What Samsung Galaxy Has the Best Camera in 2018?

In this age of social media sharing and selfie-snapping, who doesn’t want a great camera on their smartphone? The Samsung Galaxy range is a great choice of you want something that offers superb image quality, as they are renowned for the quality of their cameras. But not all Samsung Galaxy cameras are created equal! In […]

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Are Unlocked Phones Worth It and Cheaper?

As one of the leading suppliers of unlocked smartphones, selling thousands of devices since our launch in 1992, we often have to answer questions from new customers. One of the more common questions that we see, is whether it’s worth buying an unlocked smartphone versus one bought on contract. In today’s short guide, we wanted […]

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Taking the Pic: Clove Technology’s Best Smartphone Cameras

When looking to purchase a new smartphone device, one of the many features that catches the attention is the capabilities of the camera. Specs on display are upgraded year on year, leaving many to ditch their portable cameras in favour of their trusty phones. But which smartphone cameras currently on the market are the best […]

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IGTV: Is Instagram’s New Video Platform The Future?

In IGTV, Instagram yesterday unveiled a new platform allowing its users to create longer video clips of up to an hour in length.     This new long-form feature will mean that popular creators and celebrities will be able to create their own original series for the platform (who wouldn’t want to see Kim Kardashian […]

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Comparisons: BlackBerry KEY2 v KeyONE

It’s not long until stock of the eagerly anticipated BlackBerry KEY2 becomes available from Clove Technology and already, interest in the device has been through the roof. But how exactly does it differ from it’s predecessor, the BlackBerry KeyONE?   Design At first glance, the KEY2 doesn’t look hugely different to the KeyONE, however several […]

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Gemini PDA Now In Stock: 4G £599 Wi-Fi £499

Gemini PDA Clove Technology In Stock

Since we first reported on it last year, the Gemini PDA has been quietly gathering speed. Initially conceived as a crowdfunded prototype on Indiegogo, this quirky clamshell has now been manufactured and is in the hands of early backers around the world. One question we’ve been fielding from lots of people for over a year […]

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5 Must-Have Holiday Essentials from Clove Technology

As the sun peaks through the clouds (as much as it ever does in the UK!), many of you will be jet setting around the globe to catch some summer rays. Time in the sun deserves ultimate relaxation, and we have a number of options that are essential for a relaxing time away.     […]

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World Cup 2018: Comparing National Sides & Clove Technology Smartphones

After a long four years, the 2018 World Cup has finally kicked off in Russia. We could spend hours comparing squads and statistics to make our winning predictions. Instead, we decided to compare each of the top sides to some of our favourite smartphones, all available from Clove Technology. Germany Current World Cup holders, the […]

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Clove Technology: Father’s Day Gifts 2018

As Father’s Day rapidly approaches in the UK, finding that gift to show your appreciation can be tricky. Thankfully, here at Clove we have a number of options that make the perfect gifts this Father’s Day!   PlayStation VR Want to show Dad the world this Father’s Day but don’t have the funds to match […]

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Sony PlayStation 4 Days of Play Limited Edition £249.99 – In Stock

Sony is currently offering 11 days of deals on games and hardware.  So, you should be able to pick up a game or accessory for a great price. To celebrate this occasion, Sony has released a special limited edition PlayStation 4.  The Sony PlayStation 4 – Days of Play Limited Edition.  It includes two special […]

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