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BlackBerry Z10 v Q5

BlackBerry Z10 v BlackBerry Q5 spec comparison

The Z10 was the first device to be announced that would run the BlackBerry 10 OS.  The Q10 then followed.  The Q5 is a newer handset in the BlackBerry range, but how does it compare with the Z10.

Click the image below to see a specification comparison of the BlackBerry Z10 against the Q5.

BlackBerry Q10 v Z10

BlackBerry Q10 v Z10 spec comparison

BlackBerry announced the Z10 as the first device to run BlackBerry 10 and it was too a device that did away with the traditional keyboard.  The Q10 later followed bringing with it the keyboard that BlackBerry fans of old loved.

How do they compare in hardware capability?  The Q10 is put head to head with the Z10 in the following specification comparison.  Just click the image below to enlarge and see how they compare.

BlackBerry Z10 Black £80 price drop!

BlackBerry Z10 price reduction

The price of the SIM-free BlackBerry Z10 has just received a hefty price drop of £70, which adds up to £84 including VAT. At the moment it’s only the black version of the handset that has been dropped in price, not the white.

Along with its keyboard counterpart, the Q10, the BlackBerry Z10 has spearheaded BlackBerry’s quest to reestablish itself within the smartphone market. It’s a slick device and the BlackBerry 10 operating system has some great features built into it.

You can read our full review of the Z10 here.

Below is a quick run through of the main features of the Z10 and a video comparing its size to rival devices. You can view our other Z10 video content here.

BlackBerry Z10 Main Features:

  • BB10 OS
  • 4.2 inch high resolution screen
  • 1.5 GHz dual-core
  • Updated BlackBerry services: Hub, Browser, Keyboard, Balance and World
  • 8MP camera with Time Shift
  • 16 GB internal storage
  • Up to 64 GB micro SD card

BlackBerry announces BBM Channels

BlackBerry ChannelsWe saw some big announcements at BlackBerry Live yesterday; BBM is coming to Android iOS and there’s a new budget BlackBerry to be released, the Q5. As well as this, BlackBerry has announced BBM Channels – a Twitter-like service for BlackBerry Messenger.

The beta release of BlackBerry Channels can be downloaded from BlackBerry Beta Zone.

With BBM Channels, organisations or individual users can create a stream on content to share and interact with others in real-time. To promote the beta launch of BBM Channels, Lewis Hamilton joined Thorsten Heins on stage to announce the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS channel.

The idea behind channels is that organisations can publish content and then discuss it directly with fans. For such organisations there are built-in tools to monitor engagement and assess followers. Channels can be managed directly from a BlackBerry handset or from the web.

For users, there is a new discovery tool for finding new channels, which can be shared using a BB Pin or QR code. There’s also the ability to subscribe to a channel – much like Twitter – so that you receive updates as soon as new content is published.

The new BBM Channels beta is available for smartphones running BlackBerry 10 (the Q10 and the Z10) and BlackBerry handsets running BlackBerry 5 OS through 7.1.

Be sure to let us know what you think if you give it a try!

BlackBerry Z10 User Manual/User Guide

Below you will find the official BlackBerry Z10 user manual.

BlackBerry Z10 available 1st March

There have been very few places form which you can source an unlocked and SIM FREE BlackBerry Z10 since it’s launch.

That task is about to get a bit easier as from the 1st March, here at Clove we will have SIM FREE units available for shipping.

They will be the black coloured Z10’s that we will have in stock.

White units are expected at a later date, but an exact date is still to be confirmed.

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BlackBerry Z10 Review

It’s no secret in the mobile industry that BlackBerry, formerly RIM, has needed a drastic change of direction to halt what has been a rather ungraceful decline in recent years. The release of BlackBerry OS 10, built on the foundations of QNX purchased by RIM in 2010 and powering the ill-fated, although generally critically well received PlayBook, has been plagued by delays and now arrives a full 18 months since the release of the last BlackBerry device – an eon in the fast lane lifecycles of smartphones.


No-one can be sure when the final decision was made to drop the company name RIM and drive forward under the single banner of BlackBerry, but if the Z10 box that states in small print “2013 Research in Motion Limited (“RIM”)” is anything to go by, it seems like it can’t have been too long ago. It makes perfect sense from a consumer point of view to drop the RIM brand; the average consumer likely didn’t know the difference between the two anyway and it is this type of consistency that helps to show a clear direction for a company which looks to be in desperate need of one.

Enter the Z10, a handset with a new operating system for the modern landscape of devices dominated by Apple and a whole dessert cart of Android flavours. Could a BlackBerry be the final fruit to sweeten the market? Or will it leave a bitter taste in the mouth and be the last time it gets ordered?

As the Z10 and BB10 are completely new entrants in the current environment, I’m going to split this review in two. The first section will take a look at my first impressions of the Z10 and the standard smartphone hardware features a review generally covers. The second part is going to take a more in depth look at BB10 itself and how navigating and operating the new interface impacts on the experience of using the Z10. So read on for my full review.

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BB10 Tour: BlackBerry Browser

Browsing experience is incredibly important on modern devices. Smartphones are the mobile gateway of choice to the Internet and the new BlackBerry Browser has been designed to make the most of the modern Internet. The new browser is the most HTML5 compliant mobile browser to date, so new and future games, videos and multimedia can all be accessed without any issue. The video also goes into detail about elegantly organising bookmarks and tags

BlackBerry Z10 video sample

A short video showing some sample footage captured in 1080p HD resolution on the BlackBerry Z10.


BB10 Tour: BlackBerry World

Applications are the lifeblood of modern smartphone ecosystems and RIM have updated the storefront for BlackBerry applications with BlackBerry World. With a clean new interface and an expanded range of options including apps, games, music, magazines, books and videos, BlackBerry World is the one stop shop for everything new to install on your new BB10 device