Get ready for SuperMHL with up to 8K video transfer

Look to the future with 8K video

SuperMHL 1We have all become used to the benefits of MHL connections.  They have made it convenient to connect your portable device to a TV screen, and view your content without hassles, which has liberated all of us.

The fact that you could also potentially charge your mobile device while there was a connection to your TV screen made it the ideal plug and play solution.

Over the last few years the MHL consortium has been gradually evolving the specification, improving its capabilities. Up until recently version 3.0 was the best available with it offering the ability to transfer up to 4K video at 30 fps with high quality audio.  It also provided support for connection of up to 4 displays to a single device.

If you would like to find out a bit more about MHL then see our earlier post What is MHL?

The MHL consortium has however released a new specification which brings with it some major improvements.  The most staggering of these improvements is the ability to transfer 8K video at an incredible 120 fps.  Now that is looking to the future, most of us are still getting our heads around 4K video. But it is exciting technology is moving at such an incredible pace.

So besides the headline 8K video capacities what does SuperMHL offer us?  The answer is a great deal.  Firstly they have introduced support for the USB Type-C connector which is full reversible.  So you will no longer have to worry about orientation of your cable when inserting it.

There is also now 40 Watts of power charging, which is a major improvement on the pervious standard, expanding the possibilities for connecting and powering more equipment within your living room.

Multiply display support is further enhanced with the ability to connect up to 8 displays, when connecting to a single device.  There is also backward compatibility with the previous MHL specifications (MHL 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0).

SuperMHL 2


Below is a list of all the other features and benefits of SuperMHL

  • Deep colour support, up to 48-bit colour depth
  • Wider colour gamut to view content the way filmmakers intended via BT.2020
  • High-Dynamic Range (HDR) support to strike the perfect balance of bright spectral highlights along with shadow details
  • Enhanced audio for immersive surround sound including Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X™, 3D audio, and an audio-only mode
  • Single remote control for multiple MHL devices (TV, AVR, Blu-ray player, STB)

It will take a little while for this new specification to filter into new products, and of course we do need 8K screens to take full advantage of it.  But it shows the way that technology is moving and what will soon be possible in the living room of the future.

So don’t worry about 4K video, lets all be looking to the future which is 8K (just give it a few years).

BlackBerry Z3 now available


We’ve got another phone for all those looking at getting a smartphone that comes with the best of Blackberry.

The BlackBerry Z3 comes with a 5 inch screen and underneath that you’ll find a 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage that can be expanded with a 32GB microSD card.

All the usual BlackBerry extras are included, BBM and BBM Video chat so you can go face to face with friends. BlackBerry Hub keeps all of your communications in one place, you can even access messages from within any app.

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Kazam Thunder 340W unboxing

The Kazam 340W is going to set you back a mere £74.99 and is the ideal handset for someone who wants to get in on Windows Phone without the initial big outlay.

It comes running Windows Phone 8.1, is powered by a 1.2 GHz quad core processor and 512 MB RAM. Yes we know it isn’t as powerful as other handsets but look at the price; it’s cheap as chips and is ideal for those looking at an entry level Windows device.

The Kazam Thunder 340W also has the ability to run two SIM cards plus on top of the 4GB internal storage you can stick a microSD in for pictures and other media.

The perfect phone for a smartphone virgin or even a back up handset, at £74.99 you can’t go wrong. Who else offers a 3 year warranty and a one time free screen replacement?

Hit the blue button below and order yours now.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Active languages

We recently reviewed the rugged Samsung Galaxy Tab Active.

Many customers ask what languages are available on products.  So to assist you we have taken screenshots from the Tab Active so that you can see first hand the languages available.

If you have any questions, leave them below.

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High-Resolution Audio

High-Resoultion audio 1

Is High-Resolution Audio the Future?

We have recently seen a new attempt to improve the sound quality of the music we all enjoy listening to.  This comes under the banner of ‘Hi-Res audio’, which is looking to improve all aspects of music playback.

Sony is the driving force behind this new initiative and branding, but the idea of improving the music we listen to is also being looked into by other big names including LG and Samsung, along with many smaller companies.  In the case of the smaller companies, these tend to be audio specialists who manufacturer high-end audio components.

All of these companies have the common goal of aiming to improve the consumer’s audio experience whether they listening to classical, heavy metal or somewhere in between.

The term for this type of higher quality music is “High-Resolution Audio”.

For more, read on after the break.

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Kurio Phone – This one is for the kids

Kurio-Phone-FrontSearch through the internet and you and I have a ton of handsets to choose from but no so for the younger members of the family.

Technology is there to be enjoyed and children should be encouraged to embrace it and they do, it is very rare not to see a child with a phone or tablet, indeed many households have a tablet as a replacement for the traditional TV.

When it comes to letting them have a phone it can be a tool for keeping in touch with home, having something there for an emergency and of course having fun with games and keeping in touch with friends.

The Kurio Phone does just that but it also comes with features to give you the parent peace of mind knowing that they won’t be able to access websites that are inappropriate, enabling you to keep track of what apps they are running and keep on top of who they are calling along with making sure that they aren’t using their phones for long periods with time limits.

