HTC Desire 610 – Navy now available to order

First stock of the SIM-free Desire 610 due early May

htc-desire-610-white-thumbThe Desire 610 is part of HTC’s mid-range section for 2014. With a 4.7 inch screen, it is a handier alternative to the super-sized 816. The Desire 610 is a great choice if you’re looking for a simple yet stylish handset, that has the feature set of a more expensive device.

Originally announced at MWC back in February, the Desire 610 is part of a tradition of affordable, yet suitably powerful handsets for the average consumer. This time around, the Desire range are leaning on the HTC One’s design language, so you will find dual-fronted speakers on the face and well-known features including BoomSound and HTC Zoe to enhance your experience.

With the 610 you get a qHD quality screen and 8 MP main camera for a quality media combination. Alongside this, you will also find support for 4G LTE in the UK & Europe. With all this and other connectivity features, the Desire 610 is an absolute bargain of a mid-range smartphone.

Clove are now taking paid orders for the NAVY version of the Desire 610 – you can place yours HERE for £235.00 (£195.83 ex VAT) – due early May.

The white version is currently still on pre-order (no payment taken) whilst we await an arrival date. You can also register your interest for the red version as we wait for more information on this.


Sony SmartBand SWR10 unboxing

Sony smartband

The Sony SmartBand is Sony’s most recent addition to their wearable technology range.

It is a slightly more intelligent fitness band.  Tracking your steps and calories burned, the SWR10 SmartBand goes one stage further recording the weather, what photos you took and what interaction you had with your phone in any given day.

Pairing with your Android 4.4 handset via Bluetooth the band and the phone communicate to transfer the data between the two.

Access the ‘Lifelog’ app on your phone and you can see all the activities in a very clear and easy to use way thanks to fun and interactive graphics.

Sony’s promotional video does an excellent job of explaining how it works.

You can see just how powerful it is.

At the time of writing and recording the SmartBands are sat waiting to be shipped on the official launch date of the 1st May, but we wanted to have a play with them so we unboxed one. You can see in the video below what you get in the box and our initial opinions.

Be sure to check back in a week of so when we will have a full review of the SmartBand and give our honest feedback on it.

FREE £54 entertainment voucher on Nokia Windows Phones


Buy a Nokia Lumia 625, 1020, 1320 or 1520 and get a free app voucher worth £54 to be used for purchases of eligible apps and games in Windows Phone Store.

The offer is valued from the 14th April until 30th June for UK & Ireland residents only.

Terms and conditions

Qualifying Purchase – refers to the purchase you need to make to take part in this offer.
Register – refers to downloading the Gift Voucher app from the Nokia Collection in Microsoft’s Windows Phone Store, installing it on a Qualifying Device, launching the app, and accepting these Terms and conditions (T&C).

Qualifying Purchase and Offer

  1.  Buy a Nokia Lumia 625, 1020, 1320 or 1520 and get a free app voucher worth £54 to be used for purchases of eligible apps and games in Windows Phone Store.
  2. This offer only applies to original purchases of the specified Nokia Lumia smartphone models from authorised retailers in the UK and Ireland(“Qualifying Purchase”) made between 14 April 2014 and 30 June 2014.
  3. App vouchers are only available while stocks last.
  4. To take part in the offer you must be at least 18 years old and a resident in the UK and Ireland.
  5. This offer excludes employees of Nokia and their families or participating retailers, their agents or anyone professionally connected with this promotion.
  6. Windows Phone 8 is required.
  7. The offer is only valid in the UK and Ireland and is not for resale.
  8. The offer is non-transferable and is not redeemable for cash unless required by law.
  9. The app voucher is provided as part of a promotional offering.
  10. Any taxes are the sole responsibility of the recipient.
  11. Nokia reserves the right to disqualify any Registrations that appear to be fraudulent, incomplete or invalid.
  12. The offer is void where prohibited or restricted by law.
  13. The app voucher value cannot be combined with any other payment method for purchase.

How to Register your Qualifying Purchase and redeem your voucher

  1. To Register your Qualifying Purchase, switch on your Lumia, then go directly to the Nokia Collection in the Windows Phone Store to download the Gift Voucher app. Registration must be completed before 14 July 2014. Nokia will not accept any claims after this date.
  2. Follow the instructions in the Gift Voucher app to Register your Qualifying Purchase. A unique Gift Card Code will be sent directly to your phone, which will remain stored in the app.
  3. The Gift Card Code provided is non-reloadable.
  4. You have until 15 July 2014 to redeem your Gift Card Code in the Wallet app in your Windows Phone. Instructions to do this are in the Apps Voucher app you downloaded to get the Gift Card Code.
  5. Once redeemed, you have 180 days to use the Gift Card Code, after which any unused funds will expire.

