DuoLingo language learning app now available for Android

DuoLingo, the popular language learning app for iOS, has now launched for Android devices. DuoLingo currently offers lessons for learning Spanish, German, French, Portugese and Italian. English can also be learned with Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese as the base language.  One of the main reasons for DuoLingo’s popularity on iOS is the way in […]

Apps you wish you knew about sooner–recommend yours

Be it an Android, iOS, BlackBerry or Windows Phone device there are countless apps that are available through the relevant marketplaces. Unless you are super human, you could not possibly know about them all and what benefits they can bring. Of course there are the very big and popular apps which are almost self explanatory, […]

Auto upload photos to Flickr–Android app

The big news this morning is the flickr is now offering everyone 1 terabyte of FREE photo storage. With a whopping 1 terabyte you can store an incredible 873,813 4 megapixel photos or 218,453 16 megapixel images. You can not deny that this is impressive. So with so much storage how to make best use […]

All you can eat app–unlimited app downloads for a flat monthly fee

Obtaining all the latest Android apps on your smartphone or tablet can become a really expensive exercise, especially if you want to just trial ‘full’ paid apps for longer than the 15 minute window offered by Google. You only need to buy 3 or 4 apps a month and you could be easily spending in […]

New Android app: PushBullet

PushBullet is an app that solves a minor frustration that you will likely have suffered often as an Android user, but not found a good all-in-one solution to remedy: having data on your desktop that you want to push quickly to your mobile device. PushBullet enables you to easily push notes, addresses, lists and files […]

Is it right for Google to snub Windows Phones?

Microsoft v Google – It is an ongoing battle The current situation between Google and Windows devices is often referred to as “anti-competitive”, with the search giants making a very public decision not to produce applications that are supported on Windows phone’s. In fact, as far as we can see Google refuses to acknowledge that […]

Android receives much anticipated USB audio recording capability

USB Microphone options on Android Audio professionals seeking an android USB audio recording solution have had their prayers answered. Audio recording and playback is now possible with minimal effort thanks to exTream, the creators of the app. “USB Audio Recorder PRO” utilises USB host functionality to transmit high quality audio, similar to using a Windows […]

Android apps ‘leak’ personal info

Millions of people using Android apps are at risk of having their personal data leaked, research indicates. Scientists tested 13,500 Android apps and found almost 8% failed to protect bank account and social media logins. By creating a fake wi-fi hotspot and using a specially created attack tool to spy on the data the apps […]

Applorer: Find best FREE Games

Having trouble finding new games on Google Play? Google Play is an ever expanding marketplace with the number of apps available now surpassing the 600,000 mark. Many of these apps are games, both free to play and premium. The choice is excellent, however finding something new or in a genre which you like can often […]

InstaWifi out of beta, available in Play Store

Last month we previewed a great new app called InstaWifi, which enables you to connect to a WiFi network instantly by scanning a QR code or NFC tag. The good news is that the app has now been made available to download from the Google Play store, and it’s free. Click here to see our […]

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