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HTC One (M8) 60 Second Review

If you want to find out the positives and negatives of the new HTC One (M8) and are short of time, then be sure to watch our 60 seconds review video below.

If you have a little more time or want to know more, then read the full review or watch the following video for the full review.

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To buy the HTC One M8 click here.

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact vs HTC One

Xperia Z1 Compact vs HTC One

Part of our continuing series comparing the new Sony Xperia Z1 Compact to other available devices on the market. Featuring the same processing power, performance and camera of the larger Sony Xperia Z1, the Z1 Compact only truly compromises on screen size & resolution.

If you are thinking about ordering the Z1 Compact, then we also have a number of official and 3rd party accessories available here.

The HTC One received some serious praise during its life, positive comments being based on its design – including shape, style and speaker placement for excellent sound quality – as well as interesting notes on the camera. Dividing users, the 4 megapixel sensor actually used unique 2µm pixels, dubbed HTC Ultrapixel. This results in incredible low light performance, however a lack of sharpness was a noticeable trade off.

Alongside these positives, the HTC One was also powered by a top range Qualcomm quad core processor. Now falling in price due to the imminent arrival of a successor, the HTC One can be seen as a real alternative to the Z1 Compact at this tier.

Click on the header image below for a full comparison of the two devices:

Sony_Xperia_Z1_Compact V_HTC_One_Header

For an animated comparison of the key specs in just 90 seconds watch the following video:

HTC One – 10 Months On

My time with the HTC One

HTC OneWhen HTC unveiled their flagship One back in March ’13, the One series certainly placed HTC back on the map and the HTC One certainly influenced this success. I was eagerly anticipating the release of HTC’s flagship for some time and was lucky enough to have gotten my hands on one from release. In this post I’ll be outlining the pros and cons whilst giving you my general all round experience of my time with the HTC One.

I also wrote a user review on the HTC One back in July of last year which you can view here.

Bad Points


I feel a bit guilty stating that the battery is poor but I am a heavy user and therefore do tend to find myself needing an extra charge at some point to ensure that I see out the day. Although this is generally the norm for most smartphones, no matter what manufacturer if we’re being brutally honest (of course some are better than others).

Gaming is where I see a significant drop, I guess I’ll get about 30-45 minutes out of a game before that little dreaded red LED starts flashing indicating that it needs a charge. It’s not uncommon for the battery to overheat, which also prompts me to finish with what I’m doing as I feel I’ll cause long term damage to the battery by carrying on.

I find that I can counteract this issue if I know I’m not going to have access to power by enabling Power Saving Mode and I’ll usually gain a couple of extra hours to my convenience.

No expandable storage

I knew from the off that the HTC One didn’t feature a microSD card slot and to be quite honest I didn’t think that it would be an issue as 32 GB would be more than sufficient for my needs. Saying that, I have over time managed to use up almost 3/4 of the internal storage which has conceivably affected the performance of my HTC One. A MicroSD card slot would be a welcome addition, It will be interesting to see whether the HTC’s upcoming flagship (One 2) features a microSD card slot or not. it could be a potential deal breaker for many if it doesn’t in my opinion.

Good Points


The build quality is still a big feature for me; working within the smartphone industry I’m lucky enough to get to grips with all of the latest and greatest releases. I’m yet to see a smartphone that has been better engineered in terms of design and all round build quality than the HTC One. HTC are fond of the aluminium chassis and it certainly works for me, especially when you compare this to their rivals, for example Samsung; the Galaxy S4 had a cheap and plastic like feel. Rumours were indicating that Samsung were set to drop the plastic and opt for a far more robust and sturdier material but this was indeed – just a rumour.

I’ve also found my One to be extremely sturdy and robust. I’d be lying if I was to say that I haven’t dropped my phone on more than one occasion, the amount of times I’ve frozen, stood, stared and then reluctantly flipped my One over to take a look at the display to see whether the obvious had occurred is untold. To my relief I’ve settled for the tiniest nick on the bottom right hand corner of my display thanks to Gorilla Glass and their immense engineering skills.


