Clove’s top 10 smartphones July 2017

So we’re now just over halfway through the year and most of the major players have launched at least one flagship-level handset. This is traditionally the point in the year when releases start to slow down. There are though a few more phones in the pipeline. For instance we’ve yet to see the new Nokia […]

HTC U 11 Features: Camera

With the launch of the new HTC U 11, we are taking a look at a number of features unique to this handset. Already in the series we’ve explained the key selling point: Edge Sense. Elsewhere we’ve taken an in-depth look at the specialised audio software and earbuds which combine to create USonic. In our most recent feature, the […]

HTC U 11 User Guide / Manual

Squeeze for the brilliant U! Always looking to push the boundaries of flagship phones, HTC has a unique proposition for 2017. HTC Edge Sense is built into the phone, giving you access to features just by squeezing the phone! The seamlessly curved design fits elegantly in the hand and has been designed to make it […]

HTC U 11 Features: Sense Companion

With the launch of the new HTC U 11, there are a number of unique features on the handset we are working through. We’ve already taken a long look at the headline gimmick: Edge Sense. Also on the list has been HTC’s specialised audio software and earbuds, together creating HTC USonic. So what else is there to […]

HTC U 11 Features: USonic

Just launched at the end of last week, the HTC U 11 is the latest flagship smartphone from HTC. We’re covering all the main features in depth. If you missed it, you can read all about the new Edge Sense feature HERE. With Edge Sense taking all the headlines, another system you might not see […]

HTC U 11 Features: Edge Sense

The HTC U 11 is due to launch om June 1st so we’re going to start taking a look at some of its main features. Now the most talked about specification is the ability to squeeze it to interact. The system is known as Edge Sense.  HTC have taken our natural grip of a smartphone […]