Win an Archos 45 Helium smartphone

Archos_Smart_Home_HeliumBuy an Archos Smart Home from Clove and leave a review on our site before the 31st August 2014 and you will be entered into a draw to win an Archos 45 Helium smartphone.

The Archos Smart Home is a powerful yet cost effective solution to make your home more powerful and allow you to remain connected when away. See what it offers you by watching the video below.

If you have already purchased a Smart Home from Clove, or you do so before the 31st August, all you need do is leave a review on the Smart Home product page (here) and you will be automatically entered into a draw to win an Archos 45 Helium smartphone. Full terms and conditions below.

The 45 Helium is a great value smartphone that offers the following features for just £145 including VAT.

  • Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
  • 1.2 GHz Quad Core Snapdragon 400
  • 4.5″ 854 x 480 (WVGA) IPS LCD screen
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 4 GB storage
  • Micro SD support up to 64 GB
  • 4G LTE compatible ( 800 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600 )
  • 5 MP camera
  • 135 x 67 x 9.75 mm
  • 1700 mAh battery

For more information on the Helium please click here.

Terms & Conditions

  • Offer valid to any customer who purchases an Archos Smart Home from Clove before August 31st 2014.
  • A review must be left on the site to qualify.
  • A winner will be chosen at random from all customers who purchased an Archos Smart Home and left a review.
  • Clove’s decision is final.
  • Clove reserve the right to remove the offer at any time or substitute the prize with something else of equivalent value.
  • Prize will be dispatched within 28 working days of the offer ending.

MicroUSB To Magnetic Connector Adapter – Now in stock

magneticadapterWe let you know earlier this month that we would be selling a handy accessory for Sony Xperia smartphones.

A couple of weeks on and these are now in stock.

Available in Black or White for £10+VAT, these little adapters connect to a microUSB cable and then magnetise to your magnetic charging port on your compatible Sony Xperia smartphone.

No need to put your phone in a dock or open the sometimes fiddly port covers.

To find out more and to order one or two for yourself, please click here.


Sony Xperia Z2 WCR12 Wireless Charging Cover – Discontinued

Sony_WCR12_Wireless_Charging_CovercFor many the thought of adding wireless charging to their Sony Xperia Z2 was a dream come true.

This was promised in the form of the Sony WCR12 due to be available in Black and White.

Sony have now confirmed that this product will not be coming to market, despite earlier confirmations.

This is disappointing for you no doubt, we empathise with you. It would have been a great addition to a superb handset.

No word has been given on the exact reason as to why it will not be coming but we will not be able to ship you one now or in the future.

If you had ordered from us, you will have received an email with further instructions.

LG G3 Languages

The smartphones that we sell here at Clove come SIM free and unlocked for use on all major networks and are too of UK origin.

This means that the default language is English.

However you may have a preference to communicate in another language.  The following screenshots show you what language options for the menus and keyboards are available on the Lg G3.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

LG G3 – Simplified UI

LG_G3_Simplified_UILG have made a concious effort to make the user interface on the new G3 that little bit more intuitive, cleaner and simpler to get to grips with.

Their goal was to design an interface that was simple and allowed users to concentrate on the contents itself with unnecessary graphics removed.

Looking at the image above you can see how the icons have developed from what they were on the left to what they now are on the G3 on the right.

Using more mature colours, key apps are colour coded so you know exactly which app you are in by the colour.

Time has been spent too on finding the right typeface so that information is clear and crisp on screen.

To better understand the theory behind the changes and the new graphic user interface, the short promotional video from LG below,  explains it all very well.

CAT B15Q Tough Smartphone 60 Second Review

Cat_B15Q_Hands_On_ReviewiThe CAT B15Q is a tough phone designed for tough environments.

Drop it, get it wet, immerse in sand, cover it in dust, mud and more and it will still work.

This is thanks to an IP and military rating that makes the B15Q perfect for industry.

Here are the positive and negatives in just 60 seconds.

For a more detailed view and opinion on the device, you can read our review here, or watch our full video review below.

If you want to buy a SIM free handset you can purchase it here for £216.67+VAT.


