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Below you can find our latest smartphone reviews. Nearly all of the devices reviewed below are also available to buy on the Clove website. We do our best to review as much of our product range as possible so that we can give customers good advice about which device is best suited to them. We welcome discussion and feedback so please feel free to leave a comment on any blog post.

We also post some reviews here on the Clove website.

Thinkware X500 dash cam review

Front and rear recording with a wide range of features

Thinkware_X500_Dash_Cam (2)Car cameras or dash cams as they are otherwise known are not a particularly new type of product, but they are one of the faster growing technology products thanks to the increasing availability, falling prices and improved features, in part driven by demand as drivers are becoming aware of the benefits of owning one (explained here).

Many different cameras exist with different price points and in this review we are looking at one of the more premium solutions from Thinkware, the X500.

Personally I have little experience of car cameras so this review is based on my personal thoughts and opinions and will not be making direct comparison with other models on the market.

The X500 from South Korean firm Thinkware comes in 2 options. The first being a camera for the front windscreen powered from the supplied cars power adapter and the second being the front camera complete with a camera for the rear windscreen and cables for a hard wire or permanent installation.

I am testing the latter and more premium solution.

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KAZAM Thunder 340W Review

A surprising handset that many will get great value from

Kazam_Thunder_340W (15)KAZAM are still a relatively unknown brand in the market of smartphones even though they have been producing handsets for in excess of 18 months now.

More recently they have gained media attention with the launch of the Tornado 348, which measured in at just 5.5mm thick and has a Guinness world record to its name.  We reviewed it in full here.

The Thunder 340W is a little different.  It is not have quite the same specification but then again it is £175 cheaper.

So what is this compact smartphone all about? Read on to find out.

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Honor 6 Review

Behold the great Honor 6

Honor_6_Hands_On (9)No doubt if I asked you what you wanted from a smartphone, you would give me a list of high end features but request this with a price tag normally associated with a low to mid range phone.

We all like to get value for money and within the last 6-12 months we have seen more instances of this being ever more possible. In fact in many cases like the Motorola Moto G it is quite incredible that you get what you do for £150.

The Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is perhaps one of the best and most recent examples. On launch here at Clove we managed to offer an a price of just £350 and for this you received what is easily considered the best ‘Compact’ phone.

However £350 is a big jump up from the £150 of the Moto G. What if there was something in the middle?

The Honor 6 is a new entrant to the smartphone market that looks to offer just this.

Who is Honor?

Honor comes about as a reaction to Oppo, OnePlus and Xiaomi who have been growing rapidly in select markets of the world.

Honor is actually a brand developed, financed and supported by Huawei, so you and I can take comfort in knowing that the parent company is a hugely resourceful and experienced in what it is doing.

Just how does the 6 stack up in comparison to what else is on the market? Read on to find out.

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BlackBerry Z3 Review

BlackBerry’s budget touchscreen

BlackBerry_Z3_Hands_On (1)You will likely have heard and possibly seen how Canadian smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry are going through somewhat of a change.

Producing fewer, but more focused devices that suit particular users needs.

The Passport and Classic answered the needs of those who wanted higher end specifications and a physical keyboard which were more likely to be using it for work oriented tasks.

The Z3 is a little different as a lower end, full touchscreen device.

Originally released in Asia, the Z3 has made its way to the UK just under a year later.

Perfectly suitable for business but less feature rich, the Z3 is appeals to those looking for a more cost effective mobile device without a physical keyboard.

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Honor 3C Review

Wow, what a great phone

Honor_3C_Hands_On_Photo (20)The Honor 3C is a new entrant to the smartphone market that looks to offer exceptional value for money, but many may be questioning who are ‘Honor’?

Honor comes about as a reaction to Oppo, OnePlus and Xiaomi who have been growing rapidly in select markets of the world thanks in part to the value they create in devices.

Honor is actually a brand developed, financed and supported by the Chinese giant that is Huawei. However, they wish to distance themselves and let Honor stand on its own two feet, but to you and I we can take comfort in knowing that the parent company is a hugely resourceful and experienced entity that bring this to the Honor brand.

