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BlackBerry KEYone How To Videos: Enable Type By Swiping

The BlackBerry KEYone, has had an excellent first few months with positive reviews and strong sales. Popularised a few years ago by the app Swype, swipe typing has become commonplace. You’ll now find the technology integrated into many software keyboards both on Android and iOS. But what about the physical keyboard on the KEYone? Well […]

Google Pixel: Limited UK Spec Stock £449

With rumours that Google will be releasing the Pixel 2 sometime in October, you might question buying an original model now. Well perhaps price can tempt you…? Last year’s release saw Google taking some criticism for the high price of the Pixel. We can probably also expect the new version to roll in at over […]

Thinkware F800: Due August, “Air” Update Later This Year

We first talked about the Thinkware F800 back in January. The newest addition to Thinkware’s wide range of dash cams, the F800 won an Innovation Award at CES. This award was provided due to the forward-thinking remote features showcased at CES. These features gave the product its original name: Thinkware F800 “Air”. Thinkware F800 | […]

Where did all the compact phones go?

Not too long ago, it was common for there to be a ‘Compact’ or ‘Mini’ version of many manufacturer’s flagship phones. With the trend to towards ever larger devices, this practise seems to have fallen by the wayside. What’s worse for fans of smaller phones is that even the more budget-friendly handsets now seem to […]

Transfer To Galaxy Smartphones With Samsung Smart Switch

When switching phones it can be a pain having to transfer all of your data. This can be especially frustrating when moving from one platform to another, such as iOS to Android. Having personal data on different accounts and services can make the prospect of a move daunting. With this in mind, Samsung now have an […]

Moto Z2 Play Gold Now Shipping: £379 with FREE TurboPower Pack

We’ve focused on Motorola a lot recently but for good reason. They are slowly but surely filling out the Android world with several handsets at various specification and price points. Looking at parent company Lenovo, it’s a tactic which has worked well in the home computing and laptop market. Time will tell if this plan […]

BlackBerry KEYone How To Videos: Switching between Android Launchers

The BlackBerry KEYone, has had an excellent first few months with positive reviews and strong sales. One of the powers of Android, which traditional BlackBerry users may be unaware of, is the ability to change your Launcher. The Launcher is the environment where you browse apps and system settings. It’s so called because within it […]

Honor 6A Available To Order: £149 Due August 14th

Honor continue to build an impressive reputation for providing affordable smartphones. Now with products in almost every specification tier, they are becoming a force to be reckoned with. The new Honor 6A sit in the space that was until recently occupied by the 5C. Now you can’t expect the world from a device with this […]

Clove Technology – Grab a bargain on clearance smartphones

Grab a bargain smartphone Occasionally we end up with a number of smartphones which, for whatever reasons, cannot be sold as new. This is for a variety of reasons but is typically due to customer returns, or usage of a phone for in-house demonstrations.  Often it is simply due to the box seal having been broken by the […]

Sony Xperia Ear Now Available: £179

In a recent article I mused about smartwatches and ultimately their function as assistants. Those looking for a personal assistant with a little more sci-fi glitz might be interested in the Xperia Ear. Very similar to the Moto Hint that launched towards the end of 2014, Ear is a single earpiece. Responding to voice controls, Ear […]

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