Yota E-Ink phone going into production

We posted back in December about the Yota Android phone that would have 2 screens. A colour display on the font and a E-Ink display on the rear. According to Android Authority this device is now set to go into production. Now the company has announced that it has signed a deal with Singapore Hi-P […]

First Android handset with a second E-Ink display launching next year

It seems that a marriage between smartphones and E-Ink technology will be inevitable within the next couple of years. We’ve already had a look at the Chinese Android smartphone from Onyx that will be an outright E-Ink device. Then there’s the popSLATE – a case for the iPhone 5 that puts an E-Ink display on […]

The E-Ink case: give the back of your phone Kindle-like capabilities

E-Ink coming soon to smartphones Back in October we posted about an E-Ink Android smartphone that’s in the works. However, it looks like the technology could be coming to handsets even sooner in the form of a case for the iPhone. The popSLATE is a case that has an E-Ink screen built into it. It […]

E-Ink Android smartphone could offer a week’s battery life

Anyone that’s used a Kindle e-reader will know the advantages of an E-Ink device – it has incredible battery life and is highly visible in direct sunlight. This does come with disadvantages – at the moment displays are black and white and page refreshes are slow – but in the right situation these sacrifices are […]