By participating in this offer, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Check out our FAQ

If you have any questions about your claim or eligibility, please go to or

HTC Desire 816 – White now available to order

First stock of the SIM-free Desire 816 due early May

htc-desire-816-coloursThe Desire 816 is HTC’s new mid-range handset for 2014 and a great choice for anyone wanting a combination of style, performance and up to date features without breaking the bank.

First spotted at MWC back in February, the Desire 816 continues the long-loved brand’s tradition of affordable quality by leaning on the 2013 HTC One for design inspiration. You will find the now familiar dual-fronted speakers adorning the front panel and key HTC features including BoomSound audio enhancement and HTC Zoe camera augmentation.

What also makes the 816 such great value for money are the specifications that matter most to many of our customers. The 5.5″ 720p screen is large but not totally unwieldy, whilst the 13 MP main- & 5 MP front-facing camera combination is a budding mobile photographer’s dream.

Adding to the impressive exterior is up to date support for 4G LTE in the UK & Europe, as well as all the other connectivity mod cons you expect from a new smartphone.

Clove are now taking paid orders for the WHITE version of the Desire 816 – you can place yours HERE for £295.00 (£245.83 ex VAT) – due early May.

The black version is currently still on pre-order (no payment taken) whilst we await an arrival date. You can also register your interest for the green & orange versions as we wait for more information on these.



LG G2 Mini coming at the end of April

TLG G2 Minihere is a current trend to create compact or mini versions of the most popular phones. The HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Sony Xperia Z1 all have smaller counterparts.

LG’s G2 now joins the gang with the LG G2 Mini.

Unlike the Z1 Compact though the G2 Mini does have inferior specs to it’s big brother but there is still a lot to like.

The G2 Mini which will be available at the end of this month for £249.99 including VAT has the following headline specifications:

  • 1.2GHz quad-core processor
  • MicroSD memory card slot
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB internal storage
  • 4.7″ IPS LCD touchscreen
  • 4G connectivity

For more information or to order one, please just CLICK HERE to be taken to the LG G2 Mini page on the Clove website.

Samsung Gear Fit User Guide/Manual

Samsung Gear Fit User Manual

Below you can find the digital version of the user manual for the Samsung Gear Fit

Hopefully the user manual will answer any of the outstanding questions that you have about the device, but if there is anything that isn’t covered or if you have any questions prior to purchasing, please feel free to ask in the comments or to contact our sales team.

ARCHOS are building the smart home

Cameras, sensors and personalised remote control – all from your mobile device

Defining what makes the smart home will be very different in many people’s eyes.

From a construction company or property developer’s perspective, a smart home may be one that is fitted with all mod cons, has a streamlined, simple construction and perhaps comes with items pre-fabricated off site.

To a gardener, a smart home may be one that has sprinklers built into the lawn and borders that can be controlled remotely.


To most people reading this on the Clove Blog, a smart home will probably mean a house full of electricity hungry, screen rich gadgets that intercommunicate.

If you’re anything like me, your home is well on its way to being filled with lots of these products already, but just how smart are they?

Independently they may be very clever and contain some brilliant functions, but what about when it comes to connecting and integrating?


Take the simple scenario of having one central location that stores all of the photos and media captured on the variety of mobile devices used in your home. You may have a slick solution and set-up, however I bet it took some time and plenty of learning to get there. Or it may still be a nightmare, especially if you have a variety of platforms in use that don’t communicate well with each other.

Now whilst I don’t have the perfect solution for anyone who may have the above issue; this is just one example of how our individually sophisticated pieces of tech can be much more complicated and cause unforeseen problems further down the line.

The ARCHOS smart home

ARCHOS are a known brand, most recently for their tablets and previously for personal media players, although they have perhaps always been seen as second class to the likes of Samsung, Apple and Sony.

I’d hope this attitude should start to change soon though when you see what they are bringing to the market.

