X-ray of HTC Desire

I thought I would share this image this morning as it is something a bit different. I have just come across this X-ray of the HTC Desire. I’m no expert X-rays, but I know it would have been a more complex procedure than just putting the handset under an X-ray machine. Credit to Sloeman for the image.

HTC Desire gets Android 2.3 (With a catch)

HTC_Desire_Bravo (2)So there was lots of discussion around Android 2.3 on the original HTC Desire.  First they weren’t going to do it, then they would but with some limitations and now they have with even more.

The long and the short of it is, unless your are a techie (if you are you have probably moved onto a new device) and are in desperate need of Android 2.3 on your HTC Desire, it’s not worth bothering because the user experience will be poor in comparison.

Here is the official statement from HTC.

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Smartphone Photography–Camera App Focus–HTC Desire

Another camera application focus here.  This time on the original HTC Desire.  It may not be the newest of the most flash of the HTC range, but it is one of the most popular.

You will see how newer devices has an enhanced camera app and settings but for most the HTC Desire has a more than capable application for altering quite a few settings and getting different image results.

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A closer look–HTC Desire S

A closer look at the HTC Desire S.

HTC Desire (original model) to be discontinued soon -Last stock selling through–pick up a piece of history

imageThe HTC Desire has just essentially been replaced with the all new and updated HTC Desire S

However the HTC Desire has without doubt been one of the most popular smartphones of the last 12 months with thousands adopting the handset each month.  It is one of the smartphones that has been responsible for the boom in Android and smartphone ownership.

Here at Clove, 3 staff members, including myself have owned and loved it.

It just works fantastically.  It is a great size in screen and thickness, powerful and capable of a days work.

However as with all smartphones there is a time when they are no longer made or sold, and now is that time for the Desire to be laid to rest in the history books and in our opinion be awarded a honorary title of one of the most popular smartphones of all time.

imageWhilst HTC have not just yet given notice of ceasing production, we have been informed that no more will be coming into the UK.

There are just a few handsets still available in the UK channel in varying colour variants.


In stock at Clove we have the HTC Desire Graphite and the HTC Desire in White.

To top this off both units have recently been reduced in price, with the White coming in at just £219 + VAT.

If you have yet to invest in a smartphone, want a backup, think a family member could do with one, then you can not go wrong with the HTC Desire; just look at the features:

  • Google Android 2.2 with HTC Sense interface
  • 1GHz Processor
  • 3.7 inch SLCD display for better quality image resolution whilst using less power
  • HSDPA wireless connectivity
  • Bluetooth 2.1 EDR
  • WiFi 802.11b/g
  • Internal GPS antenna
  • Optical, clickable trackball
  • Less than 12mm thick
  • 135g in weight
  • 1400mAh battery
  • MicroUSB connectivity
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • FM Radio
  • MicroSDHC memory card slot (with 4GB MicroSDHC card included)
  • HTC Friend Stream
  • 2 year warranty

Click one of the images below to be taken through to the product pages for these devices.



What do you think of the HTC Desire, do you think it is worthy of the title of one of the most popular smartphones of all time?

P.S.Support will continue for the Desire, should anyone be concerned.

I miss the ‘Quietly Brilliant’

HTC_RGB_Strapline_LargeFor the last 12 months I have been using a HTC Desire, but recently I have switched to a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc to see what the newer devices have to offer.

I really like the Arc, the camera especially is brilliant but there are a few small things that I really do miss, but two things in particular highlights to me and re-confirms the tag line ‘Quietly Brilliant’ of HTC.

The one thing I miss most is the feature that when your phone rang, if face up, you could just turn the HTC Desire over, so the screen faces down onto a desktop and it would silence the ringtone, but not reject the call.

I often find that I am in a meeting or on the phone and I have forgotten to put my phone on silent and that feature was so great because it was not as rude (in my opinion) as just rejecting the call.


On a similar tangent, if the Desire was in a bag or pocket, it would sense this and ring louder, and once removed, the ringtone would reduce in volume, again making it more polite, especially if you are in the middle of a face to face conversation or in a quiet environment.

