BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition available to order: £549

The BlackBerry KEYone has been one of the success stories of 2017. Not many industry analysts would have suggested that the BlackBerry brand would have a resurgence, yet a return to their core design with the physical-keyboard-endowed KEYone has proven to be the perfect gamble. This has been one of our best sellers so far […]

Clove Technology is now part of Hugh Symons eXchange Ltd.

As some of our readers and long-time customers may know, Clove Technology was founded 25 years ago by Chris Love. Together with his wife and business partner Jill, Clove has grown and adapted to an ever-changing landscape of consumer mobile technology. So it is with a tinge of sadness we announce that Chris and Jill […]

Cat S41 Rugged Smartphone available now: £399

The rugged range of Cat phones have been increasingly popular over the past few years. Suitable for workers across many industries, Cat phones provide a trusted brand in a growing segment of the smartphone market. Cat S41 | £399 | SIM Free Where other rugged brands have often been overpriced and under-performed, Cat’s range have […]

Roadhawk vehicle cameras now available

Dash cams and vehicle cameras happens to be one of the biggest growth areas in consumer electronics right now. We’ve had success with a few brands here at Clove, so here’s another for you: Roadhawk. There are range of cameras available, some with video quality up to 2K! As we’ve seen before, cheaper models lack […]

How to update the regional firmware for Thinkware F800 Pro

Released in August 2017, the Thinkware F800 Pro is a step up in quality from previous models. Featuring upgraded Sony STARVIS sensors for improved low-light and night-vision recording, the F800 PRO also has an all-black design. Even better, it will be able to receive an upgrade in late 2017  for ‘Air’ features. This update will […]

BlackBerry KEYone How To Videos: Customise LED Notifications For Email

The BlackBerry KEYone, has had an excellent first few months with positive reviews and strong sales. Many phones have an LED notification light. This is often used to provide a visual notification when you have unread messages or perhaps if the battery is low. The KEYone follows suit and this notification light is set to […]

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) Black & Gold Now In Stock

Samsung are by far the most successful global manufacturer of Android smartphones and tablets in the past few years. Part of that success has been due to their ability to create a wide range of phones. This allows there to be something available for everyone. The powerful and beautifully designed high end Galaxy S devices […]

Nokia 8 Expected September 13th: Register Your Interest

Nokia’s rebranding for 2017 has been quite a success. With 3 pure Android smartphones launched already around the globe, a fourth – the Nokia 8 – is now due before the end of the year. Where the 3, 5 and 6 were decidedly entry-level to mid-range, this newest handset will challenge the flagship models. Early […]

Free LG Watch Style with all new G6 orders

The LG Watch Style has been touted as the ‘face’ of Android Wear 2.0. Originally released in select markets back in February, it was one of only a handful of watches capable of running the upgraded Wear system. Reviews were generally positive. Many focused on the lightweight, minimalist design. Design seems to have been one […]

Kodak Android Tablets available from just £75

A simple Android tablet can be a great addition to the household. Far cheaper than a fully fledged laptop, you can use the touch screen to browse the web, check emails and do a bit of shopping or social media in any room of the house. Tablets don’t need to be expensive and Kodak prove […]

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