Upon release the HTC One featured the highest PPI (pixels per inch) on a smartphone and if I’m not mistaken – it’s yet to be trumped by any of its rivals, which is extremely impressive considering that it’s been on the market for almost 12 months now. The reason for this is simple, the One features a 4.7″ display which is considered quite small in today’s market, coupled with a full HD display HTC managed to cram in all of those pixels making for one extremely vivid and vibrant screen.

The viewing angles are extremely impressive. I can clearly see what’s displayed on the screen from literally any angle, even under direct sunlight. This was a breath of fresh air to me as my previous smartphone (Motorola RAZR Maxx) would just bounce the sunlight straight off the panel almost blinding me. I can happily say that the days of covering my screen with one hand to reveal a fraction of the display are over.

The size of the display is fine, although when I’m streaming movies I have wondered what it would be like on a larger display, for instance a Sony Z Ultra (6.4″) – my colleague has recently purchased one and has shown me some movie footage and I have to admit I was extremely impressed.

I’m more than satisfied with my HTC One, I’d go as far to say that I love it! There have been many releases from various manufacturers within these last 10 months and I can honestly say that I’ve never been tempted to jump ship. As long as my HTC One performs as it does then I can’t really see myself upgrading in the near future. I’ve been told that the latest Android 4.4 KitKat update will be readily available within the next couple of weeks so I’ll look forward to that whilst secretly looking out for the HTC One 2/HTC Two (no official name as of yet) announcement to see if HTC have added any new features worth considering an upgrade for.

HTC have recently announced the HTC One (Gold) which is getting plenty of attention, for pricing and more on the HTC One please click here.

HTC One Gold now available


Standing out from the crowd is important for many.

The HTC One, which is now available in Gold allows you to do just this.

Gold in colour (not real Gold), the device has the exact same specifications as the award winning HTC One, the only difference being the colour.

You can expect:

  • Google Android Operating System
  • HTC Sense with HTC BlinkFeed
  • HTC Zoe dynamic photo gallery
  • 4.7” Capacitive Screen
  • UltraPixel BSI Sensor Camera
  • 1.7 GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • Slim full metal design, just 9.3mm thick
  • HTC BoomSound dual frontal stereo speakers with dedicated amp
  • 32GB Internal Storage
  • 25GB Dropbox for 2 years
  • 4G (Subject to network provider)
  • NFC

If the Silver or Black coloured units were not for you, then CLICK HERE to order you Gold coloured unit today.

HTC One Dual-SIM

One phone with the power of two

Some may not recognise a need for a dual SIM device; this may be because there are not many “premium” dual SIM handsets available and therefore many may not even be aware that the technology exists.

Previous dual SIM devices have generally not been something to write home about. Ideally you would like to  have dual SIM functionality in a flagship device which offers you all the features and hardware of a premium smartphone.

I give you the dual SIM HTC One; widely rated as one of the best smartphones available at this moment in time.

BackThe HTC One dual SIM aims to offer the user the functionality of a dual SIM phone with the features of a premium handset. The device is perfect for:

  • Business users
  • International students
  • Travellers
  • Foreign workers

One example where the device would be useful could be if you currently have a business and personal phone. With this device you can combine the two. You can switch easily between the two SIMs whilst using the device and even receive a call from either SIM card at any one time if you like, which is very handy. HTC Sense allows you to manage calls, texts and data between both of your SIM cards and you can select preferred network settings to reduce complexity.

The HTC One dual SIM has almost all the same specifications as the single SIM HTC One. The only differences are that it is slightly thicker and heavier at 10.4 mm and 13 grams extra. 4G capabilities are also removed in favour of the second SIM slot.

The dual SIM variant adds more in other areas though; there is a micro SD slot that will take up to a 64 GB memory card. This was one of the few features that the HTC One was missing previously and allows you to carry more music, pictures and files around with you. The dual SIM variant will also have the same popular features as its single SIM brother such as HTC BlinkFeed, HTC BoomSound and HTC UltraPixel.