These are not necessarily features on their own that would make me switch back to the Desire, but they really do demonstrate how small things can make a difference and you do not realise it until you don’t have them. 

Sony Ericsson Arc camera is immense!

This post is not intended to be one that critiques the camera of the Sony Ericsson Arc or other such devices.

My intention here is to simply show that how for the average smartphone user, devices such as the Arc can be used as replacements to digital cameras in some scenarios.

I am not a big camera user but from time to time I like to get some photos and carrying just one device is convenient.  My HTC Desire always took what I considered to be more than acceptable shots, but switching to the Arc has made me realise just what differences do exist.

Megapixels should relate to the size of the overall image, but there are more technical things that come into play – but that is for another day.

Just take a look at the following 4 photos, the first 2 were taken on the Sony Ericsson Arc with standard settings, whilst the last took were taken on the HTC Desire with standard settings – see the differences?





HTC Desire S Now available to pre-order at Clove

The HTC Desire S is now available to pre-order from Clove. After the huge demand that we experienced with the HTC Desire, we would recommend getting an order in nice and early if you would like a handset from the first batch of stock that arrives.

The HTC Desire S is one of 6 devices announced by HTC at MWC 2011 and picks up where its predecessor left off. A refreshed design and improved feature set is bound to tempt owners of the original Desire, and anyone else for that matter.

Here’s a run-through of the Desire S spec:

  • 1GHz 8255 Snapdragon Processor
  • Stunning Aluminium Design
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread with HTC Sense
  • 3.7” Touch Screen Display
  • 1.1GB of Internal Storage
  • VGA Front Facing Camera

HTC & BlackBerry take 2 prizes each in What Mobile Awards


The What Mobile Awards 2010 winners have now been announced and we’re pleased to say that both HTC and BlackBerry have won awards. Here’s a list of all the awards that were given, unfortunately Clove didn’t quite make best online retailer.

Best Manufacturer
Commended: Apple, RIM

Mobile Phone of the Year
HTC Desire
Commended: Apple iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S

Best Non-Touchscreen Phone
BlackBerry Bold 9700
Commended: BlackBerry 9300 Curve 3G, Nokia E5

Best Phone for Business
BlackBerry Bold 9700
Commended: Apple iPhone 4, BlackBerry 9300 Curve 3G

Best Touchscreen Phone
Apple iPhone 4
Commended: HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy S, Sony Ericsson X10 mini pro

Best Phone for Multimedia
Apple iPhone 4
Commended: Samsung Galaxy S, Nokia N8

Best Mobile Accessory
Three MiFi (Huawei)
Commended: One For All Universal Charger, Jawbone ICON with MyTalk

Best Mobile Game
Angry Birds (Rovio)
Commended: Monkey Island 2 Special Edition (Lucasarts), Plants vs Zombies (PopCap Games)

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Sony Ericsson X10 range Android 2.1 Update Coming Soon

XPERIA_X10_Black_a The Sony Ericsson X10 is a device that has been overshadowed at times by competitors such as the HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S. Launched with Android 1.6 (Donut), the X10 was Sony’s first major attempt at an Android handset and was followed up with the X10 mini and X10 mini pro. The good news is an update for the X10 to Android 2.1 (Éclair) will be rolled out to users throughout November.

According to the official Sony Ericsson blog, the update will be installed via the Sony Ericsson PC Companion (instead of Over The Air) due to its size. Instructions will pop up on the device when the update is ready to be received. The full update will provide the following features:

Xperia X10:

• HD video recording with continuous auto-focus for high quality videos

• Upgrade of the Android platform to Android 2.1

• New back up and restore application, with extended content back up

• 5 homescreens for apps, widgets, shortcuts and folders

• Social phonebook which automatically syncs contact pictures from Facebook and shows when your friends are online

Xperia X10 mini and X10 mini pro:

• Improved Bluetooth functionality with support for sending and receiving pictures, contacts and more

• New backup and restore application with extended content back up

• Automatic synchronization of your contact pictures between Facebook and your phone book

• Improved ways of handling pictures, audio, text and numbers in your messages

• Upgrade of the Android platform to Android platform 2.1

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