CAT B15Q Tough Smartphone 60 Second Review

Cat_B15Q_Hands_On_ReviewiThe CAT B15Q is a tough phone designed for tough environments.

Drop it, get it wet, immerse in sand, cover it in dust, mud and more and it will still work.

This is thanks to an IP and military rating that makes the B15Q perfect for industry.

Here are the positive and negatives in just 60 seconds.

For a more detailed view and opinion on the device, you can read our review here, or watch our full video review below.

If you want to buy a SIM free handset you can purchase it here for £216.67+VAT.


Nokia Lumia 930 Promotional Bundle – UPDATE 24/07

UPDATE 24/07

We would like to thank you for your order of a Nokia 930.

As you will be aware all UK customers were eligible for a free bundle pack which includes a DC-50 portable wireless charger, MD-12 wireless speaker and £20 app store voucher.

It was originally expected that Clove would receive and ship this bundle to you. However Nokia changed their approach and now require all customers to register themselves at  to receive the free contents.

This website has been accepting redemptions since the 17th, but there have been significant problems on the Nokia site that has meant many customers have been unable to yet redeem their offer.

Nokia are working on this, but due the national demand there are a number of colour options that continue to go out of stock, notably white; which would be the normal bundle offer for owners of a black coloured 930 (black bundles are not available).

We apologise on behalf of Nokia for these problems and would advise you to keep trying the redemption site as further stock is being added, although you may decide to take an alternative colour.

We do however wish to re-assure all eligible customers that at the end of July, if you have not been successful in redeeming your bundle we will liaise with Nokia, who have guaranteed to honour any such claims for Clove Technology.

We would have preferred this offer to be run in a simpler way, so we could have offered you the level of service we wish to give and you should expect, but I did personally want to re-assure you that all such redemption claims will be honoured.


Last week Jon explained in detail the promotional bundle being offered to UK customers for the Lumia 930.

We can confirm that ALL UK ORDERS PLACED UP UNTIL THE 18th JULY are eligible for, and will receive, a promotional bundle to be delivered separately from the phone.

To register your phone for a free bundle, you should visit THIS WEBSITE. Here you can register the IMEI number of the handset(s) you have received from Clove Technology. The IMEI number can be found on the box or from the settings options on the Lumia 930.

Once added, these will be checked against a list of IMEI numbers known to have been dispatched by Clove to UK customers. Nokia will then handle the dispatch of the bundles. We currently expect all bundles to be delivered in 2-4 weeks.

The offer is being removed for the weekend 19/20th July as our offices are closed and we are rapidly approaching the end of our available stock.

UK orders placed from 17:30 BST on July 18th onwards are not guaranteed to receive a bundle, however may receive one as we fill the last of our allocation.

We do not expect any further stock of the promotional bundle beyond that we have already secured.

If you have any questions regarding this offer, or about an order you have already placed, please contact the Clove team at



We can confirm that ALL UK ORDERS PLACED UP UNTIL THE 17th JULY are eligible for, and will receive, a promotional bundle to be delivered separately from the phone.

This offer was originally intended to run for all orders received until July 31st, however due to unprecedented demand, the offer is now limited until stock remains.

We are honouring this offer for new UK orders placed from the 17th July onwards, while stock lasts.

We cannot at this time confirm when the stock will run out. Instead all details of the offer will simply be removed from the product page and this blog post updated when this happens.

LG G3 – Floating Arc Design

LG_G3_ArcI will be the first to admit that the glossy slab like design of many smartphones is very appealing, but from a comfort perspective during daily usage, that styling can sometimes compromise comfort.

LG, Samsung and Nokia all add some curvature to the sides of the phone, which make for a slightly more comfortable grip, but maybe does not feel as solid as those squarer styled devices.

With the G3,  LG have tried to reduce the extra weight and bulk because with a 5.5″ display it will be heavier, so if weight can be saved in other places it all makes the difference.

The G3 weighs 149 grams and has what LG refer to as a floating arc design, shown in the above image.

The result is reduced hand fatigue and better grip.

