CAT S50 vs CAT B15Q

What’s the difference between the CAT S50 and the CAT B15Q

Cat_S50_B15Q (9)In this post we take a look at how the CAT S50 and CAT B15Q compare to each other. We have them available to order respectively on the Clove website here and here.

CAT are slowly becoming a stronger and more recognised brand within the mobile industry.

Their devices have been designed to be rugged and fit the environments many would expect CAT products to be used; within the trades such as construction.

Many would consider them less desirable, but for those who need a tougher phone, their products have a high level of desirability, so how does the recently launched CAT S50 compare with the better known CAT B15Q?

In this post, we look to make comparison between them.

If you would like to watch the comparison, rather than read, then watch the video below.

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MHL, Slimport, Miracast and Chromecast. What’s the best way to get from phone to TV?

Wired or wireless? We look at the best ways to get your phone display on your big screen.

Google-ChromecastOne of the most frequent questions we hear at Clove is “how can I get my x‘s screen to show on my TV?”. It’s a very widespread issue and one that rarely has a simple answer. This is in part due to how much technology in both the mobile and home entertainment industries has advanced and merged in recent years. It’s also not helped by there being a number of different solutions, many of them incompatible with each other or particular devices.

A few years ago wireless wasn’t really a viable option and only the most expensive devices were compatible for video out. There are now more options than ever, however we understand the tech can be complicated if you don’t follow it regularly. In this post we’ll be looking at all the mainstream options available to get content off your phone and onto your telly.

Cables or wireless

belkin-routerOne of the first questions you should ask yourself is do you want to be wired or wireless? Now most of you will probably all chirp in with “Wireless!” as the answer and with good reason. Less wires means less hassle, plus you have the freedom to browse your phone for content away from the TV, rather than choosing something and leaving it there. It’s also much more useful if your TV is wall-mounted without anywhere close by to leave the phone.

Wireless tech however does bring up a couple of issues. One is cost and the other is compatibility, although these are both now becoming less of a factor now than they were even just a year ago. When choosing wireless, you have to ensure that both sending and receiving devices can speak to each other. Usually they can’t, which means buying something to sit in the middle and translate. Traditionally this was significantly more expensive than a wired option, however costs have fallen.

The last issue is your home network. If the tech you choose uses your home wireless network (as most of them do), rather than a direct connection , then sending your content over it will take up bandwidth. Now modern routers can handle a lot of traffic, however if you live in a property with a lot of open connections at once (I’m looking at you students), then running a real time 1080p video from your phone to a receiver could be slowing everyone else down. Also double that if you happen to first be streaming on your phone from an online service such as Netflix before sending it to the TV. If you bought or were provided with your wireless router several years ago then it might be worth double checking its capabilities if many people use it at once.

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LG G3 Comparison Sheets & Videos

The LG G3 launched last month and was met with praise from critics across the industry. With an incredible 2K screen never before seen on a major brand handset and innovative new laser auto-focussing camera technology, the G3 is certainly a sight to be seen.

How does it stack up against the competition though? Samsung, HTC and Sony have all released their 2014 flagships before the G3, plus there are still last year’s devices lurking in the background at very attractive prices considering their specifications.

There’s no denying the G3 is in incredible piece of kit, one that anyone would be pleased to own. If you’d like to know how it holds up against its closest rivals on paper, then follow the break for a list of comparison sheets; click on them to open the full size images. We also have a few videos, also available on our YouTube channel, which will be added to as we complete more.

You can order an LG G3 from Clove for just £492 (£410 ex-VAT), with free WCD-100 wireless charging plate while stocks last.

LG G3 vs. Google Nexus 5

Google’s low cost powerhouse is actually manufactured by LG so this comparison is more relevant than it first seems. The Nexus 5 is approaching a year old now but still delivers emphatically considering the price tag.



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LG G2 V LG G2 Mini Spec Comparison

LG G2 V G2 Mini

The G2 Mini is the squished version of the G2.  Different they are, but just how different?

Click the image below to be taken through to a full detailed spec comparison.

Or watch the animation video below that shows the differences.

Nokia Lumia 625 v LG G2 Mini Spec Comparison

LG G2 Mini v Nokia Lumia 625

The most striking difference between these two handsets has to be the fact that one is powered by Android whilst the other runs Windows Phone.

Despite this, the two handsets have some similarities and allow you to do a lot of similar things, just in a slightly different way.

If you click on the image below, you will get a full spec comparison of the Nokia Lumia 625 against the LG G2 Mini.

For an animated version of the spec comparison, please watch the video below.

HTC Desire 610 V LG G2 Mini Spec Comparison

LG G2 Mini V HTC Desire 610

Want to know how these two compare in terms of hardware and specification?  If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place.

Click the following image to get a detailed specification comparison between the two.

Motorola Moto G V LG G2 Mini Spec Comparison

LG G2 Mini V Motorola Moto G

The Moto G is the undisputed king of smartphones when it comes to value for money.  It offers a lot for the money.

The G2 Mini is a very capable handset though too and may offer something a little more for some users depending on your requirement.

We have put the specs side by side in a graphic for you to easily compare.

Click the image below to be taken through to the full specification comparison.

If you would prefer, you can watch the animated version of this below.

LG G2 Mini V Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Spec Comparison

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact V LG G2 Mini

In the battle of the small but powerful form factor, the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact has been branded the top dog.

That said, the LG G2 Mini has a pretty strong specification set and when you consider the increased screen size for what is nearly the same overall size then there is a lot of reason to consider both if you are in the market for a new phone.

Click the image below to get a full spec comparison comparison or hit play on the video at the bottom for an animated version.


Motorola Moto X V LG G2 Mini Spec Comparison

LG G2 Mini V Motorola Moto X

The Moto X may no longer be available, but you might be an owner of one and considering a replacement.

The LG G2 Mini has some comparable features so we have put together a a detailed specification comparison for you to look at.

Click the image below to be taken through to the full comparison or click play on the video below that if you would prefer to view and animated version.

Google Nexus 5 V LG G2 Mini Spec Comparison

LG G2 Mini V Google Nexus 5

The Google Nexus 5 is made by LG and is supposed to be one of the best experiences of Android on a smartphone that you can get.

Bearing in mind the LG manufacture the Nexus 5, how does it stack up in comparison to the G2 Mini, LG’s own branded handset.

Click the image below to see a full technical specification comparison.

If you would rather watch a video, then we have that covered too with an animated technical specification comparison video below.