Sony SmartWatch 2 update

Sony_Smartwatch_2_Silver_MetalSony have been rolling out an update to the Sony SmartWatch 2, which includes a number of bug fixes but also brings new features as well.

The first major update is customisable watch faces. A simple drag and drop feature allows you to chose which watch face you would like displayed.

There are optional widgets too. The choices you have include date, weather, calendar, Bluetooth, notifications, battery indicator and an alarm as well as a host of other options. The whole system is continually evolving as more widgets and watch faces are developed by 3rd party developers.

Another addition is wallpapers. Six are included and they work independently from your smartphone.

Sometimes a calculator is easier than working out the maths in your head, so with this new update you can use the calculator independently of your phone to work out those sums!

Not stopping there, work has been done to improve the notification, draw, Gmail and Facebook apps.

For further information and to find out more click here.

Xperia Z2 Tablet – A window to a world of entertainment

CaptureTablets have been selling like hot cakes over the past couple of years.  Both young and old have jumped on them, and for the younger generation, tablets have even replaced their phones in some cases.

With the all new Z2 Tablet from Sony, a world of opportunity opens up to you. If you’re a movie buff, a keen reader or love to kick back and play the latest game, the Xperia Z2 Tablet has all the bases covered.

I don’t know about you but my tablet is also used for many purposes; keeping up with the news, dropping into Google+ to catch up with goings on or relaxing with some video downloads from the Play Store. Combining all of these things is what the Xperia Z2 Tablet will offer better than many other tablets out there.

The screen still comes in at 10.1 inches, as per the previous Z Tablet, packing a resolution of 1200 x 1920 pixels and is slightly lighter at 426g. Holding it whilst watching Sherlock or reading the paper will give you a super visual experience yet still be easy on the wrist.

With Sony’s TRILUMINOS display for mobile, Live Colour LED and X-Reality, flicking through your pictures or streaming the latest movie, everything will be looking top-notch with richer colours, razor-sharp image quality and crisp pictures free of any jagged edges.

To get the  the best seat in the house, head over to the Clove retail site where you can put your name down for one. Also for a full review, grab a cup of tea, sit back and see what Jon has to say after spending some hands on time with the device.

Sandisk 128GB microSDXC cards arriving in May

Super-sized storage solutions from Sandisk

sandisk-micro-sdxc-128-gb-3Back in February, Sandisk announced a massive 128 GB micro SDXC card to be used in this year’s smartphones and tablets. This threshold had been reached on larger SD formats before, but never the tiny, smartphone-friendly chips.

Stock of these cards has been doing the rounds in very small volumes globally, and although Clove have been looking to get hold of some since their announcement, none of our regular providers have had reliable stock levels until now.

Thankfully Clove have now been informed today that we should be expecting stock around the 8-9th May; we will be looking to fulfil orders during the week commencing May 12th.

The price has been set at £120 (£100 ex VAT), so you can now place an order or register your interest on the Clove retail site HERE

Silver Metal Sony SmartWatch 2 now available

Sony_Smartwatch_2_Silver_MetalIt might seem like some time ago, but back in October the Sony SmartWatch 2 was released.

A wrist-mounted companion for your mobile device, the Smartwatch 2 offered the following key features:

  • Splash proof (Not suitable for, bathing, swimming, diving, snorkelling, or water-related work)
  • Easy calling
  • NFC capabilities
  • Versatile accessory ideal for the active person
  • Connects via Bluetooth to your compatible device
  • Transmits key information from the mobile device to the SmartWatch without the need to touch the phone itself
  • Can be clipped to clothing, bags or worn on the wrist
  • More applications being developed at all times to give greater personalisation and functionality

At the time of launch, only Black Silicone and Black Metal options were available. Some 4 months on Sony announced a Silver Metal version of the SmartWatch 2 has now arrived.

There has been a delay from the original stock date of March, but the Silver version of the SmartWatch 2 can be purchased HERE. On the same page you an also view the new FIFA edition due to coincide with the 2014 World Cup in Rio this Summer.

If you want to see what it will look like and what it can do, here is our unboxing video recorded last year:

HTC One (M8) v Sony Xperia E1 speaker test

Sony_Xperia_E1hThe HTC One (M8) is well known for its exceptional audio quality, it really is the best audio experience on a  smartphone. Great volume and quality.

A logical competitor would not be the Sony Xperia E1 for many people as it is at the other end of the scale in terms of specs and price.

What makes the Xperia E1 stand out is its speaker.  It is capable of producing 100 decibels; which is loud for a smartphone.

I though therefore I would put a quick video together to show the differences between the speakers on the two.

The M8 produces very balanced sound with good volume, whereas the E1 is louder but the quality is not as good, the speaker sounds strained, but it does serve a purpose at a price.

HTC One (M8) Languages

If you are thinking of buying the HTC One (M8) and want to know what system and keyboard languages are on the phone, then be sure to check out the video and screenshots below that show you just this.

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KAZAM Trooper X5.5 Languages

Please view the video and screenshots below to see what languages come pre-installed on the KAZAM Trooper X5.5 smartphone.

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How to use Xperia Transfer Mobile

Migrate your contacts, conversations, media and other content to your new Xperia

xperia-transfer-mobile-logoOne of the most frustrating parts about getting a new phone used to be the conversion process. Getting all of your contact’s numbers & details, as well messages & other media such as music files onto a new handset can be quite the undertaking and daunting to many.

For Android users, the blow has been softened somewhat in the last few years if you regularly back up with Google. Just signing into your account on a new device gives you the option to download any compatible apps you have installed in the past and also ensures your contacts are up to date.

Google doesn’t do everything you might want for you though, plus if you’re making the switch from iPhone to a new Sony Xperia then you could be forgiven for thinking you need to start from scratch.

