BIG Launcher – Big on Features – Big on Abilities

Big Launcher

True to its name Big Launcher is big. It also does exactly what it says. Big Launcher makes your buttons big and easier to see.

If you already have a phone or tablet and are happy with it, you might just want to spend the £8 for this app instead of splashing out for a new phone. When you have purchased Big Launcher you can take it with you to any new device, so if your current phone needs changing you can download the app again.

With a choice of three text sizes, for those with very poor eyesight the ‘bigger’ and ‘biggest’ options really make the difference between being able to use your phone and tablet or not.

As Big Launcher is just a launcher, you can choose to flip between how the device was before you downloaded Big Launcher so you will always have control over how it works.

There are also a host of options that allow you to customise Big Launcher. These include changing the icons for various apps and adding additional screens. There are also a host of themes available with colours that are easy on the eyes.

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KAZAM Thunder 340W 60 Second Review

The KAZAM Thunder 340W is at £74.99 great value for money. It doesn’t have all the fancy specs that the big devices pack but if you’re looking at your first Windows handset you won’t go wrong. As a first step in the Windows ecosystem the KAZAM Thunder  340W is the perfect device and it won’t go wrong as a back up.

With dual-sim capabilities, , a free case, a single screen replacement in the first 12 months and all trappings of Windows Phone 8.1 the KAZAM Thunder 340W is a very attractive proposition.

As with any handset though there are good and bad things. At this price point though you won’t be expecting  the latest and greatest but there are some very good reasons to buy it.

In the above video Jon the master of unboxing and reviewing stuff walks you through all you need to know and if you’re wanting one just hit the Blue button below.

Buy the KAZAM Thunder 340W

Buy the Official Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Qi Wireless Charging Cover

Hi everyone, I’m Colin and as part of this in-house comp that is running at Clove for us team members I’ve been tasked with listing products on our website.

Some of you may have spoken to me in the past, I come in and take orders over the phone some mornings and deal with deliveries. I haven’t listed a product for ages and this is the first blog post but here they are.

The official Samsung Galaxy Note Edge charging back cover with built-in wireless charging offers power, productivity rolled in to one accessory. To go wire free simply remove the current back to your Note Edge and replace it with the Official Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Qi Wireless Charging Cover.

Help keep your work station, home office or bedside tidy and your Samsung Galaxy Note Edge charged as and when you want with a compatible charging pad. All you need to do is place your Note Edge on the pad and let it charge up.

We have the Note Edge Qi Wireless Charging Cover  available in Black for £29.99, and White for £24.98. In order to receive one hit the Blue button below:-

Buy the Note Edge Qi Wireless Charging Cover in Black

Buy the Note Edge Qi Wireless Charging Cover in White

Now as for the competition, no idea what the prize is but I’d be quite happy with a Note Edge, one of the above cases and a charging pad would go down a treat too.

Christmas & New Year Opening Hours 2014

A very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to our customers here in the UK and abroad.

Due to the time of year, there will be a change to our normal operating hours.

Below are our operating hours.  During the festive period the website will be available to place orders, but emails sent during this time will be replied to during the hours shown below.

Tuesday 23rd – 9am-5.30pm (Last posting day for UK customers – Deliveries not guaranteed pre-Christmas)

Wednesday 24th – 9am – 1pm (No parcels being dispatch)

Thursday 25th – CLOSED

Friday 26th – CLOSED

Saturday 27th – CLOSED

Sunday 28th – CLOSED

Monday 29th – 10am – 4pm (Shipping re-commences)

Tuesday 30th – 10am – 4pm

Wednesday 31st – 10am – 1pm (No parcels being dispatched)

Thursday 1st January – CLOSED

Friday 2nd – 9am – 5.30pm

Saturday 3rd – CLOSED

Sunday 4th – CLOSED

Monday 5th – 9am-5.30pm (Business as usual)

All times quoted are Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Christmas Stocking Fillers


‘Tis the season to be jolly tra la la la la, la la la la’. To mark the festivities we’ve whisked up a few essential stocking fillers that will put a smile on that special someone’s face. We’ve got ideas to suit all budgets!

Take a look at the ideas below.

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Pocket Casts Desktop App Coming Soon

Pocket Casts is probably the best podcast app available for Android; it’s certainly a favourite here in the Clove offices. It isn’t free but it’s definitely an app that’s worth paying for on Android.

The good news is that it’s about to get a lot better – it’ll soon have a desktop app. The desktop interface is currently under closed beta so you probably won’t have access yet, but here’s the link in case you want to give it a try.

pockets casts desktop app

Download Pocket Casts here from the Play Store

How to get your free content on the Sony Xperia Z2


The Xperia Z2 has been a big launch here at Clove Technology and we’re really pleased with all the positive feedback we’ve had from customers and with the delays we saw with the device, that means a great deal to us so thank you for sticking with us.

The bundle offer that you would have had from us includes the Sony speaker, noise cancelling headphones and £80 worth of digital content from Sony*. Seeing as they are huge in the movie, music and gaming world you’ll be able to pick up 6 movies, free 30 day access to their Music Unlimited, the This Is It album by Michael Jackson and a selection of games including the Amazing Spider man 2. Make sure you have location access activated on your device or the content doesn’t show up as Matthew Richardson pointed out over on our Google+ page, thank you Matthew.

To get your content all you need to do is visit the pre-installed Xperia Lounge app on your Xperia Z2, choose what content you want and redeem the code. You will have to set up a Sony Entertainment Network account if you don’t already have one. From there you can then download the content to your device.

All you need to do after all that is kick back and enjoy.

*Offer is subject to availability, region and first time use of Sony Services. Offer may end at any time.