So, you may be thinking this is all very nice but why would I want to use a dual-sim smartphone?

  • Simplicity – No need to juggle separate home & work phones: essentially a 2-in-1 device
  • Convenience – Have a spare SIM slot free for when you travel to use a local SIM card
  • Cost-efficiency – Use different tariffs for long-distance calls with no need to buy 2 phones
  • Organisation – Organise your work and personal life from the same device
  • Usage – Use separate tariffs for data and calls
  • Connectivity – Share your phone with a family member


There is no doubt about it, the dual SIM HTC One is a business class device. HTCPro allows you to put your professional world at your fingertips and corporate users will benefit from HTC Sense. This will support Microsoft Exchange and provisions for other Microsoft applications, including Office 365 and Lync. It will also support enterprise-grade features including on-board encryption, secure connectivity, secure password policies, remote data wiping and flexible Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions.

The HTC One dual SIM is probably the first device with two SIM card trays that has actually impressed me; using its reputation for being a top-quality handset this version of the One is sure to be a real winner.

For more information on specifications, features and pricing please visit the product page HERE.


Motorola Moto G vs HTC One

Moto G vs. HTC One

Continuing a series of comparison posts, I’ll put the budget Motorola Moto G side by side against a number of handsets. This week sees the Moto G against flagship devices, and although that might seem a little unfair at first to an entry level smartphone, I think you’ll be surprised at how good the Moto G looks next to the big boys.

Today is the HTC One, the award winning and beautiful top end unit from HTC. To see how the Moto G compares, click on the header image below to bring up a full side by side comparison image.

You can also find our full review of the Moto G here on the Clove Blog.


 If you would rather watch a video showing the spec comparison, just take a look at the following:

HTC One Dual SIM & Gold now available for pre-order

HTC_One_GoldHTC recently announced 2 further variations of the popular HTC One handset.

We are pleased to say that the HTC One Dual SIM and the Gold coloured HTC One is now available for pre-order at Clove.

We expect both devices to be available from January.

The Gold coloured unit carrys the exact same specification as the original HTC One, the only difference being the colour of the phone.

The Dual SIM variant on the other hand is slightly different in terms of its physical size and weight and the frequencies it supports.

It of course allows for 2 SIM cards to be inserted and does too offer now a microSD memory card slot, something that was not available on the original HTC One.

Unlike other dual-sim Smartphones, HTC’s dual active solution offers complete flexibility:

• Receive calls from either sim card at any time

• Switch seamlessly between both sim cards while you talk

• HTC Sense helps you manage calls, texts and data between sim cards effortlessly

• On-board Dual Network Manager allows you to select a preferred network and personalise the name of each SIM, eliminating any complexity

If you are keen to get your hands on one of these, you can pre-order now.   We will bring you more details and hands on coverage once we receive the first stock.


HTC One Mini Pros and Cons

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the HTC One Mini?

The HTC One was undoubtedly a head turner and got everybody talking about HTC again in a positive light. HTC went on to produce a scaled down variant of their flagship device in the HTC One Mini, I’m going to be taking a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of the One Mini to give you a better understanding of what it has to offer. If you’re interested in purchasing the HTC One Mini, we have it available to buy here on the Clove website.

HTC One Mini Pros

HTC_One_mini_Jul18Design/Build – HTC continued on with the premium design of the HTC One with the One Mini, the only obvious difference would be the polycarbonate trim that runs around the edge of the handset. The build quality is certainly worthy of a flagship device and makes for a perfect grip and pleasant viewing. You really cannot knock HTC’s engineering skills, they’ve kept a lot of great features that the original One had and still managed to cram them into a smaller handset; Hats off to them!

Display – Although the Mini isn’t a full HD (1080p) display you’d be hard pushed to tell. The 720p super LCD 2 display has a pixel density of 341 ppi which is extremely impressive for a mid-to-high end device. All of this is crammed into just 51 sq. cm making for a rich and vibrant display. The viewing angles are perfect and it performs extremely well in outdoor conditions even under direct sunlight. I’d have to say that the display was one of the best features on the One Mini for me.