Xperia Transfer Mobile


Sony have recently made the new Xperia Transfer Mobile app available on Google Play.

This is designed to allow certain devices to connect to a new Xperia and sent across close to everything you could ever want, including SMS messages, full contact cards, ringtones, video & audio files and even browser bookmarks where compatible.

The full list of everything that can be transferred depends on the exact device you are sending from, and the apps you have used on your device (for instance bookmarks from a different browser on your old device won’t transfer into Chrome on your new Xperia).

Supported data includes: Contacts, Calendar, SMS, MMS, Bookmarks, Notes, Photos, Music, Videos and Apps (iPhone only).

When using Xperia Transfer Mobile, the receiving device must be a Sony Xperia handset running Android 4.3+.

The sending device must be either an Android device running 4.0+ (tested with Sony, Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, ZTE and Motorola handsets), or an iPhone with iOS 4.0+. For older Android devices and BlackBerry handsets then you will need to use the existing desktop software suite explained at the end of the article.

Pairing the the devices depends on whether you are sending from an iPhone or an Android. With an iPhone you will need to use a USB host cable; one is included with the new Xperia Z1 Compact and Z2, you can purchase one from Clove at the previous link should you need one. If you wish to transfer and cannot obtain the cable, then use the desktop software suite explained at the end of the article.

Transfer from iPhone

Once paired, you can remove the USB host cable and transfer over a common network via WiFi, although this will be slower (approx. 5.8 Mbit/s compared to 19 Mbit/s).

  • Open the Xperia Mobile Transfer app on your new Xperia
  • Select Next, followed by iPhone
  • When prompted, connect your iPhone to the new Xperia with the USB host cable
  • A pop-up to “Trust This Computer?” should appear on the iPhone screen. Select Trust
  • Following the pairing confirmation, select the content you want to transfer from the list and press Transfer
  • Press Accept on the privacy notice
  • Wait for the transfer screen to finish*
  • (Optional) If you asked for apps / games to transfer, you will now be able to choose from Android equivalents**
  • Press Finish

*The transfer will pause if your iPhone is not connected to power and the screen goes dark. Wake the screen or connect to power to continue transferring

**Many apps from iTunes have a free equivalent in Google Play. Xperia Transfer Mobile will only suggest free Android apps that match your iTunes apps

Transfer from Android

Transferring with Android devices is done using Wi-Fi Direct so can be completed without a common network. Pairing can be done either via NFC or by PIN code generated by the Xperia Transfer Mobile app.

  • Open the Xperia Mobile Transfer app on both your new Xperia and the old device
  • Select Next, followed by Android phone on both handsets
  • Ensure the new Xperia is set to Receiver and the old device to Sender* 
  • On both devices, select the same pairing option (PIN / NFC)
  • Type the PIN generated PIN code on the old device or tap the NFC tags together
  • Press Accept on the “Invitation to connect” pop up
  • Select the content you want to transfer from the list and press Transfer
  • Wait for the transfer screens to finish
  • Press Finish on both devices

*The option for sender/receiver will not be available on non-Sony devices

Xperia Transfer via PC

Sony have also long provided the Xperia Transfer tool through their PC Companion (PC) and Sony Bridge (Mac) software suites. Using the Xperia Transfer tool in these suites is comprehensive and will allow you to migrate much of what you could ever need from an old Android, iPhone or BlackBerry.

Xperia Transfer on a PC is more comprehensive and caters for the following OS versions:

  • Android version 2.1 and later
  • iOS version 4.x and later
  • Blackberry OS 4.x – 7.x (BlackBerry 10.x and later not supported)

Transferring via PC will hand over the same content, however you will need to keep both your new and old devices connected to the PC for the duration of the process.


The Toughphone to end all tough phones?

Reviewing the new Defender from “The Toughphone”

Once it was enough for builders, roofers, farmers, rig workers or anyone else used to working in, or regularly passing through extreme or outdoor environments, to make do with an affordable and replaceable phone should it ever break.

Nowadays though, most regular consumers have been widely exposed to a smartphone revolution that includes email, instant messaging, shopping, GPS navigation and gaming right at our fingertips. Such power, complexity and convergence of technology makes for relatively expensive gadgets. Without sacrificing a lot of functionality, smartphones are not cheaply replaceable.

Now ever since this popularisation of the smartphone, a number of manufacturers have been trying to corner the market for rugged and resistant devices that can survive drops, dunks, dents and all other denizens of damage. Many have attempted and some have succeeded in producing popular handsets that make the grade, now it’s time for the Defender.


[Read more...]

HTC Desire 816 – White now available to order

First stock of the SIM-free Desire 816 due early May

htc-desire-816-coloursThe Desire 816 is HTC’s new mid-range handset for 2014 and a great choice for anyone wanting a combination of style, performance and up to date features without breaking the bank.

First spotted at MWC back in February, the Desire 816 continues the long-loved brand’s tradition of affordable quality by leaning on the 2013 HTC One for design inspiration. You will find the now familiar dual-fronted speakers adorning the front panel and key HTC features including BoomSound audio enhancement and HTC Zoe camera augmentation.

What also makes the 816 such great value for money are the specifications that matter most to many of our customers. The 5.5″ 720p screen is large but not totally unwieldy, whilst the 13 MP main- & 5 MP front-facing camera combination is a budding mobile photographer’s dream.

Adding to the impressive exterior is up to date support for 4G LTE in the UK & Europe, as well as all the other connectivity mod cons you expect from a new smartphone.

Clove are now taking paid orders for the WHITE version of the Desire 816 – you can place yours HERE for £295.00 (£245.83 ex VAT) – due early May.

The black version is currently still on pre-order (no payment taken) whilst we await an arrival date. You can also register your interest for the green & orange versions as we wait for more information on these.