I have just discovered I can browse the web on my iPhone!

As Jill explained in her post yesterday about the little competition we have running at Clove, one part of this is to write a blog, so this is my attempt, I have never done this before. Sharon x

I don’t tend to use a smartphone for all the usual, techie stuff.  I like them for their ease of use; that is why I use an Apple iPhone (albeit an old one, I hope to get a pre-loved one from Clove soon)!

As a lady of a certain age I like the fact that I can alter the size of text when messaging (despite the laser eye surgery, my eyes are not what they once were!) and it is really great that I can take a picture of a dress and a handbag and send this to my friends (especially when spending my husbands money!).

I normally use my phone for calls and texts but I’ve just discovered that I can look at my emails while I’m out having dinner with friends and also view the internet and find my next pair of shoes.

My son often works abroad and he has shown me how to use ‘WhatsApp’, which is a brilliant concept, apparently millions of others use this too!

Jon at Clove tells me I could even track my son’s movements, but I think that is a bit much for me at this stage.  I am still getting used to this internet malarkey!

I also like the fact that you can have many different ringtones for different people in your address book.

As I am a typist the ‘QWERTY’ keyboard is a must especially when I am on Facebook, uploading pictures of my many holidays.

The good news for anyone reading this, is that I am in no way responsible for explaining how these phones work or diagnosing any problems.  However, if you need an order processed or a cup of coffee at 11am, then I am your woman!

Image Source: YourTango