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LG 360 Cam — In Depth Look & Review

Getting to grips with modern VR and 360° content VR is clearly the Next Big Thing™; many major manufacturers are looking to get in on the game. The LG 360 Cam is the first affordable 360° camera from a major brand. Fads and new ideas come and go swiftly in tech. This is especially true […]

Sony Xperia X Review

Does Sony’s new X series have what it takes? Normally this time of year you would be expecting unboxings, reviews and the sale of a brand new Z series phone, but now we have the X series? For those of you who are not aware and have currently got a confused look on your face, I’ll […]

Cat S60 Review

Judging by the daily enquiries landing in our inbox, we’re far from the only people waiting for this phone to turn up. If you’re after a quick judgement then I’ll start off this review by saying it’s definitely worth the wait. There are a lot of fine details to pick out and I’ll go through those […]

DeWalt MD501 Review

DeWalt MD501 Review The market for tough and rugged phones has grown considerably in the past couple of years. Licensed handsets from JCB and Cat have proven successful, along with some other new brands and specialists. This has resulted in a slew of devices marketed at trades people, those who enjoy active pursuits, or just […]

LG 360 VR Headset Review

The  headset was the third “friend” for me to review and I can definitely say this caused the most interest in my home! The LG 360 VR is a pair of VR glasses that attach to your LG G5 via the USB C connection. This means of course like most of the LG friends, it […]

LG 360 Cam Review

The second “friend” on my review list has been the LG 360 Cam.  This is simply a remote 360 degree camera that can take stills and video in 360 definition and scope. It is a very neat design with slide off case. It has a built in battery that needs to be charged and requires […]

LG Cam Plus Review

This was the first of the “friends” accessories that I used and also the one I am most likely to want to keep! As you should now be aware the friend’s concept on the LG G5 allows the base of the G5 to be removed and replaced with other accessories. The Cam Plus brings simple […]

LG X Screen Review

Are two screens better than one? Picking a flagship phone is often a choice between a handful of established brands. Similarly looking at budget devices can boil down to getting the best price for a chosen minimum specification. What about the middle of the pack though? You want a smartphone that’s going to last a […]

LG G5 Review

I have been using the LG G4 for the last year and have been pleased with its features and performance, perhaps however recently experiencing a slight slowdown in its performance probably due to the number of running apps we seem to amass. Therefore it seemed the correct choice for me to look at the new […]

LG Stylus 2 Review

Using a stylus on screen with a smartphone feels somewhat of an act from yesteryear.  I remember my first smartphones coming with such. Small fiddly little pointy tools that you needed to do a lot on screen. Technology has evolved and now they are not so common or required; but that does not mean there […]

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