Sony Xperia E4g – pre-orders live at £125

xperia-e4g-black-front-landscapeJust a couple of weeks ago we let you all know that Sony Xperia E4 pre-orders were live at just £99.

Well to add to that we can also confirm that Sony’s E4g, complete with LTE connectivity, is now expected to be with us in early April at just £125! Pre orders are now live on the Clove site.

Pre order Sony Xperia E4g from Clove

Although both coming under the E4 branding, there are some slight differences between the two models which we’ll outline here.

The E4g screen is slightly smaller at 4.7″, compared to the cheaper E4’s 5″, although the processor speed jumps up to 1.5 GHz from 1.3 GHz. You’ll also find that the E4g version is slightly smaller and lighter, plus the E2003 model number Clove will be stocking has NFC as well.

With the Moto E 2nd generation now released and shipping from today, the LTE capable entry level scene could well be getting quite crowded soon. This E4g from Sony offers a larger screen and a better camera performance than the new Moto E though, plus an LED flash, so it’s certainly worth considering and definitely justifies the extra few notes.

Sony Xperia E4g at a glance

  • Android 4.4.4 KitKat – guaranteed update to 5.0 Lollipop
  • 4.7″ qHD 540 x 960 IPS LCD screen
  • 1.5 GHz quad core processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 8 GB storage / micro SD support
  • 5 MP camera with autofocus and LED flash
  • LTE coverage (Bands 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20)

Motorola Moto E (2nd Generation) available for £110

Motorola Moto E 2nd Generation (Clove)Motorola are making quite a name for themselves with cost effective handsets.  We have had the E, G and G 4G as well as the 2nd generation Moto G.

The Moto E range has long been everything an entry-level phone should be. Reliable, long-lasting and above all, affordable.

This newest edition for 2015 brings 4G / LTE support for those that would like it at a low price. Other improvements include a 4.5″ screen, quad core processor, 8 GB of internal storage and 5MP camera.

Just £110 for a SIM free Moto E from Clove.

With a 2,390 mAh battery, the all-new Moto E (2nd Generation) is designed to last a full day. Dash to school or work in the morning. Meet up with family or friends. Then head out for the evening. All without worrying about stopping to recharge.

The 4.5″ touchscreen with Corning Gorilla Glass is your window into a digital world.  Browse the web, stream media or complete work documents on the go.

The addition of the very latest Android software, known as Lollipop, provides a modernised clean interface, modelled on what Google refer to as Material Design.

This new style will be prevalent on all Google’s services to provide a synchronised experience. Notifications have also been overhauled; they are now less intrusive and allow you (if you choose) to respond directly from the lockscreen or not interrupt your viewing when playing full screen games or movies.

To find out more, click here.

40,000 subscribers & a giveaway

YouTube-icon-full_colorUnless you are new to Clove Technology then you will probably known that we actively create videos of products including unboxing and reviews of products.

The vast majority of these are uploaded and shared on YouTube with many then embedded here on the Clove blog.

We have today surpassed what we believe to be a bit of a milestone, 40,000 subscribers to our YouTube Channel.

We make videos to help you and show you the latest technology. We do not make them for the number of views and to gets lots of subscribers but it is great to achieve this.

If you are one of those 40K subscribers, then THANK YOU.

As a small gesture of our appreciation, we will be offering a currently unannounced smartphone to one of you. All you need do is visit our YouTube channel on or around the 10th March to find out more.

Doro – Which? give Doro handsets ‘Best Buy’ and ‘Great Value’

Doro Smartphones

It’s good to see those who may just want to keep things simple when it comes to a mobile, have such a great choice from Doro.

What makes them stand out from the crowd, are the amazing features that some of the big players in the mobile world could well do with sticking in their flagship devices.

I’m talking about the Assistance Button, the In Case of Emergency feature and also the charger. With the of these the end that goes in to your Doro phone has a raised profile so you’re not left trying to connect the charger the wrong way round.

We’re really impressed with all the features offered by Doro and over at Which? both the Doro PhoneEasy 612 and 622 have been given the ‘Best Buy’ stamp, with the Doro PhoneEasy 612 getting an extra ‘Great Value’ stamp. You can find out more on page 73 of their March 2015 issue or on their website if you’re a member.

Clove Technology won’t argue that they are both superb handsets that bring technology to everyone.

You may have even seen the competition that we have going strong. Simply buy a Doro handset from us by March 31st and we’ll put you in the draw to get your money back – so you could be getting your super easy phone at no cost. You can read more about that by clicking here and if you want to get your hands on a Doro phone, hit the blue button below.

Browse our range of Doro phones

Car camera features explained

Thinkware_X500_Dash_Cam (1)Car cameras or dash cams are an increasingly popular option for drivers of vehicles in the UK or internationally to install in a vehicle to record what happens as you drive and use when required as evidence in an incident should it be required.

Dash cameras come in an array or different sizes, features, capabilities and prices.

In this post we look as best as possible to list and explain all the different features and functions that you might get or come into contact with when deciding on a car camera.  In our post hereShould I buy a Car Camera‘  we look at the pros and cons as well so with all this information you can make an informed decision on which to go for and ultimately purchase the best one for you.

Single Channel Cameras

This is a solution with just one camera which is usually mounted in the front windscreen and is powered by the car power adapter or can be hardwired.

2 Channel Cameras

This is a solution comprising of 2 cameras, usually one for the front and one for the rear.