LG G3 – Floating Arc Design

LG_G3_ArcI will be the first to admit that the glossy slab like design of many smartphones is very appealing, but from a comfort perspective during daily usage, that styling can sometimes compromise comfort.

LG, Samsung and Nokia all add some curvature to the sides of the phone, which make for a slightly more comfortable grip, but maybe does not feel as solid as those squarer styled devices.

With the G3,  LG have tried to reduce the extra weight and bulk because with a 5.5″ display it will be heavier, so if weight can be saved in other places it all makes the difference.

The G3 weighs 149 grams and has what LG refer to as a floating arc design, shown in the above image.

The result is reduced hand fatigue and better grip.

The G3 weighs just 27.3g for every 1 inch of the display, whilst something like the HTC One M8 weighs 32g per inch.  Its a small but noticeable difference.

Facts and figures on paper are one thing, the in hand experience is another.

I reviewed the G3 having used the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact as my daily phone for 4 months prior.  I use the Compact as I have smaller hands and generally find the larger phones uncomfortable and cumbersome to use, yet I concluded;

After several long days testing as many features on the G3, I am pleased to say that much like the G2, the G3 has left me with a very positive view of it and one that for me personally has teased me into moving back to a larger screened device.

The way that LG has squeezed such a large and immensely vivid display into a form factor no bigger than Sony’s Z2 which has just a 5.2” display is simply incredible. It feels like every millimetre of the chassis has been used to best effect.

Of course you need to make your own judgement, but I can honestly say the words above are truth and it really is testament to LG’s commitment to small details like the curvature that leave me with such feelings and it is quite possible you will feel the same. With screens getting bigger and bigger, keeping the feeling of slim and comfortable is very important.


LG G3 – Removable Battery


In times gone by a common technical response to a mobile going wrong would be to remove the battery and put it back in again.

Developments in technology and software has meant that this is no longer such a common response, in fact most devices now have batteries built in and there is no way to remove them.

The built in battery has allowed for improved hardware design and IP rated handsets that are not all that bulky.

Some still prefer to have this option though and the new LG G3 offers this.  A 3000mAh capacity battery is included in the device and will power most people through a normal working day, but sometimes there is a need or desire for a spare and the fact that the G3 has a user removable battery then this is most certainly possible.

Pull off the back cover and the battery sits centrally within the chassis with the key micro SIM and microSD slot just above it.

With devices like the G3 able to do more than ever and with the quad HD display, power drain from the battery can potentially be quite high, but LG have included a battery saver which maximises the power draw from the battery to allow you to work away from power for longer.

You can test the battery in the G3 yourself buy buying one from Clove here.


£20 off Archos Smart Home – offer extended

For the last week we have been offering £20 off the Archos Smart Home solution, when you enter the code: 20ARCSH0714 into the checkout.

The offer was due to end today, but as an added bonus, it has been extended for another 7 days, until the 21st July.

The offer will not continue past this date, so do not delay, save £20 off the Smart Home now by entering 20ARCSH0714 when buying the Smart Home from Clove.

WorldPay Zinc – mobile chip & pin payments made easy

WorldPayZincMany of us here in the UK will often use our credit or debit card with Chip & PIN validation as it is a safe, secure and simple way to make payments.

There’s no need to worry about having cash on you and it’s easy to carry too.  Using Chip and PIN has become the norm across many developed nations.

However when we pay for work to be done by tradesmen, many of us expect pay by cash, cheque, bank transfer or with larger firms you may phone up to make a card payment.

Well what if you had your windows cleaned, walls painted, garden landscaped or car washed and you didn’t need to pay by cash or cheque? Imagine you could pull out your card and pay with that, right there on your doorstep.

Thankfully this is possible, if the people offering the service have a WorldPay Zinc reader.

This is a Bluetooth card payment device that allows anyone to take payments from someone else, providing the person accepting the payment has a WorldPay account.

It is simple and makes it possible for you to pay with cards or, if you are the service provider, it makes it simple for you to take payments for a small fee.

Take a look at the card reader, the mobile app and see how it works in the following video.

The WorldPay Zinc incurs a one off cost of £79.99 with a percentage then taken on each transaction. You can buy your WorldPay Zinc card reader here.