduced hand fatigue and better grip.

The G3 weighs just 27.3g for every 1 inch of the display, whilst something like the HTC One M8 weighs 32g per inch.  Its a small but noticeable difference.

Facts and figures on paper are one thing, the in hand experience is another.

I reviewed the G3 having used the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact as my daily phone for 4 months prior.  I use the Compact as I have smaller hands and generally find the larger phones uncomfortable and cumbersome to use, yet I concluded;

After several long days testing as many features on the G3, I am pleased to say that much like the G2, the G3 has left me with a very positive view of it and one that for me personally has teased me into moving back to a larger screened device.

The way that LG has squeezed such a large and immensely vivid display into a form factor no bigger than Sony’s Z2 which has just a 5.2” display is simply incredible. It feels like every millimetre of the chassis has been used to best effect.

Of course you need to make your own judgement, but I can honestly say the words above are truth and it really is testament to LG’s commitment to small details like the curvature that leave me with such feelings and it is quite possible you will feel the same. With screens getting bigger and bigger, keeping the feeling of slim and comfortable is very important.


LG G3 – Removable Battery


In times gone by a common technical response to a mobile going wrong would be to remove the battery and put it back in again.

Developments in technology and software has meant that this is no longer such a common response, in fact most devices now have batteries built in and there is no way to remove them.

The built in battery has allowed for improved hardware design and IP rated handsets that are not all that bulky.

Some still prefer to have this option though and the new LG G3 offers this.  A 3000mAh capacity battery is included in the device and will power most people through a normal working day, but sometimes there is a need or desire for a spare and the fact that the G3 has a user removable battery then this is most certainly possible.

Pull off the back cover and the battery sits centrally within the chassis with the key micro SIM and microSD slot just above it.

With devices like the G3 able to do more than ever and with the quad HD display, power drain from the battery can potentially be quite high, but LG have included a battery saver which maximises the power draw from the battery to allow you to work away from power for longer.

You can test the battery in the G3 yourself buy buying one from Clove here.


LG G3 – Optical Image Stablisation Plus (OIS+)

LG_G3_Shine_Gold_Hands_On6No doubt you have been left with the utter disappointment at some time in your life, where you have captured an image, only to review it and find that it is all blurred because there has been shake in the camera at the time of capture.  What is worse is that sometimes, we may not notice this until it is too late and re-taking the picture is just not an option.

A technology that has existed in many cameras for some time is something called Optical Image Stablisation (OIS). OIS is the process of reducing the blur or motion in images that comes from pan and tilting of the camera lens.

In the simplest sense the lens and sensors in the camera compensate for the movement and adjust to ensure a blur free image.

There are not that many smartphones that have it, but the LG G2 is one, and now the new G3 has it too, albeit improved.

You can expect a 20% improvement in stabilisation from the G2 to the G3, thanks to OIS+.

The following graphic gives a visual representation of how OIS+ works. You can see the movement in the lens and sensor based on information from the gyro sensor to accommodate for the motion and help reduce the impact in the final image.


Many avid photographers criticise smartphone manufacturers for not including this technology in more handsets, but LG seem committed and the impact should be better images from the G3.  Here are a few images we captured on the G3.

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LG G3 – Magic Focus


The more artistic photos that many of us like are those that have a bokeh effect to them with an apparent depth to the image.

Some cameras will achieve this with certain conditions, or you can achieve it with manual control of the camera settings, but you generally need a dedicated camera for this.

On the LG G3, there is a feature called Magic Focus, which lets you change the area of focus after the photo was taken as well as a synthesize photo that has all of the objects in focus.

HTC offered a similar feature on the HTC One M8, but to achieve this, they used two ultrapixel cameras, while the G3 uses just its main rear camera.

In the image above you can see how the wasp in the shot is out of focus on the left, but in the right shot it is in focus.

I had a play with this feature when completing the review on the G3.  Check out my attempt below, using my trusting Minions as models for the shot.

LG_G3_Sample_Image (100)

LG G3 – Wireless Charger

LG_G3_Wireless_Charging_standOut of the box, with no need for expensive accessories, you have the capability to charge the LG G3 without having to attach cables to the handset itself.  The technology is known as wireless charging. Sony and Samsung equivalents require a replacement back cover or case purchase to enable this.

You do need a wireless charging plate to do this, but any Qi (pronounced chee) plate will work, but if you purchase your G3 from Clove, you get the official LG WCD-100 charging plate included in the price*.

Priced at £59.99 this official charger acts as a stand for the G3. Sit the device in portrait orientation on to the stand and providing the stand is connected to mains power, it will begin charging the G3 or any other Qi enabled smartphone.

White in colour the stand folds away for convenient storage and transportation.

The WCD-100 for the G3 can be ordered here, or is included free* with any G3 order from Clove.

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*Offer for free wireless charger correct at time of publication. Subject to change.

LG G3 – Smart Tips – Smart Keyboard

LG_G3_Screenshot (90)

The physical keyboard on a mobile  is a thing of the past, everything is now on screen.  This can be a good and bad thing depending on your point of view.