Cat B15 DUAL-SIM Tough Phone now readily available from Clove

Cat B15 Tough Smartphone

We’ve recently listed another version of the Cat B15 tough phone – the Dual SIM variant!

We’ve had numerous questions over the last 6/7 months with people asking when the dual SIM variant will become available and now we’re please to announce that stock is readily available.

The Cat B15 is a tough smartphone which also has a great specification. It has been designed to be able to withstand the harshest conditions and benefits from an ingress protection rating of IP67. This means it is impervious to dust and can stay within water depths of up to 1 metre for 30 minutes. The hardware specification is impressive with a 1GHz dual core processor, 4 inch screen and a 5MP camera. So not only is it tough, but it is able to use the latest Android software.

There has been no compromise in making the Cat B15. The design incorporates an aluminium body which is surrounded by a toughened rubberised casing to ensure it can survive impacts. In fact it can bounce back from drops of up 1.8 metres onto concrete. Of course this would be nothing if the screen was not as robust, but Corning Gorilla Glass is included within the specification, so you should avoid scratches and other damage.

The ingress protection rating of IP67 means you can be sure the Cat B15 won’t be affected when you are within dusty environments, as it impervious to dust. It is also able to withstand water depths of up to 1 metre for 30 minutes. So the occasional splash of water should cause it no problems.

Not only is the Cat B15 tough but it is also able to utilize the latest software. This is due to its impressive specification in comparison to other rugged devices which includes a 1GHz dual core processor and 4 inch screen. It also benefits from Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which has been provided in a pure form to ensure a fast and fluid user experience. So there is no lag or slow down when browsing, email or checking through your contacts.

A 5 Megapixel camera means you can take amazing photos. while the one button continuous shooting feature ensures you don’t miss a moment. Other useful benefits of the Cat B15 include the wet finger tracking, so you can keep on using it even when it is raining, and an FM radio.

The Cat B15 is listed at a generous £225.00 (£270.00 inc VAT) – order yours today or follow for more information.

Nokia Lumia 1520 – Apps – Storyteller

Let your photos do the talking with Nokia Storyteller

Nokia Storytellerpart of our continuing series on the Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia Storyteller is an app that brings your photos alive, your photos will be clustered and organised into short stories based on your experience and location at the time giving you a fuller experience.

The Storyteller app will automatically arrange your photos, videos and cinemagraphs along with most other media files into one intuitive timeline, organising you photos into stories.

The stories are based on time and location and are displayed in this manner, you can view your exact whereabouts where certain photos were taken on an interactive map by pinching out on the display. Your destination will be highlighted with a polka dot with further information available.

The rich image formats captured by your Nokia camera and lens are played back in the most immersive way – bringing your photo album alive!

If you take a number of images over a day, the photographs will be collected together as part of a single story, you will also have the option to edit what’s included in the story. The location also affects the algorithm; so photos taken in different locations will be split into their own respective story modes.

Smartphone cameras are becoming more and more powerful as each day passes and it’s becoming harder and harder for people to organise their photos whilst also sharing the full experience with friends and family. There are options out there to help organise photo albums but this can be time consuming and also very restrictive. Nokia Storyteller opens up a whole new avenue giving the user a more integrated experience.

Storyteller is certainly an intuitive application allowing for a clearer or more meaningful experience presenting your precious memories in such an inviting way.

Are Nokia set to change the way we take photographs?

Moto G Features – Motorola Migrate

Make your new phone just like your old one

Motorola Moto GJust like any other gadget, getting your hands on a new phone is often a great initial feeling. You can spend time playing with new settings & features, enjoying added speed or power by playing new games and movies, and generally exploring everything it has to offer.

One thing that has always made the transition to a new phone a little jarring though, has been getting your old content onto the new device. Over the years the situation on Android has been improved, with the likes of Google’s backup services saving information such as your contacts list, certain preferred settings (such as saved Wi-Fi access points) and your installed applications alongside your account details. This does at least makes getting some level of information onto your new handset as easy as signing into your account and letting the automatic sync take over for a few minutes.

Outside of this though, unless you manually back up information regularly (or have invested the time in creating your own automatic backup ecosystem with your choice apps and their respective settings), then there may still be a fair amount of information that you want to get across.

Since using cables to connect devices together or make backups is now ridiculously old fashioned, Motorola have included their Migrate app with the new Moto G which utilises Wi-Fi direct. You are prompted to use this the first time you set up the device, although you can access it any time after from the main app drawer. Migrate will transfer all text messages, call history, SIM contacts and media (pictures and movies), stored in the standard Android system locations.

Motorola Migrate IconMotorola Migrate is available for free from Google Play and should be installed on your old handset (from Android 2.2 onwards). To start the transfer, open the app on both devices. The Moto G (also available with Moto X & Droid Ultra range in the USA) should display a QR code on screen. The app on the older device will prompt you to scan this code. After scanning the code you will be asked to confirm that you wish to transfer the data.

If you consent to the transfer then the handsets will disconnect from any local Wi-Fi access point they may be connected to and communicate directly via Wi-Fi direct. The total transfer time will vary depending on the amount of content you have to transfer, so you may want to review your old handset first. Once the transfer has started you can still use other features on both phones but be aware that Wi-Fi connectivity to the Internet will not work until the transfer is finished.

The only sticking point with Motorola Migrate is that currently you can’t choose the content to transfer: it simply sends everything from the respective sections to the new devices. Due to this you may want to have a check over what exactly is stored on the old handset, lest you forget the album of 1000 selfies you forgot about and wouldn’t have minded deleting rather than transferring…

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