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Sony X Compact Review

Refinement rather than innovation DISCLAIMER: The device shown and commented on is a pre-production model.  The hardware, software and performance is subject to change prior to release. As technology has advanced over recent years it has brought with it an array of considerable improvements to the way we communicate and what we do on the […]

Lenovo K5 Review

Approaching this review I first thought “who would want a Lenovo phone?” Then I had to get out of a UK-centric way of thinking and remind myself who Lenovo are. Over the last decade, Lenovo have risen to become the leading personal computer manufacturer in the world. I know this. It’s not a secret. It’s also not news that they […]

Xperia X Performance Review

The front runner in Sony’s revamped X series line up – But does it ‘Perform’? The X Performance is Sony’s challenge to the top end flagship segment and the best phone in their new X series line up. Many of us were a little bemused when we saw the X released with its mid tier processor […]

Moto G4 Review

The best budget Android device out there? The Moto G3 had a lot of people talking in terms of value of money. Therefore Motorola are looking to do the same again with their 4th generation handset, the Moto G4 and with a launch price of £160 they may well be on to something. Key Specifications […]

Alcatel Idol 4 (with VR headset) Review

It’s not often a review needs to keep in mind more than just the core product and competition. With the Alcatel Idol 4 I feel I have to address more than just the phone. Usually when I take hold of something new, I objectively work through pros and cons compared to the competition. Next I analyse unique […]

HP Elite X3 Review

A powerhouse and complete all-in-one solution for the corporate environment For a few days now, I have been trying out HP’s new smartphone, the Elite X3. This is not your typical smartphone, it is geared for business. Don’t expect to see all the trendy kids eyeing up this device, but if productive working on the […]

Sony Xperia XA Review

Can Sony’s mid range pack a flagship punch? Sony’s new X series hasn’t meant just a change to their flagship products but they’ve also overhauled the mid tier and brought us the Xperia XA. With the UK launch price coming in at just under £240, this device is not the cheapest and falls into the ‘premium-mid tier’ […]

Philips ADR 810 Dash Cam Review

Can Philips make a stand in the dash cam space? You’ve probably heard a lot about dash cams in the past few months and years.You may have even seen some footage on the news or online. If not take a look at our recent blog post, talks a little more about them. You can also check out […]

LG 360 Cam — In Depth Look & Review

Getting to grips with modern VR and 360° content VR is clearly the Next Big Thing™; many major manufacturers are looking to get in on the game. The LG 360 Cam is the first affordable 360° camera from a major brand. Fads and new ideas come and go swiftly in tech. This is especially true […]

Sony Xperia X Review

Does Sony’s new X series have what it takes? Normally this time of year you would be expecting unboxings, reviews and the sale of a brand new Z series phone, but now we have the X series? For those of you who are not aware and have currently got a confused look on your face, I’ll […]

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