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Smartphones look similar for a reason

It is quite clear whether you have a passion for mobile technology or not that the market is awash with many different phones that all look very similar and do very similar things, with only marginal differences between them.

If you have ever thought choosing a new phone is more difficult than ever, then you would be right because it is.  The great advantage is that you and I have more choice than ever before but that could be argued as a negative.

However one topic surrounding the vast array of phones on the market today that keeps being raised is around design.

Many seem to complain about phones looking too similar, not being innovative enough and looking unattractive.

Yet when something very different and innovative comes along like the YotaPhone 2, it gets criticised  by many for being unnecessary or a gimmick when in fact as a smartphone it is not all that bad.

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Sony Xperia Z Ultra just £220

Sony_Xperia_Z_Ultra (1)Back in September 2013 the Sony Xperia Z Ultra hit the shelves costing in excess of £500.

By mid-late 2014 stocks were virtually depleted and we actually removed the Z Ultra from sale from the Clove website.

However, we have managed to gain access to a limited number of these SIM free phablets and are currently offering them for sale for just £220 including VAT.

Less than half the price at launch for £220 you are getting a sensational product, even if the product is technically 18 months old.

Brand new in the original box, the Z Ultra offers you:

  • Google Android operating system
  • 2.2GHz Qualcomm quad-core processor
  • 6.44″ touchscreen with scratch resistant glass
  • 6.5mm thick
  • 8 megapixel camera with Sony Exmor RS technology
  • 1080p HD video recording
  • Front facing 2 megapixel camera
  • IP55/58 rated
  • NFC
  • MHL
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • WiFi
  • 4G/LTE
  • MicroSDXC memory card slot

When purchased from Clove the device will be provided SIM free meaning no contract or SIM card is included and they are unlocked for use on all networks.  You have a full 24 month warranty with Sony included too.

At 6.4″ it is not small and will be suitable for only some who have a particular need, but this would make for an ideal device to consume media on.

If you need more information please do contact us by email using the address or by telephoning +44 (0)1202 552936.

Buy SIM free Sony Xperia Z Ultra


Doro Liberto 820 – 4. How to surf the Internet

Now that you have activated the internet on you Doro Liberto 820 the next video in our mini series shows you how to get on the web to look at cute little puppies, search for a hotel and save a page as a bookmark.

The internet is amazing and so is your Doro 820, it can help you keep track of the news, scores and you can even do your food shopping without stepping foot inside a supermarket.

Content on a website can also be made bigger by using the zoom buttons to the bottom or your fingers to pinch and zoom.

Next week we’ll be looking at how to add applications, Google Play has a world of entertainment ready for your Doro 820 and we’ll do our best to make you get the most of it.

If you’ve missed our previous Doro 820 videos you’ll find links to them below.

How to access the Internet

How to email

How To Call, SMS and MMS

What is My Doro Manager?

In the meantime if you have any questions about the Doro range of handsets you might find some useful question and answers on our dedicated Doro page by clicking here or you can give us a call, we’re based in Poole. Our number is 01202 552936.

What devices do we use at Clove – February 2015

Many months ago (August 2014) when the sun was shining we posted about what devices we were using then.  So 6 months on, we are posting an update with a list of products we all currently use.

No doubt some are jealous at how many handsets we get to use, but none of us change our phones all that regularly as surprising as that may be.  Since August though, there have been some changes, to read on to find out what devices everyone is using now and why.  If they still use the same, you should find out how their opinions have changed over the time of ownership.

Jon – Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

Import a SIM free phone6 months ago I was using the Z1 Compact.  I loved it, so when the Z3 Compact came out, it was only right that I upgraded (rude not to!).

In the hand and on a glance there is little difference, but the added power is noticeable, I can generally now achieve at least 1.5 days out of it.  The stereo speakers are also an added benefit.

Being IP rated is a benefit for me as I often find myself in the rain, when walking my dog and I can say that the camera on this has captured some stunning shots.

The rear of the Z3 Compact is incredibly glossy and if left on the arm of a rounded sofa the Compact will almost certainly go for a wander off the side!  As such I stuck a skin on the back and not only does it make the handset look different, it has stopped the little escape artist performing any of its disappearing acts.

It does not appear to suffer from the heating issues my Z1C did.

Overall I can not fault this.  I have no desire to change any time soon, although the Honor 6 I reviewed recently was quite nice.

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BlackBerry 10 OS 10.3.1 Arrives for BlackBerry Passport, Z30, Z3, Z10, Q10, and Q5

Are you a BlackBerry smartphone user with a BlackBerry Passport, Z30, Z3, Z10, Q10 or Q5?

blackberry-logo_1If so, good news for you as an update is on its way to upgrade your software version to 10.3.1.

The full press release detailing the update is available below, but in summary there are some core new features.

  • BlackBerry Blend – Use most features of your BlackBerry phone on a Mac, Windows, iOS or Android computing product via wired or wireless connections. Left your phone at home? No problem, you can remotely access the device
  • BlackBerry Assistant – Use voice commands to complete many repetitive tasks
  • Battery performance improvements
  • Update to BlackBerry hub, calendar, camera, multimedia and more
  • Inclusion of Amazon Appstore for a wider range of apps – Android apps for use on a BlackBerry phone

Keep an eye out on your BlackBerry Hub and you will be notified when the update is available for download on your device.

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