Back in January, ARCHOS announced their Smart Home and Josh covered all of the products which were showcased. The whole concept was in connecting the products in your home with ease.

archos smart home

I can speak first hand about how connecting your home isn’t that simple as I am currently trying to make my own home smarter. Honestly though, there are so many products with different purposes that do not communicate well that the process is arduous. Unless I or anyone else is willing to spend big bucks on a brand new integrated system from scratch, the task is going to be difficult and lets face it, few of us can afford to do this.

ARCHOS are looking to change this; essentially giving you, me, your mum, gran or next door neighbour an equal opportunity to have a more connected home. You need not have a big budget or have to re-build your entire home’s wiring and other systems.

Monitoring & Security

ARCHOS’ current vision for the Smart Home, possibly even an automated home (depending on your take) is quite clear. They want to provide the opportunity to monitor surroundings and perform actions that previously we would have had to buy lots of expensive and separate kit for.

Have you ever wondered whether your kids have been rummaging through your change pot? Perhaps if someone keeps turning the heating up when you have gone to work? Did that tradesman really spend as long on the job as they said they did? What if your teenage son is raiding the liquor cabinet?

I surmise that most can readily relate to these or similar situations.

archos smart home tablet

The solution

With that in mind, imagine if for around £200 you could have a kit that included 2 cameras, 2 environmental sensors and 2 motion sensors, along with a main control unit.

Imagine then that when you had gone to work, you could remotely login to see what the temperature is in your house an hour after you left for work.

Suppose you could record and watch the tradesman at your home whilst you were at work.

Imagine knowing and recording, complete with graphic evidence that your kids did ‘borrow’ those few coins from your change pot.

Finally, think about receiving an email to inform you that a certain drawer, door or cabinet had been opened…

The ARCHOS Smart Home will allow for all of this.

Due to be available very soon, the kit will include all of the aforementioned functionality along with the ability to expand your system further.

The components themselves are separate (and have been covered in depth HERE), although they all communicate seamlessly over Bluetooth and your home WiFi network. The Smart Home Tablet pictured above is the central hub and you can also access all the data remotely from your smartphone via an ARCHOS app.

The scene has been set as to what you can have. Follow the Clove Blog and the story of the ARCHOS Smart Home here as we bring you more news, information and details on how the smart home works and how it could make your home smarter.

Droid RAZR HD & RAZR M KitKat 4.4 update expected within a few weeks

RAZR 2012 handsets getting  Android 4.4 KitKat soon

Motorola’s David Schuster has confirmed on Google+ that the 4.4 KitKat update for the Droid RAZR HD and RAZR M should arrive within the next few weeks. Hopefully this means that the update for the UK equivalents — the RAZR HD and the RAZR i, which we ranged here at Clove — won’t be too far behind.

Although Schuster’s update on Google+ only refers to the US handsets, Motorola has already confirmed that the RAZR HD and the RAZR i (the UK variants) will receive the update at some point. This is also stated on the Motorola Support website, which you can visit here. This is the message that is currently displayed for the RAZR i:

razr i kitkat update

We’ll keep an eye out for any further developments with the UK updates and post a follow up here on the Clove Blog once more info is available.

Via Android Central

Defender from ‘The Toughphone’ unboxing

Subtle is not what the Defender phone from The Toughphone is.

It has nothing to do with bold stand out colours, in fact the Defender phone does not really stand out at all in a sea of similar rugged phones, unless you see it with its optional antenna attached.

Designed for some of the most hostile and harsh environments, the Defender is a toughened Android handset with an IP68 rating and dedicated SOS button.

A built in walkie-talkie with push-to-talk button further adds to the appeal of this device for its intended market.


It will unlikely be the phone many of you desire to own, however if you work in construction, oil, security or similar fields, such a handset could offer you many benefits. Your mobile and walkie-talkie communications are rolled into one device capable of also taking a decent submersion in water and heavy impacts.

The handset also has 2 SIM card slots, NFC and other standard smartphone features so in all is well rounded.

In the following video we unbox the handset and show you what is included as well as what you can expect.

For further information on the Defender click HERE.

Samsung Gear 2 User Guide/Manual

Samsung Gear 2 User Manual

Below you can find the digital version of the user manual for the Samsung Gear 2.

Hopefully the user manual will answer any of the outstanding questions that you have about the device, but if there is anything that isn’t covered or if you have any questions prior to purchasing, please feel free to ask in the comments or to contact our sales team.