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BlackBerry Motion In Stock: £399

Since BlackBerry’s move from their own systems to the Android platform a couple of years ago, they have released a number of smartphones. BlackBerry Motion | £399 | SIM Free Among those is the hugely popular KEYone with a traditional physical keyboard. If you’re looking for a smartphone with similar design and security credentials, but […]

Official LG cases: K4 / K8 / K10 (2017)

For a solid defense, Incipio’s Dual Pro case for the LG K (2017) range is an excellent choice. This case is made from two parts. The first is a shock absorbent inner core made from dLAST™ TPE. This dissipates energy around the handset rather than having it focussed in one point. The phone can be […]

Star Wars Battlefront 2 PS4 Bundles Shipping Next Week

One of the most anticipated launches of 2017 – Star Wars Battlefront 2 is available from next week. An exclusive PS4 Slim 500GB White bundle pack is available to order now. Star Wars Battlefront 2 | £229.99 | PS4 Slim 500GB Greatly expanding on 2015’s Battlefront, this second edition has several new features. A single […]

Galaxy Note8 Case-Mate accessories now available

One of 2017’s biggest releases – literally – the Galaxy Note8 has received a lot of praise from critics. If you’ve got hold of one yourself, then you might be looking for a decent case. Samsung make a few themselves, although the 1st party stuff doesn’t come cheap. If you want something a bit more […]

Doro 8040 Now Available: £220

Doro have long been a company with a particular focus. Ensuring seniors and those less able can communicate effectively in the modern world is one of their core values. Doro 8040 | £220 | SIM Free With modern technology evolving rapidly though, staying up to speed with developments can be difficult. Smartphones have become an […]

Thinkware F100 & Weatherpoof External Camera

Dash cams are becoming ever more popular. It’s no surprise that owners of trade vehicles may want them for additional protection. But if you drive a van or other vehicle with no rear windscreen, how best to get rear recording? Thinkware F100 | £218 | Rear External Camera If you don’t want to go through […]

Cat S31 £295: Shipping Next Week

Over the past few years, Cat have positioned themselves at the top of the Rugged category. Cat’s smartphones changed expectations and popularised what was a niche product segment. With decent specifications and affordable prices – plus a warranty that backs the rugged advertising – the Cat S31 is the latest in a series of excellent […]

Moto Z2 Force Now In Stock: £719

The original X Force was an incredibly popular phone throughout 2016. Sold with Motorola’s unique ShatterShield technology, the phone married a high-end specifiation with a practically unbreakable screen. Sadly the Z Force never made it to the UK, however Moto have rectified that with the upcoming Z2 Force. Moto Z2 Force | £719 | SIM […]

Call of Duty WWII: PS4 Slim 500GB Bundle: £244

As part of our games console additions to the Clove website, we’re pleased to say we’ll have launch day stock of the new Call of Duty WWII for PS4. Call of Duty WWII | PS4 Slim 500GB Arriving to us on Friday 3rd, we’ll have CoD WWII bundle packs ready to ship. These include the […]

Nuu Mobile A1: Pure Budget Mobility

  Smartphones are a huge global market, with several manufacturers and brands vying for attention. You’d be forgiven for thinking there wasn’t space left for any more! Agile companies will always look for a niche though and Nuu Mobile are just that. Nuu Mobile A1 | £46 | SIM Free The A1 is Nuu Mobile’s […]

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