The G3 weighs just 27.3g for every 1 inch of the display, whilst something like the HTC One M8 weighs 32g per inch.  Its a small but noticeable difference.

Facts and figures on paper are one thing, the in hand experience is another.

I reviewed the G3 having used the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact as my daily phone for 4 months prior.  I use the Compact as I have smaller hands and generally find the larger phones uncomfortable and cumbersome to use, yet I concluded;

After several long days testing as many features on the G3, I am pleased to say that much like the G2, the G3 has left me with a very positive view of it and one that for me personally has teased me into moving back to a larger screened device.

The way that LG has squeezed such a large and immensely vivid display into a form factor no bigger than Sony’s Z2 which has just a 5.2” display is simply incredible. It feels like every millimetre of the chassis has been used to best effect.

Of course you need to make your own judgement, but I can honestly say the words above are truth and it really is testament to LG’s commitment to small details like the curvature that leave me with such feelings and it is quite possible you will feel the same. With screens getting bigger and bigger, keeping the feeling of slim and comfortable is very important.


LG G Watch – Not just a time machine

IMG_20140716_091450Those of you who are old enough to remember Knight Rider or any other show that had someone talking to their watch, would have thought that one day we might be able to do the same.

There are quite a few things that are becoming a reality from all those TV shows of yesteryear and yes, you can now talk to your watch.

Although the LG G Watch can’t talk back, which one of the reasons why I like it so much, you can ask a number of things. From what the weather is going to be like, or showing me how badly England are getting on at the cricket, it can also display other information such as missed calls, or when the next baby related appointment is.

There are lots of people either not sure about, or just dismissing Android Wear for various reasons. Some would like to have it talk back to you, giving you directions by voice and others think it’s a little too early to get involved with.

It’s all about the convenience; a quick look at my wrist to see who’s calling and if I’d prefer not to talk I can simply reject the call. Reading an email, replying to a Hangout and jotting a note down with Google Keep are just some of the tasks simplified by Android Wear. There are also already a host of apps available from some well-known names, with many more on the way.

I’d be keen to hear what you think of it, is there anything you’d like to see in coming revisions or or are you perhaps just holding back and going to take a while to get your wallet out? If you do want one head on over to our website and place your order. I’m sold but are you?

Improve your health and fitness with a Withings product

WithingsWe are now able to offer Withings health and fitness products.  These high-quality smart products can help improve your health and general wellbeing. They include blood pressure monitors, activity trackers and various scales.  All of which have being designed to integrate within your digital lifestyle. They give more information about yourself then you would have thought possible!

Withings products are full of creative ideas, for instance the Smart Body Analyzer has integrated air quality screening.  Additionally all the Withings scales have gravity compensation and position control. These features make sure you have the highest level of accuracy possible. While the blood pressure monitor has been medically approved by regulatory authorities in various countries around the world.  Giving you reassurance when using the product and the confidence that the results you receive are right.

In addition Withings products have received many awards for innovation. We are currently offering these products:

Wireless Scale WS-30 (available in white or black)  £89.95 Inc

Smart Body Analyzer (available in white or black)  £129.95 Inc

Pulse O2 (available in black or blue)  £89.94 Inc

Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor    £109.99 Inc

LG G3 – Removable Battery


In times gone by a common technical response to a mobile going wrong would be to remove the battery and put it back in again.

Developments in technology and software has meant that this is no longer such a common response, in fact most devices now have batteries built in and there is no way to remove them.

The built in battery has allowed for improved hardware design and IP rated handsets that are not all that bulky.

Some still prefer to have this option though and the new LG G3 offers this.  A 3000mAh capacity battery is included in the device and will power most people through a normal working day, but sometimes there is a need or desire for a spare and the fact that the G3 has a user removable battery then this is most certainly possible.

Pull off the back cover and the battery sits centrally within the chassis with the key micro SIM and microSD slot just above it.

With devices like the G3 able to do more than ever and with the quad HD display, power drain from the battery can potentially be quite high, but LG have included a battery saver which maximises the power draw from the battery to allow you to work away from power for longer.

