Google Nexus 7 (2013 edition) price drops – Prices start from £133

275x175_Nexus 7 2013Google may have just announced the new Nexus 9, but for some a smaller 7″ display may be more appealing.

So lets get to the point, we have some special offers on the Nexus 7 2013 model.

16GB WiFi only model – £133.33 ex VAT or £160 including.  Direct from the Google Play Store this would be £199 – A £40 saving from Clove. BUY HERE.

32GB WiFi only model – £166.66 ex VAT or £199.99 including.  Direct from the Google Play Store this would be £239 – A £39 saving from Clove. BUY HERE.

32GB WiFi & LTE model – £200.00 ex VAT or £240.00 including.  Direct from the Google Play Store this would be £299 – A £59 saving from Clove. BUY HERE.

Stocks are limited so act fast!

Google Nexus 7 32GB – Now £225

275x175_Nexus 7 2013We currently have an offer running where the Google Nexus 5 is £50 cheaper than the official Google Play store price for the 32GB variant in either Black or White (more on that here).

In line with this offer, we have now reduced the price of the 32GB Nexus 7.  Whilst not quite such a significant difference, you can save £14 over the official Play Store price.

Why not get yourself equipped with a Nexus 7 and a Nexus 5 and you will have a great combination, a smartphone and a tablet.

For more information or to save yourself a few pounds on the Nexus 7, just click here and order yours today.

Connect a portable DVD player to Android USB OTG device without rooting

The video below has been created by YouTube user veryannoyingname and shows you how to connect a portable DVD player (in this case the Samsung DVD burner external se-se 208bw) to an Android device that supports USB On-The-Go (OTG).

Usually playback on a television or tablet would not be supported, but by long pressing eject, the drive is switched into AV mode and the files are converted into FAT 32 format and can then be played on a compatible device using Nexus Media Importer. This is a paid for app, but to first check compatibility you can install Nexus Photo Viewer, which is free.

This is a great setup if you travel a lot and have a large DVD collection, especially for devices such as the Nexus 7 which have low internal storage memory variants.

Google confirms Nexus 4, Nexus 10 & new Nexus 7 variants

Google has officially confirmed the Nexus 4 (made by LG), the Nexus 10 (made by Samsung) and new variants of the Nexus 7 (made by ASUS). The new devices will go on sale on the Google Play Store on November 13th. We’ll let you know as soon as we have them available to order on the Clove website.

All new Nexus devices will run Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, which means that we can also expect other Nexus devices to be upgraded from 4.1 to 4.2 shortly. Arguably the most notable feature of Jelly Bean 4.2 is that it allows multi-user support from the lock screen, making it easy to switch between multiple users/accounts on one device.

Google has also confirmed that music will be available to purchase from the Play Store from November 13th in the UK. European users will also able to add up to 20,000 songs from their existing collection for free to Google Music (a feature previously reserved for the US only). A new music matching service will also launch in Europe from the 13th (and the US shortly thereafter).

More info and pricing on the Play Store:

Nexus 4

Nexus 7

Nexus 10

Portable Car Entertainment System for the Nexus 7

The video has been put together by one of our readers, Vinay, and shows how you can use your Nexus 7 as part of a portable car entertainment system (which could also be used in hotel rooms, etc.). This set up works without rooting your Nexus 7.

Using a Samsung Optical Smart Hub (~£70), USB Flash Drive, Nexus 7 (and an inverter for car use), you can read, write or stream files from CD, DVD, flash storage or a hard drive. Two people are able to watch the same DVD on different devices, but at different stages if you so choose, and up to for people can stream files from USB memory.

The ability to write to various storage solutions also gives you the means to easily backup your Nexus 7. For more info, see the comments on the YouTube video or see this XDA thread.

Google Nexus 7 demo videos

If you’re subscribed to the Google Nexus YouTube channel, you will have been getting through demo videos over the last few days for the Google Nexus 7. The videos give very basic instructions for the Nexus 7, but if you click through to the Google Nexus channel (or click the image below), you’ll see a nice custom design that frames the videos within a Nexus 7. Also read on after the cut for a video that a Googler created to use the Nexus 7 to propose to his fiancé. Awww. 


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Nexus 7 TV Commercial

This TV commercial for the Nexus 7 has got me in the mood for some Jurassic Park viewing in the woods. Note the clever phrase ‘the playground is now open’ at the end.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2: The tablet nobody is talking about

How does Samsung’s new tab square up to the Nexus 7?

The Google Nexus 7 is seen as the Jesus tablet of the Android world and it is true that it is gaining lots of attention from the mass media, consumers and those in the market for an affordable tablet with a good screen and decent specifications. There is, however, an alternative.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 follows a fairy long line of Android tablet efforts from Samsung, most of which I haven’t enjoyed at all or considered to be too expensive, but this one surprised me a lot.

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Why do Nexus devices have no SD card slot?

Why do devices like the Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and Galaxy Nexus have no microSD card slot?

Update: You may also like to read ‘Multi user support could make microSD inclusion problematic for Android OEMs going forward’.

Earlier this year, we polled readers to determine with how much importance they regard microSD expansion. From the sample we took, it seemed that the majority would still be content without it. Now that the Nexus 7 has been announced, which does not have one, the debate about microSD slots has been started once again.


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Google Nexus 7 hands-on

How does Google’s Jelly Bean tablet shape up?

We’re still waiting for further details to come through on the Google Nexus 7, but in the meantime here’s an extract from an initial hands-on from PC Advisor, who were very impressed after managing to get an early look after the Jelly Bean tablet was announced last week.

Google Nexus 7 tablet screen

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