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Oneplus X User Manual

The OnePlus X is a great phone that offers terrific value for money – it will meet most smartphone users needs. It includes a decent camera, vibrant – albeit slightly oversaturated – display, powerful processor and above-average battery life. It even looks noticeably more expensive than it actually is; it’s significantly suaver than competing handsets […]

Oneplus 5 User Manual

Doing things differently, OnePlus have caught the imagination of a number of smartphone fans. The OnePlus 5 is powered by OxygenOS; this is based on Android, with several optimisations and additions to create a smoother, more streamlined experience. OnePlus deliver industry-leading hardware, with the current top of the range Snapdragon 835 powering the OnePlus 5. This is coupled […]

Oneplus 3T User Manual

The OnePlus 3T is a brilliant smartphone. It improves upon the amazingly good OnePlus 3 in a couple of small but significant ways. It’s faster for a start and has a bigger battery. Want to know before you buy? Below you can find the digital version of the OnePlus 3T user manual –  click the PDF […]

Oneplus 3 User Manual

There’s a whole lot of power inside the OnePlus 3’s aluminium frame. The Snapdragon 820 processor and a huge 6GB of RAM pack a real punch. The decision to go for an AMOLED panel on the OnePlus 3 makes everything much more vibrant. The Oxygen OS interface keeps the stock Android Marshmallow design while adding some genuinely […]

Oneplus 2 User Manual

Strong and exceptionally lightweight, the OnePlus 2’s outer frame is crafted from a resilient alloy of aluminium and magnesium. Our exclusive design ensures ideal antenna reception and temperature regulation, increasing performance. Stainless steel accents, Gorilla Glass, and an array of unique back covers mean you are always touching the most premium materials. Want to know […]

Nokia 8110 4G User Manual

The original Nokia 8110 was widely regarded as having a classic design, sometimes known as the “banana phone”. This was due to its unique look, with a curved body and sliding protective cover. In the Nokia 8110 4G, the design has been updated for the modern age. With 4G data connectivity being added, along with […]

Nokia 8 Sirocco User Manual

Nokia has, with the Nokia 8 Sirocco created a robust phone, which they say is unbendable. Having been carved out of a single piece of stainless steel, machined for hours into a solid, yet uniquely slim and compact shape. With this strength, it is a phone you can depend on. It has a design which features 3D […]

Nokia 8 User Manual

Following the global success of Nokia’s 2017 rebranding and release of the 3, 5 and 6 smartphones, they have decided to up the ante with the Nokia 8. The core philosophy is still to offer a beautifully constructed phone that carries the Nokia brand with pride, whilst keeping it affordable and not loading it up with […]

Nokia 7 Plus User Manual

With its 6-inch display and unique ceramic-feel coating, the Nokia 7 Plus is a phone which offers something a bit different. It provides not only an improvement in your grip when holding the phone, but also call quality. The vivid display looks incredible, as Nokia has created slim curved edges. This results in giving you […]

Nokia 6.1 (2018) User Manual

Android One brings a Google-designed software experience to the new Nokia 6 (2018). Get everything you want and nothing you don’t with a streamlined, easy to use interface and a curated set of pre-installed apps, and free, unlimited high-quality photos storage with Google Photos. Regular security updates and two years of OS upgrades means the […]

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