You can test the battery in the G3 yourself buy buying one from Clove here.


£20 off Archos Smart Home – offer extended

For the last week we have been offering £20 off the Archos Smart Home solution, when you enter the code: 20ARCSH0714 into the checkout.

The offer was due to end today, but as an added bonus, it has been extended for another 7 days, until the 21st July.

The offer will not continue past this date, so do not delay, save £20 off the Smart Home now by entering 20ARCSH0714 when buying the Smart Home from Clove.

WorldPay Zinc – mobile chip & pin payments made easy

WorldPayZincMany of us here in the UK will often use our credit or debit card with Chip & PIN validation as it is a safe, secure and simple way to make payments.

There’s no need to worry about having cash on you and it’s easy to carry too.  Using Chip and PIN has become the norm across many developed nations.

However when we pay for work to be done by tradesmen, many of us expect pay by cash, cheque, bank transfer or with larger firms you may phone up to make a card payment.

Well what if you had your windows cleaned, walls painted, garden landscaped or car washed and you didn’t need to pay by cash or cheque? Imagine you could pull out your card and pay with that, right there on your doorstep.

Thankfully this is possible, if the people offering the service have a WorldPay Zinc reader.

This is a Bluetooth card payment device that allows anyone to take payments from someone else, providing the person accepting the payment has a WorldPay account.

It is simple and makes it possible for you to pay with cards or, if you are the service provider, it makes it simple for you to take payments for a small fee.

Take a look at the card reader, the mobile app and see how it works in the following video.

The WorldPay Zinc incurs a one off cost of £79.99 with a percentage then taken on each transaction. You can buy your WorldPay Zinc card reader here.

LG G3 – Optical Image Stablisation Plus (OIS+)

LG_G3_Shine_Gold_Hands_On6No doubt you have been left with the utter disappointment at some time in your life, where you have captured an image, only to review it and find that it is all blurred because there has been shake in the camera at the time of capture.  What is worse is that sometimes, we may not notice this until it is too late and re-taking the picture is just not an option.

A technology that has existed in many cameras for some time is something called Optical Image Stablisation (OIS). OIS is the process of reducing the blur or motion in images that comes from pan and tilting of the camera lens.

In the simplest sense the lens and sensors in the camera compensate for the movement and adjust to ensure a blur free image.

There are not that many smartphones that have it, but the LG G2 is one, and now the new G3 has it too, albeit improved.

You can expect a 20% improvement in stabilisation from the G2 to the G3, thanks to OIS+.

The following graphic gives a visual representation of how OIS+ works. You can see the movement in the lens and sensor based on information from the gyro sensor to accommodate for the motion and help reduce the impact in the final image.


Many avid photographers criticise smartphone manufacturers for not including this technology in more handsets, but LG seem committed and the impact should be better images from the G3.  Here are a few images we captured on the G3.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Keeping things easy the Huawei way

If you or anyone you know is heading into the smartphone market for the very first time, it can be quite daunting. There are loads of phones to choose from many manufacturers and even different operating systems to work with.

One great feature with all Huawei handsets is the ability to make your handset as easy as possible to use.

With Huawei’s inclusion of their unique ‘Simple UI’, those who may be looking at their very first smartphone, or are perhaps visually impaired, can get a device will all the features of a fully-fledged smartphone but with simple navigation instead of complicated menu systems.

Rather than lots of small icons, there are large icons and menu options. Huawei put you in control of how your device looks and feels; with just a few taps you can swap between the standard Emotion UI and the Simple UI – the choice is yours.

Emotion UI  and Simple UI

With the Emotion UI, Huawei have removed the app drawer, which means that all of your apps are available from the homescreen. If this is your first smartphone it means you have one less menu to work through.

Different to others in the Android market such as Samsung, Huawei have kept things very low key in terms of adding extras. All they have done is tinker things ever so slightly, giving you a choice of devices to fit all pockets and an experience that won’t have you scratching your head or reaching for the instruction manual as often.

We’ve got a great selection of devices from Huawei to choose from over on our website, if you have one we’d love to hear what you think.