According to the Oxford English dictionary the word ‘honour’ is to have high respect and great esteem for.

My initial impressions of the 3C lead me to believe come the end of this review I will have this respect for it, but only time will tell, so lets take an in depth look at what you get with the 3C.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Review

Function meets practicality with the Tab Active

Samsung_Galaxy_Tab_Active_Hands_On (25)The choice we have today when choosing a tablet computer is phenomenal.  They come in all manner of shapes and sizes with varying specifications; the problem is however many are very similar and few really stand out as being different.

Samsung are in part responsible for this, even the most seasoned technology enthusiast will struggle to tell a Galaxy Tab, Tab 2, 3 and 4 apart, let alone explain the differences between them and the NotePro or TabPro tablets.

Thankfully the Galaxy Tab Active from Samsung is different and stands out thanks to its IP rating.

Whilst it could be used in many situations, the Tab Active is geared more towards the business user; the box even says ‘for enterprise’ on it. To set the scene a little, this tablet has been designed to suit, but not be limited to: engineers, the construction industry, mobile salespersons, technicians and those who may generally find their tablet coming into contact with tougher conditions.

Focused on functionality, lets see how it stacks up.

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KAZAM Tornado 348 60 Second Review

There’s a lot to the KAZAM Tornado 348 and if you can spare just a minute we’ll take you through the good, the bad and everything else.

Did you know that it holds a Guinness World Record for being the slimmest phone? Pretty impressive as is the free screen replacement should yours get damaged.

Hit the play button and Jon will tell you why the KAZAM Tornado will or won’t be your next phone. If you like what you see and hear hit the buy button below.

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BlackBerry Classic 60 Second Review

The classic look and feel of Blackberry is back and it comes in the form of the BlackBerry Classic. Those looking for a communication device won’t get much better than this, if you’re a Blackberry fan you’ll love it.

Here we run through the best and not so good of the BlackBerry Classic. Sold on it, you certainly won’t be the first as we’ve had lots of interest.

You can get hold of your accessories now, you’ll find them here and to get your Classic hit the blue button below.

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KAZAM Tornado 348 Reivew

KAZAM_Tornado_348_Hands_On (6)KAZAM are still somewhat of an unknown name when it comes to smartphones, but here at Clove we have been selling their products for a year now.

The parent company and team of individuals behind KAZAM are hugely experienced and offer you and I as smartphone users some great additional benefits.

Aside from setting out to provide cost effective handsets in the first place, they do too offer a FREE screen replacement should you accidentally crack or damage it within the first year (which is brilliant for peace of mind). Additionally they also offer remote assistance.

This remote assistance means that they can, with your permission, log in to your handset and try and rectify issues you may experience without it going away for repair.

The Tornado 348 is their latest device which has been certified with a Guinness World Record for the slimmest smartphone at 5.1mm thick.

An Android smartphone with Octa-core processing power, we put the Tornado through its paces to see how it performs; but before we talk about the device itself, it is worth mentioning that if you register your Tornado 348 with KAZAM after purchase, you get an extra year’s warranty, so you have service and support for 3 years!  Thats the added KAZAM value.

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BlackBerry Classic Review

BlackBerry_Classic_Hands_On (18)When you hear the word BlackBerry, aside from the fruit, you probably think of a mobile phone with a keyboard and you would be right to do so.

As the mobile device market exploded, so did BlackBerry, but in recent years a lack of direction meant they lost market share, but now they are back with a clearer focus and direction.

The first of the new devices to come out under this more focused BlackBerry was the Passport.

Reviewing it a couple of months ago I concluded that whilst a very good device “a not quite so wide version of the Passport with the ‘classic’ BlackBerry keyboard is what I think it needs to win more of power and consumer users back”.

Well as it happens this is what we now have, the BlackBerry Classic and I do believe it has what it takes to win not only some old faithful fans back but some new ones as well.

Read on for more, or watch the following video if you prefer.

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