Clove’s top 10 smartphones of March 2014

The last week of February saw Mobile World Congress (MWC) take place in Barcelona, where a whole host of devices were announced for the world to see.

Key highlights include the Sony Xperia Z2 and the Samsung Galaxy S5. These will not come through until April but they are certainly something to look forward too.

March is often filled with anticipation of the pending launch of the announced devices, but there are still very good phones on the market should you be keen to grab one now.

Little has changed from February, but April no doubt will be a very different story.

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LG G2 KitKat update coming in March, video compares improvements against Jelly Bean

UK KitKat update for LG G2 is due to begin rolling out mid-March

LG has announced that the LG G2 Android KitKat update is due to begin rolling out towards the middle of March. The video below has also been released which shows the speed improvements made with the G2 running KitKat instead of Jelly Bean.

We were very impressed with the G2 when we reviewed it back in October and it’s certainly a handset worth considering if you’re out to buy a new handset any time soon. We currently have it in stock and available to order here on the Clove website.

LG G2 price drop – Save £58

The LG is a brilliant phone, despite the slightly odd rear mounted buttons.

In our review here last year we spoke about the highs and lows and concluded

There is a reason LG has the slogan “Life’s Good” because this is the case when using the G2, cheesy as it sounds. There is little to find fault with. I mean this truthfully. Yes, there are a few small annoyances, but none are perfect. The G2 is very close though.

The main frustrations are ones that many users will not look to use regularly, if at all. At no point have I felt a real urge to go back to my S4. I would quite honestly have no trouble switching to the G2 as my primary device. I thought I was content with using Samsung.  LG have come in and firmly rocked the boat on this one.

If you are due an upgrade or looking to switch, now is the time to do so as we have just dropped £58  (inc VAT) off the cost!

Available now in Black & White, this 16GB model can be purchased for just £350 inc VAT. CLICK HERE to order yours.

LG G Flex now in stock

Official LG G Flex 360 3

The new flexible generation from LG is here

It is by no means a conventional looking phone but the new G Flex is available to order and in stock today. It’s a little bit odd to look at it first and to many onlookers more of a ‘concept’ device, but this is the new trend.

As the name implies, the Flex bends and can be reverted to a flat shape for a short space of time, however the natural shape is when is in the contoured position.

With a 6″ OLED display, this is no small phone but one that is set to make an impression with a number of impressive features such as the innovative rear key first seen on the LG G2, along with a 10 megapixel camera, 3500 mAh flexible battery and the 2.26GHz Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor.

Now available from Clove, the Flex has dropped in price since it was first announced in the UK and can be purchased here for £535+VAT

LG G Pad price reduction, now just £199

LG G Pad front & back

£199 is the price you can now pay including VAT for the LG G Pad.

The offer is available for a limited time only, but this is almost £40 off the previous retail price of £238.80.

Available for both the Black & White colour options the offer will end without notice.

The G Pad includes the following features:

  • Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
  • 8.3″ 1920 x 1200 Full HD IPS LCD screen
  • 1.7 GHz quad core processor
  • 5 MP camera with VR Panorama
  • 16GB internal storage
  • MicroSD memory card slot
  • 4,600 mAh battery
  • 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi (dual 2.4 & 5 Ghz)
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, Miracast & Wi-Fi direct
  • Various software enhancements

For more information or to pick one up, just click here.

LG make KnockON (now Knock) a feature on all upcoming smartphones

Tap to wake feature on all new LG smartphones

LG G2 heroThe LG G2 was the surprise hit of 2013, coming from a manufacturer that had slightly fallen out of favour in the smartphone world. The G2 hit back at LG detractors by providing a slick and intuitive experience to match their Korean rivals Samsung, along with an interesting design and button placement.

With the power button and volume rocker consigned to the back of the device, LG introduced an understated feature called KnockON, allowing the user to tap on the screen twice to wake up the handset. Once you got to grips with the how feature expected to be used (not too fast and not too slow between taps), then it proved to be a surprisingly intuitive way to get access to your phone.

LG have now confirmed that KnockON has been renamed to ‘Knock’ and will feature on all upcoming flagships, as well as all other L Series II smartphones via a software update.


LG Life Band Touch

LG’s fitness tracker unveiled.

LG Life Band TouchLG have today unveiled the LG Life Band Touch a wristband that tracks your activity, in a similar manner to a FitBit.

The band itself tracks your heart rate, steps, distance and calorie consumption.

Different to other fitness trackers, the Life Band can pair with ‘Heart Rate Earphones; which measures the wearers pulse through blood flow in the ear.

It does too come with SmartWatch like features including the ability to show the time, play music and display notifications such as incoming calls. There are 2 wristband colour options, Black and Red.

It has been made water resistant which is useful if it is to be worn daily by users.

Compatible with either iOS or Android devices using Bluetooth 4.0 the band will share data with an LG Fitness apps or popular apps such as MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness and RunKeeper.

it is expected to be available in the first half of 2014. We will bring you more information about the product as it becomes available.

Source: LG

LG G2 SlimPort demonstration

The LG G2 has the ability to share the contents of it’s screen with HD displays in 2 ways.  The first is via the microUSB port on the bottom of the device and the other is using Miracast technology that shares the display wirelessly.

In the following video we show the G2 connected to a HD display using a SlimPort adapter. The SlimPort adapter is similar to an MHL cable, but different.

It connects to the microUSB port on the device and then you plug an HDMI cable into it.  It is also advisable to connect a microUSB mains power supply to keep the device powered, although it is not essential.

Check out the video to see it in action.

LG G Pad 8.3 WHITE – available to order

Pick up LG’s newest 8.3 inch tablet today

LG G Pad logo

Recently Jon has been running a series of posts about the new LG G Pad 8.3, covering a wide range of features that LG have baked into their version of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Some of these work best when the G Pad is used as a companion for the new LG G2 smartphone although most are available as standalone productivity enhancers.

LG G Pad front & backWith a 1.7 GHz quad core processor powering the G Pad, alongside a Full HD 1920 x 1280 8.3″ screen, the G Pad hits the sweet spot when it comes to tablet size. The G Pad is large enough to enjoy browsing, gaming and other media whilst not being too cumbersome for light reading or carrying around all day. The 4,600 mAh cell also provides top battery performance keeping you powered for a full day.

The LG G Pad is now available to order today in WHITE for £216 + VAT.

The black variant is due to arrive in December, you can register your interest on the product page to be contacted when this is available.

LG G Pad 8.3 at a glance

  • Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
  • 8.3″ 1920 x 1200 Full HD IPS LCD screen
  • 1.7 GHz quad core processor
  • 5 MP camera with VR Panorama
  • 16GB internal storage
  • MicroSD memory card slot
  • 4,600 mAh battery
  • 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi (dual 2.4 & 5 Ghz)
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, Miracast & Wi-Fi direct
  • Software enhancements including QSlide, Slide Aside, Life Stream, Q Translator, Advanced Calendar, VR Panorama Camera and Q Memo with Net Capture

LG G2 with new lower price

The LG G2 is a superb phone, it really is.  In my time with it, I found it difficult to fault the unit overall.  Ok there were some little niggles, but no device is perfect.  It really is pretty much best of the bunch currently.  You can read my full review here.

If you are in the market for a G2, then we have a little good news for you today, as the price of the 16GB handset in both Black and White has been reduced by £22 to £340+VAT.

For further information on the G2 or to buy one now, just CLICK HERE.