Nokia Lumia 820 vs HTC 8S

We’re going to compare these two mid range Windows Phone 8 devices. Who has won the battle between the Nokia Lumia 820 & the HTC 8S? we’ll leave it up to you to decide..

OS: Both devices are operating on the latest windows OS; Windows Phone 8. There isn’t too much to draw between the two when it comes to the operating system.

Processor: The two handsets are both running on Qualcomm Series 4 (S4) dual-core chipsets. There is a notable difference with the speed of the processors, the 8S is clocked at 1GHz with 512MB of RAM where the Lumia 820 is a lot faster at 1.5GHz with 1GB of RAM. The difference in processing speed will be a huge deciding factor for many as the difference will be quite noticeable when gaming and running numerous apps at the same time.

Display: The Nokia Lumia 820 features a 4.3-inch AMOLED screen with an 800×480 pixel resolution and 217 pixels-per-inch (PPI) along with their latest technology ‘ClearBlack’ which enhances both contrast and black and dark colour depth. The HTC 8S features a 4-inch super LCD screen with a 800×480 pixel resolution, the 8S has a higher pixel density at 233 (PPI). There really isn’t too much to chose between these two displays as the difference is hardly significant.

Storage: The internal storage may be an issue for some; the Lumia 820 has a capacity of 8GB compared to that of the HTC 8S that only offers 4GB. Both devices have expandable storage for up to 32GB.

Camera: Let’s not forget that these are mid range Smartphones; so the tech won’t be up there with the likes of the SGS3 & the HTC One X (Plus). The Lumia 820 definitely steals the march on the HTC 8S when it comes to camera quality. The 820 features a 8-megapixel camera with the high quality Carl Zeiss lens and dual LED flash along with 1080p video capture. The HTC 8S comes with a 5-megapixel camera along with the standard features but only 720p video capture. There’s only one winner here.

Design: The Lumia 820 (123.8 mm x 68.5 mm x 9.9 mm) is slightly larger than the HTC 8S (120.5 x 63 x 10.28 mm) and is approximately 50 grams heavier. Both devices have rounded edges and a smooth finish. The 820 naturally feels bulkier in the hand compared to that of the 8S but it does come down to personal preference of course.

Conclusion: Personally I feel that the Lumia 820 is the clear winner, Nokia have just edged it with the higher spec and camera qualities. If it came down to the value then the HTC 8S would clearly be the better option – but in terms of overall quality; the Lumia 820 has stolen the mid-range crown!

HTC 8S Windows Phone Sample Images

Images captured at full 5 megapixels on the HTC 8S camera

Click on each image to enlarge. 


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Windows Phone 8: the third wheel or a genuine contender?

The growing popularity of Android and iOS has some people worried that we are facing an era of mobile monopoly, but with two major players dominating the market. It is hard to judge if this is a big problem because having two companies dominating is not a constrictive situation in most industries.

In the mobile industry, however, it means that the best apps, accessories and news coverage will gravitate towards those two platforms and this puts the others at a disadvantage which is not easy to recover from. With RIM struggling to bring relevance to the BlackBerry platform, we are left with Microsoft to try to break the stranglehold that Google and Apple have at this time.

I have spent the past week working with Windows Phone and come to some conclusions as to where it is at currently, what could be improved and what potential it has.

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Quick Review: HTC 8S

I wanted to spend some quality time with Windows Phone 8 and also needed a phone running the platform for some projects, so I phoned Clove and ordered an HTC 8S. It looked like a decent entry into the world of Windows Phone and I would not be blowing my bank account to test it out.

The 8S is available for £224.99 which is low for any smartphone and you would be forgiven for ignoring it on that fact alone. With high-end smartphones passing £400 regularly it is easy to presume that to get a decent mobile experience, you need to spend roughly twice the cost of the 8S. The 8S has proved to me that this is not always the case- you can experience a practical and engaging smartphone experience without spending a fortune and there are many reasons why the 8S shines-

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HTC 8S Windows Phone Unboxing

Hands on with the HTC 8S Windows Phone

Check out the following video to see our hands on of the Windows Phone 8S by HTC.

SIM-free HTC 8S Blue now due to arrive 23rd November

We have just had an update to say that the first stock of the SIM-free HTC 8S Blue is now due to arrive on November 23rd. At the moment we do not have a date as to when the other colours can be expected, but we will provide an update once the information is available.

The 8S is the second Windows Phone 8 handset to be released by HTC, with its larger sibling the 8X having launched earlier this month. It features a slightly less powerful feature set, although the difference in screen size between the two is a mere 0.3 of an inch. Unlike the 8X, the HTC 8S does have a microSD slot as well, meaning it does have the potential for larger overall storage if used with a 32GB card.

The pricing of the 8S caused quite a stir when we announced it back in September. At just £224.99 including VAT, the 8S gives you the chance to try Windows Phone 8 at a great price and in a very stylish handset. It follows the same vibrant colouring as the 8X, with a matte finish and lightweight design that feels great in the hand.

Check back to the Clove blog for further updates, videos and a review once the handset has launched.

HTC 8X launching November 2nd, HTC 8S November 15th.

We have now had a more precise time frame confirmed for the HTC 8X and HTC 8S, which are due to launch November 2nd and November 15th respectively.

The new Windows Phone 8 handsets by HTC offer vibrant designs and solid build quality at fantastic prices. The flagship HTC 8X is priced at £399.98 inc VAT and the 8S £224.99. We’ll have a detailed look at both once we’ve had stock in.

HTC 8X & 8S available to order

Last night, HTC announced to the world the HTC 8X and the 8S (yes it will get confusing with the One X and One S), 2 new Windows Phone 8 smartphones.

On first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking they were Nokia designed phones, but they are quite different.

HTC have put a lot of effort into producing something special.

Having had hands on with these already we can say that they are very thin, they really are.  Smooth edges and a curved back make them feel more comfortable in the palm of your hand, there are too an array of interesting colour options.

So what do they have to offer?


HTC 8X Features

  • Windows Phone 8
  • Qualcomm S4 1.5GHz dual-core processor
  • 4.3″ Super LCD 2 touch screen, Gorilla Glass 2
  • 8MP camera with wide angle lens
  • 2.1MP front facing camera with wide angle lens
  • Beats Audio integration
  • Iconic, colourful design
  • NFC
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • 3G
  • MicroSIM
  • 1800mAh battery, built-in
  • 132.35 x 66.2 x 10.12 mm
  • 130g with battery

HTC 8S Features

  • Windows Phone 8
  • Qualcomm S3 1GHz dual-core processor
  • 4″ Super LCD display with Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Beats Audio integration
  • 4GB Internal Storage
  • MicroSD expansion slot
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G
  • 5MP Camera
  • Internal GPS GLONASS
  • MicroSIM

Both handsets are due into stock in November.

Prices are:

HTC 8X – £399.99 inc VAT (£333.33 excluding) – CLICK HERE TO ORDER

HTC 8S – £224.99 inc VAT (£187.49 excluding) – CLICK HERE TO ORDER

We took a shot of the HTC 8X and 8S sat next to a Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  You can see that the Windows Phones are in fact very similarly sized, yet they have smaller screens!


As we mentioned earlier, HTC have put a lot of work into the design of these handsets and you can find out more about this by watching the following video:

You can read the full press release below:

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