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TCL Life Home Monitoring Kit & Accessories Explained

When you are away from home you do not ever really know what is going on. Did the kids arrive home at the right time? Did you close the gate? Has the gardener been? Did you close all the windows and doors? These are questions we all have from time to time. For most there […]

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus Screen Protectors

Screen protectors are perhaps the most common accessory purchased with phones. With a screen as beautiful as the one adorning the new Galaxy S8 phones, you can see why! Samsung have covered their panels with Gorilla Glass 5. This is strong enough to deter many marks and scratches. Still, with a screen protector installed, you […]

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus LED Flip Wallet Cover

Fashion often looks to the past for inspiration. Retro is always in! This official Samsung case is no different, embedding a neat dot-matrix style display into the front. As soon as you place your brand new Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus inside, it can immediately communicate with you. Real-time information is displayed including time, weather, […]

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Review

I’ve always had a soft spot for Sony. My first TV as a boy was a hand-me-down Trinitron CRT (like this) of indeterminate age from my grandparents. It had twisty knobs to tune in and was old enough that the channel buttons were marked BBC 1 through 8. It got me through an unhealthy amount […]

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus Keyboard Cover

Do you send a lot of texts or emails? As a power user, do you find yourself longing for the days of a physical keyboard with tactile feedback? This genuine Samsung coverĀ incorporates a physical keyboard for the S8/S8 Plus. The design is intended to boost productivity. Sometimes typing a large amount of text can be […]

OtterBox Defender Case – Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

One of the longest standing brands in tough cases, the Otterbox Defender provides an excellent all round protective solution for your Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus. The Defender line offers an innovative 3 layer design offering total shielding from bumps, scratches and dust. Overall the Otterbox is and always will be one of the best ways […]

New Nokia 3, 5, 6 & 3310 handsets priced

Nokia! What a brand. For a time, they were by far and away the most successful and recognised mobile manufacturer in the world. Of course technology evolves rapidly. Unfortunately Nokia weren’t able to capture the imaginations of consumers during the smartphone boom in the same way as Apple, and later, Samsung. Still the brand has […]

Samsung Wireless Convertible Charger

Wireless charging has been a feature of Samsung Galaxy S phones for several years now. Recently, Samsung have also incorporated their Adaptive Fast Charging technology into their wireless pads. Part of a new range of Samsung accessories, the new Convertible Wireless Charger follows suit. It has a thinner design thinner than previous models to match […]

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 Shipping Next Week

Popular among companies looking to outfit staff, the Xcover range hasĀ had a few entries. The new Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 is the most recent version and will be available from next week. If you’re looking for a mid-range handset with a difference, then this could be just your thing. Xcover phones offer a decent specification. […]

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus Alcantara Cover Case

Among a whole host of Galaxy S8 accessories is the new Alcantara case. Alcantara is a modern synthetic material that mimics leather’s durability and suede’s soft touch. Used in high-end products including Louis Vuitton bags and Formula 1 car seats, the material ages gracefully and is also stain and splash resistant. As a bonus the […]

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