The advantages of going SIM free

Why breaking out of network contracts is a powerful experience Stop for a second and consider how the phone in your pocket is able to communicate with others and allows messages, calls and all sorts of multimedia to flow between you and the rest of the world. The SIM card inside your phone is registered […]

Clove Adverts #clove20

How our adverts have changed over time With 20 years of trading it is fair to say we have advertised in a very wide range of places over time.  The following are a few examples of how our adverts have evolved over the course of our trading.

Clove Technology Turns 20 Years Old

Celebrating 20 years of business We are very proud to announce that as of today, Clove Technology has been trading for 20 years. A fantastic achievement, we hope you agree.  Thank you to all that have supported us, past and present. To celebrate we have a whole series of giveaways running until the end of […]

Clove Vlog #50 – Wireless Charging

Is wireless charging the future? In the 50th vlog from Clove we discuss how you handle your smartphone in your personal life, how many times you pick it up, check for missed calls and more.

Clove Vlog #49 – The Only Winner is Google

Google Nexus Devices – Who wins from being a part of it? In the 49th vlog from Clove we look at how the advent of the Nexus series of devices means that the only real winner is indeed Google.

Follow Cove Technology on Instagram

We have been using Instagram for a short period here @ Clove and we are loving it! We think it is a great way for customers/fans to follow all the latest happenings within our company, whether it be a shot of the office one day or a first look at a brand new device that […]