Performance – The 1.4GHz dual-core processor coupled with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset make for a swift user experience. Navigating through the One Mini was a breeze, throughout my time with the One Mini I can safely sat that I experienced no lag or delay whatsoever. Web browsing was extremely smooth; loading pages faster than my original One when I had them side by side. The HTC One Mini is a capable multi-tasker with enough power to guarantee an extremely smooth experience.

Camera – HTC managed to include the UltraPixel sensor on the One Mini to everyone’s delight, the camera in terms of spec is right up there with the HTC One. The only slight snag is that they haven’t included image stabilization but apart from that you’ve got a camera capable of taking some wonderful shots. HTC Zoe is also featured within the settings and you can also enjoy full HD (1080p) video recording with an option to record in HDR mode.

HTC One Mini Cons

Lack of NFC – This is a slight drawback for me, most smartphones these days come with NFC capabilities. NFC is fast becoming the norm for many people so for HTC not to include NFC on the One Mini when Samsung have included it on the S4 Mini is somewhat of a risk if you ask me.

Battery – HTC had no choice but to scale down the battery size on the Mini and it definitely shows. I’m guessing many users will run in ‘power saving mode’ to guarantee a full days usage. I’d certainly recommend that you watch your gaming time and scrap watching any long videos as you’ll be sure to half your battery life in no time.

No expandable storage – With just 16GB of internal storage and no option to expand the memory; you’re not really left with much to play about with; especially when you consider that you’re only actually left with around 10GB of user memory once Android 4.2 and Sense 5 have taken their cut.

Price – At £316.66 (£379.99 inc. VAT) you’re certainly getting an extremely capable smartphone but when you compare it to the S4 Mini at £285.00 (£342.00 inc. VAT) you can’t help but raise a few questions. I’d personally say that the One Mini is slightly overpriced for a mid to high end device.

Conclusion – If you’re looking for a scaled down version of arguably the best phone on the market then you will not be disappointed with the HTC One Mini, HTC have packed some fantastic features into one beautifully engineered smartphone. The only real concerns that I have are whether the battery is big enough to withstand the demands of the Mini. HTC took the decision not to include NFC which is a bit odd as most entry level/mid range devices feature NFC these days; this may deter the odd few potential buyers but apart from those small negatives I’d highly recommend the HTC One Mini.

HTC One Mini review


What exactly have HTC crammed into the One Mini?

The smartphone market is an extremely fickle place, one day we’re having the largest smartphones to date shoved under our noses with slogans suggesting that we’re better off with a larger handset as they make for a better browsing experience etc. and the next we’re being told that the latest top end manufacturers are set to release a ‘mini’ variant of their flagship device as there’s a market for smaller handsets; Confusing eh?

Although we love getting our hands on smartphones with large high res displays, it has to be said that we’re also a fan of the smaller ones. Smaller displays naturally make for smaller handsets which in turn are generally more comfortable in the hand, easier to slip into your pocket and let’s face it; you don’t look like a complete idiot when holding it to your ear.

Mini handsets generally have to cut corners in terms of their specification which is to be expected, however; the HTC One Mini is carved from arguably the best Smartphone on the market in the HTC One, so what can we expect from the smaller sibling?


The One Mini is certainly a sleek looking handset taking almost identical characteristics from the HTC One. The One Mini features the same curved aluminium chassis that got everyone foaming at the mouth when the One was first announced. The only main difference is that the One Mini features an off white polycarbonate trim that runs around the edges of the handset. You can look at this as a slight drawback but it coincides nicely with the silver back in my opinion.


[Read more…]

LG G2 v HTC One

LG G2 v HTC One spec comparison

The HTC One has been desired by many for it’s aluminium body and sleek looks but it isn’t all about this, other specifications can make a phone desirable.

The G2 from LG is the latest handset to potentially compete with the One, so how do the specifications compare.

Click the image below to get a look at the key specification differences.