Some may think that it is all a little bit Big Brother like but in a world where technology can be used to help us, some have other ideas.

Hit the blue button below to see how the Kurio Phone can be used to let your children embrace technology but also allow you to have that extra peace of mind, we’re selling it for just under £130.

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Samsung Galaxy A3 & A5 available to pre-order

Premium high design at affordable prices, the Galaxy A series is coming to the UK

Samsung Galaxy A5Mobile news is typically thin on the ground in January. Sure CES gives the chance for companies to show of all manner of gadgets and ideas, however a lot of the big stories in mobile wait for Mobile World Congress, this year happening in early March.

Luckily Samsung lifted the lid on the A series towards the end of 2014, with some decent hints that these sleek new phones would be reaching European and UK shores.

Both the new A5 and A3 are constructed with a full metal unibody design and sport Qualcomm’s new quad-core Snapdragon 410 processor, part of their updated range for 2014/15.

Each A series phone is running Android 4.4.4 with expected updates to Lollipop later in the year and feature the usual Google Services and Samsung TouchWiz customisations, although there’s reported to be far less of the excessive ‘feature dump’ seen on the Korean firm’s most recent high-end S range models.

 Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy A5

The unibody design means these will be the first mainstream Samsung smartphones to feature a non-removable battery, thankfully though this doesn’t mean no expandable storage; micro SD support is confirmed for each.

Both are very similar in construction and feel, the major difference are the 8 MP camera and 4.5″ qHD screen on the A3, compared to the larger A5 with its 13 MP shooter and 5 inch 720p HD display. There’s also a drop in RAM on the A3 from 2 to 1 GB.

Aside from these relatively minor differences, which serve to significantly separate the price points, both A series handsets should look and feel almost identical.

Prices are currently TBC, although we’re hedging our bets at around £250 and £325 (inc. VAT) for the A3 and A5 respectively, based on pricing information from suppliers.

We’ve opened pre-orders on the black and white colours of each handset, with an eye to getting some confirmed dates in the next few weeks. Pre-orders won’t be charged until invitations to pay are sent, however if you prefer you can simply just leave details for email notifications of either phone.

Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy A3

Samsung Galaxy A3

Free Fitbit Flex worth £79.99 with new Lumia 930, 830 & 735 purchases


It’s a New Year so time for a new offer for Lumia phones. Microsoft Devices née Nokia had some good offers surrounding the launch of these handsets in 2014 and their generosity is continued into 2015.

For every new purchase of the Lumia 930, 830 or 735, in any colour, you are also eligible to receive a brand new Fitbit Flex with an RRP of £79.99. The offer started this week and will carry on until March 31st.

lumia-fitbit-promo-all-phonesThe offer is eligible for customers in the UK or Republic of Ireland only, and requires you to register your new purchase through the ‘Fitbit Gift’ app on the Windows Phone Store. Once registered, a black Fitbit Flex should be on its way to you within 28 days!

The offer is being run through Microsoft, Fitbit and their promoter so unfortunately we can’t change the T&C’s for other countries We are a registered partner though, so all purchases from Clove will count. For full terms and conditions of the offer please read after the break.

The Fitbit Flex is a smart activity tracker to monitor your daily exercise, sleep patterns and provide analysis. With a Fitbit account and connected smartphone app you can set goals, share or compete with friends and enjoy real time updates of your progress.

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Sony Xperia T3 now available


Purely by coincidence we’ve listed the Sony Xperia T3 the very day Sony start to push out Android 4.4.4, now that’s timing. With the T3 you get some great specifications and for the photography types out there a great camera with loads of extras to help you get the best shot to share with you friends and others.

Chuck in 4G connectivity, expandable storage, 50GB of free Box cloud storage for life and a quad-core processor for £210 you’ve got great value for money.

Media lovers will love the big screen, perfect for streaming in Netflix and other on-demand services, why not bundle your favourite movies on the expandable storage for that long train or plane ride.

To get hold of yours hit the blue button and we’ll have one with you in a jiffy.

Buy the Sony Xperia T3

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Review

Function meets practicality with the Tab Active

Samsung_Galaxy_Tab_Active_Hands_On (25)The choice we have today when choosing a tablet computer is phenomenal.  They come in all manner of shapes and sizes with varying specifications; the problem is however many are very similar and few really stand out as being different.

Samsung are in part responsible for this, even the most seasoned technology enthusiast will struggle to tell a Galaxy Tab, Tab 2, 3 and 4 apart, let alone explain the differences between them and the NotePro or TabPro tablets.

Thankfully the Galaxy Tab Active from Samsung is different and stands out thanks to its IP rating.

Whilst it could be used in many situations, the Tab Active is geared more towards the business user; the box even says ‘for enterprise’ on it. To set the scene a little, this tablet has been designed to suit, but not be limited to: engineers, the construction industry, mobile salespersons, technicians and those who may generally find their tablet coming into contact with tougher conditions.

Focused on functionality, lets see how it stacks up.

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