For the last few years the keyboards we find on our mobile devices have been improving in their layout and accuracy, meaning less errors and a faster input rate, further helped by word prediction.  The keyboard has really never been so clever.

What has been an issue is the relative lack of consistency between keyboards in their features and layout.

Many opt for after-market solutions such as SwiftKey or Swype due to the advantages they bring.

This is improving as time goes by and LG are keen to show their commitment to such a fundamental part of the smartphone experience.

Smart Keyboard as LG call it is designed to be more useful to you.  You can adjust the actual height of the keyboard and in turn the keys based on your preference.

Predicting what you are going to say is always beneficial and can over time, save a considerable amount of keystrokes.  As you type a word, what the device thinks you are typing appears above the keyboard.  If the result you want appears above, just swipe up on the key and the word will be automatically completed for you, saving you the need to add the extra letters to the word.

Quick Move then allows you to quickly go back and edit previously entered text by sliding along the screen and making the relevant amendments.

If this was not enough, then the keyboard also learns your habits. So if for example you have a tendency to always tap slightly to the left of a particular letter on the keyboard, it learns this and in time assumes you want the letter to the right of your finger tap.

It is these small things that make a big difference when using the LG G3.

The following video highlights the features mentioned and shows you them in action.

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Clove’s top 10 smartphones of July 2014

It seems like only 5 minutes ago that we were talking about CES, but now into the 7th month of the year we are nearer the next CES than the last!  Time flies hey!

It is safe to say that now all the major players have released their flagship handsets, the G3 from LG was the last to the party here.

Last it might have been but by no means lacking was it, making quite an entrance with the quad HD display.

The updated Motorola Moto G has too made quite an entrance, selling better than expected and offering 4G for well under the £200 price point.

The choice of which smartphone to go for has never been so great. Various models in various memory sizes and in various colours often with a mini counterpart. Which device to go for will be your choice, but  if you ever need any assistance then then we are always willing to advise here at Clove.

Contact us on sales@clove.co.uk or by phoning +441202552936.

We do too have a range of full device reviews here.

Please do remember that this list is our top 10 based on our preferences, feelings, sales and customer feedback.  Others may have a very different opinion on what makes their top 10.

10. LG G2 Mini

LG G2 Mini

Falling dfown the list, the G2 Mini lacks the wow factor of so many other device, but it is no slouch and will make a very lovely handset for anyone who takes the plunge.  I still feel that this is more comfortable in the hand than the Z1 Compact.

It has a 4.7″ display which is a nice size, not too big or too small.

The resolution of the screen and the slight inbalance of the camera results mean that the G2 Mini doesn’t have quite what it takes to compete with the best but a strong contender it is none the less.

Witht he winning form factor from the original G2 the rear mounted button configuration I think works better on the smaller G2 Mini.

Now available for less than £350 the G2 seems to have dropped off the radar for many in the tech circles but it is still an exceptionally powerful product.

It is snappy and looks the part with some nice UI features.

Buy LG G2 Mini HERE.

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LG G3 – Smart Tips – Quick Circle


You have purchased or are intending to buy the LG G3.  A fantastic looking phone with a metal esq body, the decision as to whether you put it in a case to protect it or not is up to you, it seems a shame to hide such a good looking thing, but then again, it would look awful if it was damaged.

The Quick Circle Case from LG is one of the best options to protect your device. Replacing the original back cover, it provides protection to the display with the flip back front panel.

However a nice feature is the ability to interact with the G3, without the need to actually open the case properly.

On the font is a circular window through which you can view the Quick Circle.

The quick circle gives quick access to and use key features such as LG health, music player, camera, messaging, call log and settings.

So with the quick circle case on your G3, when closed you can play your favourite music, read the last text message you received, call friends and family or just check the time.

See a demo of the quick circle in the following video.

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LG G3 – HDMI SlimPort


At 5.5″ the display on the LG G3 is big enough for you to complete most tasks on the move and even enjoy plenty of media.

However there are times when a bigger screen has a real advantage.  You might want to show off your holiday snaps or share a presentation with others.  So rather than huddling around the G3, connecting it to a larger display such as a TV in your lounge or office boardroom would be much more practical.

There was a time when this was not possible, but the G3 can do this with an without wires.

If the TV has Miracast built in (few currently do) you can share the screen on the G3 to the HD display without wires.  Any action on the G3 screen is then replicated on the larger display.

HSlimPort_VGAcowever another solution is to use a SlimPort adapter.  The adapter connects into the microUSB port on the bottom of the G3 and then into an HDMI cable which is in turn connected to the display.

Unless your battery is running low, you do not need to even connect power to the device like you do with many MHL connections. (MHL is an alternative to SlimPort)

With video playback on the G3, you can even do something else on the handset itself whilst the video is played on the big screen.

Not something you may need everyday but something that is very useful. How impressive would it look when giving a presentation to just connect your phone to the TV, especially to your boss or new client!

Built into the G3 all you need is the SlimPort adapter and TV to be able to achieve this.

If you wish to know more about SlimPort we have a detailed post here that explains it all.