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Free LG Watch Style with all new G6 orders

The LG Watch Style has been touted as the ‘face’ of Android Wear 2.0. Originally released in select markets back in February, it was one of only a handful of watches capable of running the upgraded Wear system. Reviews were generally positive. Many focused on the lightweight, minimalist design. Design seems to have been one […]

Kodak Android Tablets available from just £75

A simple Android tablet can be a great addition to the household. Far cheaper than a fully fledged laptop, you can use the touch screen to browse the web, check emails and do a bit of shopping or social media in any room of the house. Tablets don’t need to be expensive and Kodak prove […]

BlackBerry KEYone How To Videos: Enable Type Swiping Gestures

The BlackBerry KEYone, has had an excellent first few months with positive reviews and strong sales. Popularised a few years ago by the app Swype, swipe typing has become commonplace. You’ll now find the technology integrated into many software keyboards both on Android and iOS. But what about the physical keyboard on the KEYone? Well […]

We Print User Manuals

User Manuals. The Operator’s Guide. The Instruction Booklet (or “the destructions” as my mother often referred to them as). Once a staple with every electronics purchase, this useful item has disappeared from the retail boxes of most modern consumer electronics. Smartphones, televisions, laptops: none of them have the detailed instructions included many of us want. […]

Honor 6A In Stock: £149

Impressing many with their mix of low prices and decent specifications, Honor are fast becoming a favoured brand in the UK. We recently posted about the new 6A. The phone has an entry level price of just £149, although the specifications rival the more expensive Moto G5, trading Full HD screen resolution for standard HD […]

LG Q6 In Stock: £280

With both LG and Samsung using a similar design for their flagships, it’s clear that this year’s smartphone design trend is to get the bezels as thin as possible. Interestingly, both manufacturers opted for an elongated screen. LG went for an 18:9 ratio, which they dubbed FullVision. They’ve now decided to bring this feature down […]

Thinkware F800 In Stock: Pro Model Clarification

We posted last week about the Thinkware F800 launching this month. Stock has now arrived. That post though triggered some responses asking about which model we would have available. I can confirm that Clove Technology are stocking the Thinkware F800 PRO. For clarification on the models, please read on. Thinkware F800 Pro | From £269 […]

Shot on a smartphone… But can you do the same?

Camera quality is probably the biggest differentiating feature in modern smartphones. With manufacturers trying to justify prices up to and beyond £700 for top-tier handsets, smartphone photography really has to go above and beyond. Each year the boundaries get pushed. Like title fighters continuously staging rematches, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S phones were pitched against […]

Clove’s top 10 smartphones August 2017

The traditional Summer slowdown has hit and there have been very few recent smartphone releases of note. The most impressive handset we’ve seen launch has been without a doubt the Honor 9. Actually released right on the cusp of June/July, it wasn’t around long enough to make last month’s list. Now it’s been on sale […]

DJI Phantom 4 Pro User Guide / Manual

DJI’s Phantom series has become the consumer drone of choice amongst UAV enthusiasts and amateur pilots. The brand is now well-known for being simple to set up and use straight out of the box. Powerful battery technology has increased flight time to 30 minutes, plus intelligent integrated software now offers collision detection and obstacle avoidance […]

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